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...Leading Astray...

There was a brief fight before they settled to bed, Itachi kept insisting that Hidan must sleep on the floor but Hidan was just rolling eyes at him and pointing out that sometimes when they slept by the fire they were even closer than they have to be in the huge bed.

That was where Itachi had lost the argument and had to deal with the fact that he is going to sleep in one bed with a man that he barely trusted.

Actually when Itachi had crawled in the bed and pulled the blanket over his chin he thought about the trust issue a little and he realised that maybe Hidan really was worth the trust because when he thought better of it the man had no reason at all to hurt him.

And even at times when Hidan was rude to him, Itachi could maybe agree a little, sometimes he was unreasonable but it was only because Hidan sometimes gave him those mixed signals.

He yawned, sleep starting to lull him. He was half sure Hidan was already sleeping and it was really creepy how the man slept on his back with hands on the chest holding that symbol with triangle.

Itachi's obsidian eyes slid lower, really Hidan should wear a t-shirt sometimes or at least pull the blanket higher. Itachi noticed the ripped muscles, he wasn't sure what he was thinking anymore those thoughts were foul and Itachi felt warmness on his cheeks.

As if it wasn't enough, Hidan caught him opening the violet eyes and looking right into his black ones. It was rather dark but the moon outside was enough for Itachi to see how Hidan's lips instantly formed a vicious grin.

Itachi felt stupid and awkward for staring and he turned his head away a bit too fast, he heard Hidan chuckle.

"Itachi," his name was stretched in a teasing manner. "Do you like me?"

"No!" Itachi almost shouted and turned his back to Hidan, he was angry with himself and with the damn zealot too because he was too blunt and too... just everything too.

Another low chuckle and rustling with the blanket that they shared till to Itachi's horror he felt a hand on his shoulder it slid down to his waist and Hidan was suddenly just too close pressing against him and whispering in his ear." I think you do."

Itachi was panicking, he really was and he was one step away from jumping out of the bed and running away.

Gathering himself, it took longer than he liked and all the time Hidan's fingers sort of moved, Itachi firmly took Hidan's hand by the wrist and pushed it away, with gritted teeth he spoke. "You are delusional...idiot. Keep your hands away." He had to turn and push Hidan away from himself.

Hidan didn't resist but the smirk on the handsome pale face was driving Itachi insane.

Thankfully Hidan didn't say anything more and after a while Itachi could tell by the man's breathing that he is asleep.

Itachi on the other hand spent a lot of time tossing and turning thankful for the fact that Hidan was a heavy sleeper. The thought running through Itachi's mind... the way Hidan had touched him. He wasn't sure how it made him feel, he had panicked at the time but really... it didn't feel bad.

Hidan's hand had been warm and sort of big and... Itachi bit the blanket not to scream.

He forced his brain not to think about it till he actually managed to fall asleep.

Itachi woke up in the middle of the night, at first he didn't understand why but then it all came to him. He was sitting there in the bed sweaty hot and hard. He had a dream and the cause to all this mess he was into was the silver haired man lying beside him.

Itachi bit his fingertips and shut his eyes willing it all away with his willpower, the dream was insane it was Hidan teasing him about something stupid and then suddenly it was Hidan kissing him and touching him, sliding those big callused hands over his naked skin. The worse was that Itachi remember how much he liked it in the dream how he responded Hidan and how the kiss felt so good.

The dream continued with Hidan moving to his neck, spoiling Itachi with wet kisses and little nips and bites.

Itachi swallowed hard as he put his hand on his neck as if he could still feel those touches...

But then he woke up and here he was sweaty and needy.

He was also maybe scared of his own brain producing that dream. But really it was also like a heavy punch in the face making him realise that as stupid, strange, silly, idiotic and unbelievable it was... he was falling for the man.

The thought was terrifying him in a way. Hidan was a man... no, that wasn't it Itachi didn't care of that but...well something was terrifying.

The musings had calmed his erection and he fell back on the bed. It took him some while to fall asleep but when it happened there were no more dreams.


Itachi wasn't surprised when he woke up in the morning with a mild headache and once again it was all Hidan's fault, damn man. What did surprise him was that he was up late and Hidan was up before him. Yawning he got dressed and listened where his mission partner was.

He didn't have to wonder for long when he came out of bathroom after morning routine Hidan walked in the room banging the door shut.

"Uchiha, here breakfast and then we go shopping."

Itachi just nodded, his breakfast was fruit... he liked it.


Shopping with Hidan was a disaster. A loud, obnoxious, teasing disaster!

"Itachi, try this!" Hidan ordered while shaking in silent laughter.

Itachi glared at the... thing Hidan was holding. Apparently the costumes for the 'party' had to be of animal kind and what Hidan was holding looked like some strange bird's costume with feathers of all the colours there were.

When Itachi kept glaring Hidan put the thing back in its place moving on and still grinning like an idiot.

Great, Itachi was falling for an idiot.

Next time Hidan offered him a costume of a lion, Itachi had to admit it was much better than the bird thing but he would look stupid, actually he realised that no matter what costumes they would choose they will look stupid anyway.

It seemed Hidan had found the piece for himself, Itachi could see it in those purple eyes as they observed a rather decent costume of a grey wolf.

