Chapter 2

Sanji's eyes widened. He had to make sure in his head several times of what he had just heard. Then he had to do it out loud.

"Uh…what did you just say, muscle head?"

Zoro was sitting across from him, naked, on the floor of the crow's nest, where he had evidently been waiting for Sanji. Sanji himself was only halfway off the ladder, having stopped to stare, and to hear the difficult-to-believe thing that Zoro had just said.

"Like I said, I'm horny. Let's fuck."

Sanji had to control himself to stop from shaking with rage, as he slowly climbed up the last few rungs and sat down opposite Zoro. To further calm himself down, he lit up, then slowly breathed out the smoke.

"Well, I hear what you're saying," Sanji said slowly. "But let me say this in reply."

He took a drag of his cigarette, then leaned in to kiss Zoro. He relied upon the fact that Zoro had never smoked to do what he did next. He did kiss him, and made sure their lips made a seal, before he breathed out hard into Zoro's mouth.

Zoro fell to the floor, coughing and holding his throat, stray smoke coming from his nose and mouth. He glared at Sanji hatefully, through watering eyes, as the other man took to the ladder again.

"Oh, and you can take my shift," Sanji said, before closing the hatch behind him.

It was only then that Sanji's face went bright red and he began muttering obscenities as he climbed down. "Stupid marimo" was said more often than anything else.

The next day, understandably, Sanji was met with cold glares from Zoro the whole morning. And he could be wrong, but he was sure Zoro had bags under his eyes, meaning he hadn't slept even though he was Zoro. He also seemed to have no idea what he had done wrong. To his chagrin, Sanji had to admit that he didn't blame him. Yes, his seduction had been crude (and a major turn-off), but there was no need to overreact like that.

Sanji set to washing dishes after breakfast, thinking. The truth was, he was dying for sex as much as Zoro was. Probably more. Just seeing the marimo during the day was enough to make him occasionally duck into the bathroom. But…it was just so humiliating!

He sighed, leaning on the sink. There, he had hit upon it. Doing it once, with his unrequited love which he thought would be over the next day, that was one thing. But to have to submit to that green bastard every day?! It wasn't the pain. He wasn't a huge fan of that either, but it was the way he himself behaved when Zoro had control in bed. It was shameful. And Zoro was the last person he wanted to see that side of him.

Of course…the fact that he was horny could not be denied. Maybe it would be okay, as long as he was in control. He decided that he would try to convince Zoro to just use hands or mouths and not go all the way. And if he didn't like it, well tough. He'd just kick him one in the nuts and make a break for it.

So that night, when Zoro had watch, Sanji snuck up to the crow's nest. He found Zoro sleeping, or at least he seemed to be, on the floor, with one leg tucked up and the other crossed over it. If he noticed Sanji come up, he made no sign. As Sanji drew closer, he realized Zoro was frowning.

Zoro turned onto his side, away from Sanji. "What do you want?" he said coldly, though he had never opened his eyes.

Sanji's heart squeezed in his chest. How honest should he be in a situation like this? "I…wanted to apologize for last night," he said hesitantly.

Zoro was quiet for a moment. Then he sighed. He returned to laying on his back and folded his arms over his chest, though he still had his eyes closed. "Why should you? Obviously it was my mistake." Sanji gasped in shock that Zoro would ever admit he was wrong about anything, and then his chest began to ache. "I don't really get it, but whatever the case, you're not interested in this stuff anymore right?"

Sanji blinked. "What?"

Zoro at last opened his eyes to gauge Sanji's expression, but he closed them a moment later, and then turned away again. "I'll just say this, though. Don't be alone with me for a while. I don't mind going back to normal, but don't tempt me. Now go back to bed."

Sanji's fists clenched at his sides until they shook. He gritted his teeth. "You…idiot!" he cried, and kicked Zoro roughly in the ribs.

Zoro's wind was knocked out and he gasped to regain his breath, with one hand holding his ribs. Eventually he managed to aim a glare at Sanji, but once he did his anger immediately melted away. If Sanji had been able to see his own face at that time, he would have been far more embarrassed from this than by anything they did while having sex.

Sanji's fists were still trembling. He was fairly certain a tear slipped past his resistance and fell down his cheek. Then he huffed and folded his arms, looking away in self-deprecation. "So you don't mind going back to normal, huh? Well, great. That's good to know. Thanks for telling me that. So basically you were just horny, right? Fine. In that case, do what the hell you want."

"Hey," Zoro stopped him, in a hoarse voice.

If not for the guilt he felt about kicking him, Sanji probably wouldn't have stopped. But he did. He took a breath, and waited for Zoro to speak.

