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.Leading Astray.

Itachi followed Hidan, noticing how, when needed the man moved with rough grace, never slipping on a slimy branch and never looking back at his direction to make sure he didn't follow.

Still Itachi made sure he wouldn't be seen even if Hidan did look back, keeping his distance he took in every little move Hidan made, every muscle that flexed in the easy effort to kill the distance.

Crouching on a tree branch Itachi had found a strategically good point, he could see Hidan in the clearing yelling at the ninjas that were unsuccessfully hiding in the bushes.

"Come out bitches, I fucking know you're in there."

Itachi smirked wondering how inexperienced their followers were if they let something like that taunt them and actually attack Hidan. He wondered how dumb they were, charging for the platinum haired man with a kunai, it couldn't be that they didn't see the... huge scythe on the man's back. Couldn't be that they thought it was there just for the looks, Itachi surely didn't think that.

Hidan moved almost lazily, snarling and snorting something too quietly for Itachi to hear but he presumed it was all insults.

And the attackers obviously earned those insults, Itachi realised that there was no way he could judge Hidan's abilities when the assaulters were this...weak.

He wished to see someone strong against Hidan... it might be a good show.

But as it was, Itachi's black eyebrows pulled upwards in mild confusion as Hidan leapt to the side, avoiding the attack while laughing, Swinging the large weapon with the same rough grace, the weapon making contact with one of the ninjas shoulder, ripping it open.

The strike could easily kill, yet it didn't which meant Hidan was playing with the prey. Itachi knowing the man for as long as he did even if that time was brief wasn't surprised, there was something sadistic in those violet eyes and he had spotted it right away.

It was unsettling how Hidan seemed overconfident yet as if there would be a good reason for it, the man had no fear, none at all.

Maybe it didn't count as playing, Itachi wasn't sure because Hidan was talking and to his annoyance he was too far to hear what was said, if he would move from his spot Hidan would notice him, so Itachi stayed where he was watching the man gesticulate with the muscled arms, making the Akatsuki cloak flap around almost comically.

Almost, because when Hidan swept around in a circle, Itachi's eyes went wider and there was nothing comical about how Hidan moved, or in the way the pale skin turned black and white.

Itachi had seen a lot, but nothing quite like that and he couldn't help the shivers running up and down his spine, spreading over his skin and consuming him, he still didn't fear Hidan, not even when the man had turned into something else, something he might even call a monster.

Monster was not a fitting name, after he got to see the others of Akatsuki the word 'monster' lost its meaning, so that wasn't the case.

Hidan was something else. Something that forcefully took his breath away and then Itachi didn't even want to breathe in case he would miss something. He could hear his heart beating in his chest, his mind feverishly trying to figure out the new enigma before him because his mind had no precedent.

The screams of the victims and the blood chilling moans of pain, they all kind of dimmed in the background, Itachi's concentration was solely on the man, following the pale strong fingers wrapped around the metal pike, the next moment Hidan was licking it with a murderous glee in the violet eyes, with pleasure.

And Itachi suddenly felt hot and cold at the same time, he wouldn't let the man lick him again... it was sick and maybe even a bit scary.

Hidan's victims never realised what happened, the first died swiftly after daring another attack and if Itachi was honest he wasn't sure what happened either, his Sharingan had seen everything, every little detail there was to be seen... but Hidan wasn't even using jutsus, nothing at all that Itachi could possibly copy and that way understand.

Not human.

Itachi felt a pang of pain between his temples, a headache that greeted him whenever he was concentrating too hard on something and when he was overusing his Sharingan, this time it was the sheer fact that he didn't understand a thing, no matter how hard he thought of it.

It was a voodoo effect, that much was pretty clear and Itachi was rather certain that he understood the meaning of the circle beneath Hidan's feet too and he was also certain he knew what would happen to the man standing before Hidan with wide eyes and pure fear reeking of him.

