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Leading Astray...

This mission was going to be simple. Itachi had to go in, kill everyone, grab a few things and head back out without traces left.

He was the perfect man for the job.

But there was a catch to it as Itachi realised later.

His long time partner in the Akatsuki Kisame had suffered rather nasty injuries from their last mission, at the time Itachi had thought nothing of it and the blue man hadn't expressed anything either, but as it was the wounds were poisoned and Kisame was in for healing for the next few weeks.

It was nothing new and it was just Itachi's luck it wasn't him in that bed forced to vile looking medicine to get the poison out of the system.

Itachi saw no problem at the lack of his partner for the mission, he had done solo missions before and frankly he was more efficient while being on his own.

But the leader had different plans for him.

The Akatsuki, powerful as they were had recruited yet another no doubt dangerous man for their ranks.

And Itachi had to take the new recruit for the mission, he had to later tell the leader if the recruit was any good. Itachi did not like this task, mostly because he didn't need the extra baggage and then because he knew what happened to those who weren't up to Akatsuki standards... or maybe it was because he knew what happened to those who met those standards.

He hadn't met the guy yet and was no eager for it, but getting ready for the mission he had a bad feeling about it, Itachi didn't pay attention to it.

With everything packed and ready for the mission he left his room, the weapons polished and sharpened, everything in pristine order just in case the mission would turn sour...

Since Itachi had longer serve time in Akatsuki he naturally and quite reasonably would be the lead of the two man team, he was always the leading one, his bloodline granting him respect and fear... it was easy to lead under these conditions.

It came easy for Itachi...to give short orders, demand things to be done and done with precision. He was very used to it by now.

Itachi was prepared for the mission.

He just wasn't prepared for the new recruit.

The platinum haired man he found at the Akatsuki hideout's entrance ready to depart with him was of course dressed in the black cloak same as Itachi, Itachi's red eyes slid over the maniacal-sized scythe the man had strapped on the back.

And just like that Itachi knew he was dealing with...something.

If it would be Itachi's choice he wouldn't say a thing at all, he didn't see the point because surely this man already knew everything about the mission just like he did, however as Itachi landed beside the man he didn't expect the large sized weapon to come right for his throat.

Without difficulty he stopped the deadly strike with his kunai, his Sharingan swirling in his eyes dangerously, taking in the man's face, the grin and the purple eyes, the furrowed grey eyebrows... he didn't like the man.

Itachi's hand using a bit of a force pushed the dangerous looking big weapon to the side, pleased when the stranger put it back on the back in its rightful place. He wouldn't ask why he was attacked in the first place, if he startled the man it proved how easy it was to sneak upon the platinum haired which already made him less valuable as one of the Akatsuki...

If it was a test for Itachi on the other hand, it only proved that the new recruit was too cheeky to be taken seriously.

Both possibilities annoyed Itachi.

"The infamous Itachi Uchiha!"

Itachi disliked the whiny quality of that voice and he deeply disliked the grin with which his name left the strangers mouth.

"We're moving out." With that said he leapt forward, his dislike had nothing to do with mission, so he chose to ignore it, just like he would ignore the man moving beside him.

"You can call me Hidan."

The fact that the voice was no whiny made Itachi glance to the side for the tiniest of seconds.

Later Itachi would have to ask questions, how this Hidan fought, his weak points and the strong ones... anything that could hinder or make the mission faster but for now Itachi would remain silent.

They slipped through the trees and small clearings without a sound and fast, Itachi had to admit that at least stamina was not one of Hidan's weak points, the platinum haired kept to his side.

There was just one problem.

"So is it true you kind of killed off all your clan?"

Hidan wouldn't shut up!

Itachi being a man of few words couldn't understand why all the questions, but Itachi was also calm and collected and he was used to few asking about Uchiha clan... few, because not everyone would dare.

In this case Hidan was either oblivious to Itachi's power or just too stupid to care about what Itachi might do if the anger would ever get out. He did not want to talk, and he definitely wouldn't talk about his clan and family... or how and why he killed them.

"That big dude with stitches told me you would be jumpy about it."

Jumpy? Itachi's black thin eyebrows pulled together slightly, before he caught himself and willed them back into the expressionless fa├žade as he kept jumping from a tree branch to another.

But it must have been the truth because his blood was already boiling at just the slightest mentioning and his Sharingan was about to give him a headache and pain in his eyes. The sunlight suddenly didn't seem friendly, more and more Itachi longed for dim lights and quiet, more and more the Akatsuki dark dungeons seemed like the place to be.

There was an annoyed huff beside him before a snicker reached his ears... "You know, the leader said the mission might take two weeks... we should get along, otherwise I'm starting to think you're a prissy-..."

Itachi wouldn't be able to give an answer if someone would ask what made him loose his calm so suddenly, he just knew it was gone in a heartbeat, the next heartbeat his long, strong and pale fingers were around an equally pale throat, squeezing and pressing the platinum haired man against a tree.

In the violet eyes he could see his own reflection, his blood red orbs promising pain and misery.

"Right. So we won't get along. I get it, no need to show off your mad moves." Hidan whined out, the hands raised in a mocking surrender.

Itachi was maybe young but he was experienced...and great power gave great enemies, there were very few who weren't intimidated by him and now there was one who looked like he didn't take Itachi serious.

"We will continue in silence." Itachi said with venom and cold threat, for that he received a pat on his stiff shoulder and a grin, Itachi didn't know how that grin could be there, he was squeezing that pale throat rather harshly after all.

For the mission's sake he accepted this the only way he could...grudgingly and displeased.

This mission started to look like one of the rare failures.

When the sun started to set they had reached the near end of the forest, the trees becoming too far apart for them to jump on them, there was no rush and no time-limit for the mission so they walked forward. With Itachi leading the way and Hidan groaning behind him, apparently the new recruit was tired or there was an issue with the heavy weapon... Itachi tried not to pay attention but it wasn't easy, he realised just how much this man annoyed him.

Itachi was used to Kisame's presence, they made a good team, understanding each other without words, Itachi knew such understanding came with time but still... Kisame had never been so annoying.

"We're camping here. You can start the fire, I'll be back shortly."

Itachi was surprised there were no questions asked, it made him look back just to see the platinum haired with a scrunched face taking the scythe off the back and throwing it aside, Itachi guessed it really was heavy and he also presumed the man was a moron, who disregards his weapon so carelessly? They were always under attack... at least they had to be ready for it at all times.

But he didn't care, if this new Akatsuki would get killed while he was gone, he would carry on with the mission, it would not be considered a great loss.

Itachi returned to the camp after two good hours, his shoulders stiff and his muscles as usual tired from the day, he wanted nothing more than lay down and close his eyes.

The fireplace was small, perfect for keeping them warm somewhat and at the same time weak enough not to attract enemies that might be lurking somewhere in the shadows, that was unlikely since Itachi had made sure there is no-one tracking them, but lately he didn't trust to be safe...ever.

"I'll take the first watch." Itachi said quietly stepping in the light of the fireplace, Hidan was sitting on the ground, the Akatsuki cloak used as a blanket spread out on the green grass, the man's chest naked and shining in the yellow light, the purple eyes seemed concentrated on the flames licking the wood.

For a moment Itachi thought Hidan is meditating, it looked like it but then the man stood up, stretching towards the sky, cracking a bone or few, the sound too loud for Itachi's liking.

"Nah, I will take the first watch, I need to pray anyway."

Itachi nodded and turned to make his own sleeping place, questions burning on his tongue.


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