Zoro sighed loudly. "I don't understand you. You go that far just to get my attention, and then you won't let me touch you. What am I supposed to think?"

Sanji gritted his teeth there, unable to reply for a moment. "I came up here tonight, didn't I?"

"Why did you reject me last night then?" Zoro asked, coldly. "Without even telling me why."

Sanji's fingernails bit into his hands, trying to hold back the shame of what he was going to have to say. This was the very thing he had been trying to avoid in the first place; losing face in front of Zoro. But if the only other option was losing Zoro altogether, then he decided had no choice. "It's mortifying!" Sanji finally said.

Zoro looked confused. "What is?" Sanji also got the impression that Zoro was not 100% solid on the meaning of "mortifying".

Sanji sighed angrily. "Look, I don't think you've ever tried it, so I'm just going to tell you: being on the bottom is extremely embarrassing."

Zoro watched him blankly.

"I mean, I'm not a woman!"

Zoro's expression didn't change.

Sanji gritted his teeth. "I don't like you being in control all the time!"

Now Zoro blinked. "Control?" he repeated, though he clearly was still unsure what any of this had to do with why they were not having sex.

"Yes. I see you as an equal most of the time – if that," he added the last bit under his breath. "Why should I have to submit to you at a time like this? I'm a man too, okay, a straight man – with one exception – and it's just unbearable!"

Zoro considered this for a long time. "So…you don't want to have sex?"

"No, you brainless gorilla," Sanji hissed. "I absolutely fucking do want to have sex, just not with…you…inside. At least, not all the time. I guess." Sanji was bright red by the time he finished his little harangue. He couldn't believe Zoro had made him say all this. Eventually he glanced at Zoro, hesitantly. "So…what do you think…about that?"

Zoro observed him for a moment. Then he shrugged. "I don't really care. I'm just glad you're not…" he stopped himself.

Sanji's heart leapt. What was he about to say?

Zoro shook his head. "Never mind. That's fine."

Then something occurred to Sanji. Something that made his heart beat faster and his cheeks even hotter. But would it work?

"Or…there is another way…" Sanji murmured.

Zoro glanced up. "What?"

Sanji knelt down before him, then he slowly pushed Zoro to the ground as he straddled him around his waist. "We could…you know…switch." Sanji didn't realize, but he had started smirking, as he wantonly felt up Zoro's chest over his shirt.

Zoro's eyes went wide. He started shaking his head. "No. No, we're not doing that."

Sanji chuckled, though he was still nervous. He bent over Zoro and playfully licked his jawline. "I think it's a great idea. That way it's fair. You like fair, don't you?"

Zoro's teeth clenched as Sanji ground their hips together. "I'm not…that desperate," he said, managing to keep his voice almost normal.

Sanji leaned in so close that his lips brushed the sensitive part of Zoro's ear as he spoke. "By the time I've finished with you, you won't even remember your own name."

Suddenly, Sanji felt Zoro's cock grow rock hard, and his breath hitched. Sanji blinked in surprise, and then a wicked smile returned to his face.

"Not that I like to boast, but just so you know, among my conquests, two of them often fainted during orgasm, one wouldn't let me stop making love to her for two days, three got into the habit of cumming the moment I was inside them, and one said she'd never had a cock as hot as mine."

Though Zoro was doing well to cover it up, his whole body was tense and twitching now and then, and when Sanji finished, he swallowed hard.

"But…" Sanji said, drawing back slightly, so he could took at Zoro's face. "If you're not interested, I can't help that."

Zoro was blushing, though clearly trying not to, and he turned away, unable to answer.

"Hmm," Sanji said interestedly, running a hand absently through Zoro's hair. "You know, from your expression it's a bit tough to tell. I tell you what." He leaned in close again, whispering against Zoro's ear. "If you want me to stop, you'd better say so." He thrust their hips together again, causing Zoro to exhale hard. "I'll take your silence as assent."

Saying this, he slammed his lips against Zoro's in a brutal kiss. To his shock, a very slight moan came from Zoro. Zoro hardly ever made noise during sex. Sanji felt his cock growing hotter. He ravaged the inside of Zoro's mouth for a time, and then Zoro's hands met his waist. He frowned. Not that he didn't like it, but that was not the point today.

He parted his lips from Zoro's for a moment to think. "That's a problem…" he murmured to himself. "Greater upper body strength than me…" Then he met Zoro's eyes, who was looking at him quizzically. Sanji grinned. Then he loosened his tie.

In a single movement, he slipped off his tie and grabbed both of Zoro's hands by the wrists. "Wh-" Zoro murmured, then Sanji clasped them before his chest, and quickly tied Zoro's hands together. Zoro looked at him with annoyance, but then Sanji bent down to whisper in his ear again.

