This was written because I'd listened to the song 'Frosty the snowman' and got this idea. At first my thought was to do this from another point of view but this seemed the better idea when I started to write it.

Hope you like it.

A town square beautifully decorated for Christmas, with people caroling and kids playing around in the snow. He´d not seen something like that in a long time. He turned on the spot walked off and went in search of coffee. As he walked around the square he watched how several kids were making a huge snowman. It was almost finished, just needed it´s head placed on top and the last pieces of decoration. He came to a small little café, where he ordered his coffee, and sat down at the window so he could see the progress being made. He noticed all the kids running off for different parts of the square and coming back with the finishing touches for this snowman. But it was when the snowman got his hat that something happened that he never thought could happen.

It came to life! Started to play with the kids and running after them. Next thing he knows it comes running his way and he gets a look at the snowman who looked a lot like Ducky, the kids running after it came closer and he started to recognize them too. They looked a lot like his team. Including Abby and Palmer. Tony looking tall and gangly, like a teenager still in the growth process. And McGee looked like the geek that he is sometimes, with all his techno babble. Then there is Ziva looking like she is enjoying herself immensely. Running after the boys and getting help from Abby to throw the occasional snowball to the boys. Palmer looked tiny, like the little kid he is sometimes. Trying to keep up to the boys and getting caught by the snowballs abby and Ziva are throwing because Tony told to keep behind him, knowing that he would be in the way and get caught by them.

They all went running after the snowman again when it changed direction. He played with them for a while and Gibbs kept watching. When his coffee cup was empty he settled his bill and went back outside. There he walked around some more and kept an eye out on the snowman and his kids.

After a while he noticed that the sun came out and that the snowman started to melt while he was running. He saw the kids started to notice too. The `Ducky´ snowman turned to the kids and pointed his broomstick at them and said "Don't cry, I'll be back again some day". Then he turned around looked at me and winked. And then went hurrying on his way.

Looking at the kids he noticed that everything started to…..

Knock… knock..

Sitting up on his couch he noticed he had a headache. And that someone was trying to make it worse. Getting up and walking to the door he saw his entire team standing there all very awake and very cheery. Opening the door he let them in and listened to them explaining why they were here.

"Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs, how are you feeling? We're here to bring you some christmas cheer... and of course for christmas dinner.", Abby said.

The only thing he could think of though were the young faces from his dream. All so different from the faces he saw now. He was startled out of his thoughts when Tony asked why he was so silent.

The only answer that came out was "I had the strangest dream, it must have been because of that song that Abby kept playing ."