But then something happened and Itachi lost his cool, he stood his ground/tree branch as Hidan's violet, cold and fierce eyes met with his, but he was unsettled.

Unsettled... because Itachi was human.

And Hidan apparently knew all along that he was watching. The man was grinning, keeping the eye contact for much longer than necessary.

Itachi felt stupefied when one violet eye winked at him almost mockingly, Hidan stepped out of the circle changing the skin colour immediately and killing off the ninja with the scythe, Itachi knew he didn't see the culmination.

"You fucked it up, Itachi."

"And you stopped the attack... why?" he landed beside Hidan, maybe too close, but he did have selfish reasons, he watched the man's pale skin... it looked human enough from up close and when it wasn't half black.

"Don't think I did..." Hidan nudged the head to the ground where the ninja body lie, unmoving. "The fucker is dead... no need for you to worry your pretty head."

Hidan was grinning at him but Itachi kept serious, their eyes seemingly having another conversation of no words, only Hidan looked like he was faking the grin, something about the purple eyes told Itachi that the man before him was genuinely annoyed and pissed off.

"That was not the way you planned to kill him." Itachi stated with no emotion, but if he would show the emotion it would be accusing. He had wanted to see, how was he supposed to figure Hidan out as a ninja if he didn't get to see anything.

"No Itachi-san, that was not the way I planned to gut that bitch." Hidan's eyes flickered on the body once more...almost sad.

Not sad for the obvious death of the person...something else, Itachi was still and constantly connecting the dots, about gods and sacrifices, maybe he should have hidden himself better.

"You know if we're in the same organization, with the same goal, there is no need to hide ones skills. Your skills and the fact that others would know them would only raise your value as a member of Akatsuki."

Hidan then laughed. Loud and clear, the sound making Itachi jump and then stare, but it took a while for the silver haired man to stop the coldly joyous act. The smile never left Hidan's lips, the white teeth showing to Itachi as a pale hand laid on his shoulder.

"Sure Itachi, something in those red eyes tell me that you're the one with sleeves full of tricks, so save it... besides, I wasn't hiding anything, you killed the mood by watching me like a hungry harpy sitting in that tree...seriously."

Hidan was lying, Itachi could tell. "Then tell me how did you plan to kill him? Is that a bloodline of yours...the... I mean the thing... you turned into."

Itachi kept looking into Hidan's face even when that one let out a snort, an amused one.

"Thing? Careful Itachi, what if I chose to take that as an insult to my god?"

"I don't know what then... you tell me." The conversation was going wrong, Itachi didn't mean to play these word games and honestly he wasn't all that sure he wanted to know, this God Hidan kept talking about couldn't be a good fellow, what was more disturbing... the God had to be real to at least some extent to grant Hidan the powers, whatever they might be.

"Why... I would have to sacrifice you, no worries... you would love it."


Itachi hated threats and never let anyone intimidate him no matter how juicy those threats were. They just didn't work because Itachi knew exactly of what he was capable of, no matter what kind of bloodline, powers, abilities, skills Hidan possessed, there was no way they could defeat Itachi's.

But Hidan didn't threaten him, Hidan was teasing him, the last words about him loving it, Itachi almost bit his lower lip in a nervous manner, there was the way Hidan was looking at him, never avoiding his Sharingan, the way those...naughty sparks kept dancing in the violet gem-like eyes.

"We're moving onwards, quietly this time."

"Great, can't wait to get out of this poorly fashioned mud-pool."

To Itachi's surprise Hidan actually kept quiet, but not for long. Two hours into the wet and in Itachi's view obnoxious, journey Hidan started to show his dislike once more. First there were low cusses and a lot of things like 'Jashin damn it' and 'Jashin curse this...' there was Jashin everywhere and Itachi was barely keeping quiet himself.

"Oh man, I got mud everywhere, fucking goo...its in my hair."

Itachi didn't pay attention, he was tired and sick of this but there was no need to voice it like Hidan did, it only made things worse.

