Kind of song fic about Minda, The day after the pub (You all know what I'm talking about)

"How we do (Party)" by "Rita Ora"

And yes I did change some of the lyrics (It was just so they fitted better)

I stumbled up to the window
Opened the curtains to blinding light
Make-up all over the pillow
What went on? What went on?
What went on last night?
You look so sweet while your dreaming
Are you dreaming of me?
Can't find your clothes from last evening
Baby that's, how I know, you're the one for me

The room was illuminated with light. Linda placed a hand to her forehead and rubbed, she had a banging headache that just wouldn't go away, She knew that she shouldn't have had that whiskey that Michael had offered her last night. She looked the the man sleeping beside her, his back facing her, she pushed herself up and kissed his head before making her way out of bed and across the floor to the window.

When she got to the window, she grasped the curtains and threw them open. They made a bang when they rattled against the wall but she quickly turned and saw that Michael was still sleeping."That was a close one." She thought but what she didn't know was that Michael was now awake and looking at her amazing body.

He lay there for a few minutes, just watching her. She had on her pink silk nightdress that clung to her body showing off her petite figure. Her blonde hair shone in the light as it cascaded down her back and in general she was just beautiful.

As quietly as he could, he threw the covers back and slowly placed his feet on the floor, trying not to make any noise he creeped along the floor. When he got to Linda he wrapped his arms around her and tenderly kissed her shoulder. She jumped as the hands wrapped around her but then she looked back and saw, "Michael, it's you." She said." Of course it's going to be me...who did you think it was the bogie man." She quielty looked down and laughed at how stupid she had been. He took a bit of hair that fell down over her face and put it behind her ear. He then took her hand in his and pushed her down do that she was sitting on the window seat.

"How do you feel?...I know it's a stupid question to ask but I want to know if you feel the same way as me." "Well, how do you feel?" Linda asked him." " I feel brilliant and last night was amazing but I want to know if there's going to be more to us than just the casual meet up." "Well I was hoping you would say that because I feel the same way...Is there any chance there could be an us?" She asked."If you want 'us' can start from now." "I would like that." She told him. He then moved closer and captured her lips in a soft kiss but what they didn't know was that the person who was outside was plotting there down fall at this very minute