"You're mine tonight," he said, and he felt Zoro shiver again. "And I like a tight leash on what's mine."

The next time he looked at Zoro, his lips were parted slightly, and he was blushing again. His eyes were cast off in embarrassment, but he was not objecting. Sanji smirked. He grabbed Zoro's hands and shoved them against the floor over Zoro's head. Then he kissed him hard, drawing out pleasure with every swipe of his tongue. Zoro still seemed unsure, but he had become very quiet, but for the occasional pant or moan.

Sanji reluctantly drew away from Zoro's mouth and rained kisses on his neck and chest. Zoro's chest was rising and falling very fast, one of the only signs that he was enjoying himself. Since he couldn't remove Zoro's shirt with his hands tied, Sanji pushed it up and bit down on Zoro's chest.

"Unfh," Zoro grunted, turning away.

Did he like being bitten? Sanji wondered. He kissed and teased Zoro's left nipple for a while, then bit down on it. Zoro's body convulsed and a strangled grunt came out of him. His breath afterward was much harsher. Sanji licked and kissed the nipple a few more times, then bit down again. Again, Zoro twitched and almost moaned. So Sanji started kissing all over his chest, every now and then biting him lightly, and then at one point he bit down, and sucked hard on the skin.

Zoro's back arched. He was totally silent for a moment, and then gasped heavily. His breath afterward was racing. Sanji finally let go to look at the dark hickey he'd made. He smirked. This was unbelievably fun.

He took a moment to free them of most of their clothing, though he left his own pants on, and obviously he couldn't remove Zoro's shirt. He continued kissing all parts of Zoro's body that he could reach, though Zoro seemed to have calmed down a little. In mood anyway, his cock was still achingly hard. Sanji could hardly believe it. Most guys would get turned off by being dominated, wouldn't they? Well, Sanji admitted that with women he didn't mind it. But as far as he knew, and to his own heartache, Zoro didn't care that deeply about him, possibly didn't even like him. So why was he letting Sanji do all this?

Sanji glanced up at him briefly as he stroked Zoro's thighs. What was he thinking about?

Nevertheless, there was no way Sanji was going to let this opportunity slip. He'd never imagined that Zoro could be this cute, and the button on his pants felt like it was about to pop off from excitement. So he continued his work. He worked his way down to Zoro's lower belly, but he skipped his cock and started kissing his thigh. He heard a slight noise of frustration, and Zoro's hips shifted a little, obviously needing stimulation. While distracting Zoro with deep kisses up his thigh, Sanji was able to reach into the cupboard and retrieve the lotion from last time. He set it aside for now.

He kissed a trail closer to Zoro's crotch, but then he stopped and bit down hard on the inside of Zoro's thigh.

"Ah!" Zoro cried, gritting his teeth.

No doubt that was just as painful as it was pleasurable, Sanji thought, the skin was sensitive there. Nevertheless, Zoro was still rock hard before him. Sanji decided he'd teased him enough. Or rather, he was just about to start.

He looked up at Zoro with a smile. "What do you want me to do next?" he asked in a deep, beguiling voice.

Zoro glared at him and turned away.

"Oh?" Sanji asked, cocking his head teasingly. "You don't know? Ok, I'll give you a choice. I can keep going here," he kissed Zoro's thigh deeply, "Or…" He blew air over the tip of Zoro's cock. Zoro's hips shook. "Which will it be?"

Zoro's lips parted. Sanji blew on his cock again. Zoro gritted his teeth. Then Sanji bit down on his thigh again.

"Ah!" Zoro cried. "M-…my c-…cock…" he murmured eventually.

Sanji smiled at him. "Good boy."

Sanji swallowed Zoro whole. Zoro gasped, much more turned on than usual. His hips involuntarily thrust up inside Sanji's mouth, and Sanji had to concentrate not to choke. Then Sanji's mind grew a little hazy. He felt Zoro's cock going deeper down his throat, and he had to fight gagging. But at the thought of Zoro fucking his throat, Sanji's cock grew uncomfortably hard. His eyes glazed over, and for a time he allowed Zoro to choke him with his cock.

Eventually, he came up for air. That was not the game today, though perhaps for another time. He panted and bent down to lick Zoro's balls. As Zoro sighed pleasantly, Sanji took up the lotion, and spread it over his fingers. As he started to lick Zoro's shaft again, he began massaging Zoro's hole with one finger. Zoro looked down with a trace of hesitation. Then he met Sanji's eyes as he was lasciviously licking Zoro's cock. Zoro gritted his teeth, and set his head back down on the floor.