"Itachi, fucking stop that!"

Not knowing what was asked of him, Itachi turned with his eyebrow raised, true enough Hidan looked pretty miserable and dirty, the Akatsuki cloak hanging limply and wetly with mud here and there, he wasn't better...if only slightly.

"Don't look at me like you don't know what I'm talking about... you're tired and I can see it, stumbling there, splashing mud everywhere, I'm right behind you, you know."

"I am not tired and we still have a long way to go. I appreciate if you do it without whining. If you have problems with how I splash mud, keep your distance."

Hidan didn't say anything and even though Itachi didn't like the smirk on the man's face he turned, restarting the walk, thinking that he made his point clear.

Sharp and efficient.

But Hidan murmuring a 'prissy bitch' under the nose made him turn back around with his eyes blazing.

Hidan was unbelievable, looking to the side at a random tree with a face that said that it was the most interesting tree in the whole world and that he didn't just insult Itachi, a laughter tugging at the corner of the lips.

"Do you want to die?"

Hidan then looked at him, Itachi was serious...dead serious, but it seemed that no matter how dark his voice was the man before him lacked the sense of fear.

"Maybe... but you can't kill me so it doesn't matter."

It was so tempting to pull Hidan into an illusion, so tempting that Itachi could feel it all through his tense body, the things he would do to Hidan...

Those things running through his mind probably showed in his eyes because Hidan sort of gasped but with a smile, as if Itachi had just done something the man hadn't waited for but at the same time Hidan looked so damn amused that Itachi simply wanted to punch that stupid smile away.

Still infuriating.

"There are other means than death."

"Go ahead, Itachi." Hidan stepped closer, barely any distance between their bodies, Hidan's body relaxed and Itachi's tense even if he tried to look like this wasn't affecting him in the least.

"I was going to sacrifice that ninja..." Hidan then lifted the arm and fingers touched Itachi's pale cheek and suddenly Itachi just wanted to get away, far away.

The unusual touch kept him in the place, it was awkward to look at Hidan just because of the indecent distance but Itachi wouldn't step back, then his back would be against the tree and he didn't want to encourage them man...this was already too much as it was.

Hidan was watching his face closely, not looking him into eyes but observing the way the warm fingers moved over his cheek, those fingers were warm but Itachi got chills of the touch it was as if Hidan was-...

"I was going to torture him, then kill him slowly and painfully and then make an offering out of him to Jashin-Sama and for that... Jashin-Sama would grant me another drop of immortality."

Itachi swallowed as Hidan got closer still not giving Itachi a chance to escape, his back connected with the damp bark of tree and Hidan's body, firm and hot pressed against his, his breath caught in his throat, he now watched the violet eyes. Menacing as they were Itachi was sure that in some odd way it wasn't directed at him.

A thumb moved over his lower lip and Itachi was just about to push Hidan away and then maybe drown the man in the closest muddy blotch he could find but Hidan pressed closer, forcing the air out of his lungs.

"Now Jashin-Sama is displeased and I am too... say Itachi, maybe you can be the sacrifice."

Hidan was looking at him as if he would be a food and Itachi honestly couldn't stand it, the Sharingan was almost making him dizzy he could feel it spinning and swirling and wondered why Hidan was so unaffected by his fierce eyes.

He pushed on Hidan's broad chest with both his hands and when that gave no result he kneed the man in the guts, forcefully too. Expecting Hidan to attack right back, Itachi was surprised to see the man clutch his abdomen...chuckling.

"I take that as a 'no'... for now."

Hidan straightened and stretched, Itachi was the one breathing heavily, he was so tense he wanted to scream or punch away, it was so hard to resist.

He didn't know how to talk with Hidan to avoid this frustration that the man forced him to feel.

He was stuck with Hidan in this mess, once more this made him appreciate Kisame's company, what wouldn't he give right now to finish this mission with his silent, serious and composed partner.


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