Sanji inserted one finger. Zoro grunted in discomfort, but this was eased by Sanji's skillful tongue. Sanji was a conscientious lover; he was careful and observant. He moved his finger slowly and paid attention to Zoro's reactions. Eventually, Zoro's muscles relaxed and that finger was able to move freely. But something much more amazing was happening. Zoro had covered his eyes with his hands, though they were still bound. He was panting loudly, though obviously trying not to. His whole body seemed alive with movement, and not in a bad way. Then Sanji caught a glimpse of a bright red blush on Zoro's face. He swallowed hard. Was Zoro…sensitive here?

He kept moving his finger around, and found what he was looking for when Zoro let out a strangled moan, and arched his back. He was left panting heavily, slightly turned away with his forearm covering his eyes. Sanji had never seen a Zoro like this. He was adorable.

Sanji inserted a second finger. Zoro shuddered for a moment, then another soft moan arose. Sanji had to keep in control. He wanted to pound into Zoro right now, but didn't want to risk missing out on a single pleasurable moan. He was dying to see Zoro moaning from his cock. After probably too little time, he added a third finger. Zoro grunted a bit, but then Sanji licked his cock. Zoro gave a shuddering moan.

Sanji waited for Zoro's soft gasps of pleasure to rise again before he removed his fingers. He glanced up at Zoro's concerned expression. "I've heard it's easier if you're not facing me," Sanji said, already out of breath himself.

Zoro looked torn; he probably still didn't want to appear to be agreeing to this. But with Sanji's help, he reluctantly turned over to hands and knees, his hands still bound in front of him. Sanji rubbed more lotion on his dick. Then, swallowing heavily in anticipation, he lined up, and eased himself inside of Zoro.

Zoro went stock-still. He started breathing hard. Then a choked moan erupted from him and he nearly fell to the floor.

"Woah," Sanji caught him, only just lucid enough to do so. He was breathing heavily. He'd done anal before, but he'd never been inside anyone so hot and tight. He felt he might cum any moment. "Zoro…" he murmured, as he held him around the chest. "Don't let me deny this later…but I fucking love you."

Zoro gasped and trembled. He seemed to want to say something, but only gasps came out. So Sanji slowly began to move inside him. Sanji could not hold back his gasps. It felt so good inside of Zoro. But Zoro's reactions were almost as hot as his ass. Zoro was breathing hard, and after a mere few breaths where Sanji thought he heard discomfort, soon breathy sighs began to emerge. Then, when Sanji changed the angle slightly, Zoro's head whipped up and a loud moan came from his lips. Must have hit his prostate, Sanji thought vaguely, and then resumed pounding his length inside Zoro.

Suddenly, Zoro seemed unable to hold back his voice anymore. Rhythmic cries came in time with Sanji's thrusts inside him. Sanji could not believe it. A Zoro who was crying out in agonizing pleasure from having Sanji's cock inside him. It was so out of character, Sanji knew he would not last long.

"Zoro…" he gasped, grasping Zoro's hips and slamming into him.

"Ahh!" Zoro cried, still fighting to keep control and losing.

"Zoro…I'm going to cum soon…" Sanji whispered to him, leaning down and wrapping his arms around him. "Zoro…I want you to cum…from my cock…" He reached down and grasped Zoro's cock.

"Ah!" Zoro threw his head back, and to Sanji's amazement, came almost the moment that Sanji touched him.

Sanji wanted to let him rest, but the tightening of Zoro's hole made that impossible. He cried out and pounded Zoro several more times before filling his insides with cum. Sanji held Zoro tight to him until long after both their orgasms had ended. Their heavy breathing filled the room for a time.

Then Zoro's muscles began to go slack. To Sanji's surprise, he slipped to the floor, and within moments was snoring. Sanji at first was extremely offended, and then he realized that Zoro probably hadn't slept well the previous night, plus, as with those girls Sanji had mentioned, the experience had probably been an exhausting one. Sanji smiled a little to himself.

He sat down beside Zoro, who was in an incredibly sexy position, unconscious, half naked, his hands tied over his head and cum dripping out of his ass. Sanji lit up, and then watched him affectionately. And also, he took a mental picture to use for his alone time later. And then he took a quiet moment to think to himself. However Zoro felt about him, he cared enough about Sanji to let him do this, and for someone as proud as Zoro, that was saying something. Sanji decided he should probably be very happy about that. And now, much though Zoro might deny it later, he had definitely solved his problem of power play with Zoro. Tomorrow was going to be a good day, he thought.

And maybe he could get Zoro to put on some naughty lingerie next time.