"Yup, this will do." Hidan murmured and in few moments of paying and packing they were searching for Itachi's costume.

It was a waste of money really because if everything goes smoothly and as planned they will only wear those things for an hour. But mission is mission.

"How about thiiiis Itachi?" this time Hidan didn't only silently laugh but snickered and made funny sounds. The man was holding a weasel's suit.

"Ha ha, you are extremely amusing Hidan." Itachi said without any emotion though on inside he maybe find it a little funny.

Moving further and then... "JASHIN-SA-..."Itachi slapped a hand on Hidan's mouth, really too loud and too obnoxious.

The idiot actually bit him! No blood but Itachi hissed and took his hand away. Hidan acted like nothing happened, grabbed a black piece from the stand, paid for it and then pulled Itachi by his arm. "We are done here."

Itachi didn't agree at all. "I didn't even see what it was! Probably something retarded."

Hidan smirked and gave him a sideway glance finally letting go of his arm. "Nah, you will like it."

Itachi could only hope it would be that way.


The evening came and they had to get ready for the mission. Hidan dressed right there before him. It was like a show for Itachi because Hidan was cussing and snarling half naked fighting with the costume. Itachi had to help in the end, the zipper was on the back, he noticed that the zealot's back was in scars, they weren't big or ugly they were just... okay, Itachi wouldn't go there.

He pulled the zipper up and Hidan swirled around like a model asking how he looked.

"I like the tail." Itachi responded with a smirk. Actually he really did it was long and fluffy and Hidan looked pretty good being the big bad wolf. "No, with your mask on the face it will be great." He assured and Hidan grinned like a kid.

"Your turn." Hidan declared with the menacing type of grin pushing a bag in Itachi's hands.

Itachi walking for the bathroom dreaded of what was inside that bag.

His dread was justified he decided looking at the black cat costume. Grudgingly he put it on because really there was no time to argue or get something else. Life was unfair because Hidan's costume was sort of baggy his costume on the other hand...well it wasn't baggy. It was cuddling him! At least the fabric was very soft.

He stormed out of the bathroom straight to Hidan who was watching him funnily.

A pale long finger pointed at the zealot. "When this is over, I am going to kill you and tell the Akatsuki that the enemy got you!"

Hidan grinned in his face, leaned forward and cooed. "You look gorgeous."

Itachi so wanted to slap that smug face but instead he received a peck right on his lips.

The anger in Itachi deflated, a little bit of shocker that was, he felt his cheeks turn warmer and even though he really wanted to ask what Hidan meant with it he turned around so the man wouldn't see him blush and headed for the door.

Hidan fallowed and Itachi was sure the bastard was grinning.


At the palace-kind of house where all the fun would happen they put on their face masks. The masks were really just paper kind of things covering their eyes leaving the rest of their face uncovered.

Heading inside he nearly went deaf the music was loud and people were already well in the fun dancing and even singing.

It was crowded and the loudness that too only served their mission.

Arm around his middle and Hidan's words in his ear, Itachi shivered."Kitty come drink with the wolf."

He was being pulled again and he hated that. Itachi tried to over yell the singing and musical instruments. "Hidan we are not here to drink, you oaf. We need to-..."

"I know what we need to do Itachi but first we need to at least pretend we are having fun here."

Itachi had no choice. Hidan led him to what Itachi suspected was a table with light drinks. Hidan prepared a cocktail for them both and Itachi sipping it thought it wasn't that bad...fruity.

After Itachi's second drink Hidan told him to wait and disappeared. Itachi sipping the third saw Hidan chatting away with three men laughing and seemingly having fun. Short while later Hidan moved for another company and the same happened.

Then Hidan returned looking somewhat smug.

The zealot stood close to Itachi. "What we look for is in the sixth floor! The thing is the security is higher by each floor... it will be tough, there is so many rats around... they are all guards."

"Yes, I noticed. Good you got that information now we can start."

Itachi really hated it but he was no friends with alcohol and for that reason he was tipsy. Great just great because he be damned if his buzz will fail the mission.

"No, Itachi first we need to make those rats think we are searching for a quiet kiss me."

"What?" Itachi's jaw hang lose a bit, this was crazy.

"We have to do it if we want to get even to the second floor." Hidan stated with a grin and there Itachi's eyes squinted.

"You did this all on purpose, you got this costume for me just for this reason, didn't you?!"

With a grin the silver haired man shrugged his shoulders then grabbed Itachi around the middle and at the back of the head and kissed him. Pulling Itachi so close there was no space at all.

Itachi didn't all and Hidan growled probably for that reason but really he should of known Hidan's blunt and rude ways, a fierce tongue forced his mouth open and instantly started to roam around in there like a snake, pressing on his own tongue.

Shameless man! Itachi felt his cheeks burn. Hidan pulled away to let them breathe they didn't say anything just watched each other and for a change Hidan wasn't grinning, Itachi noticed how Hidan too had light pink sprinkle on his cheeks.

Hidan leaned forward then and murmured the words right on his lips. "We will go crazy for a moment then we act like we are looking for a quiet place and off we go."

Too many things at once and Itachi wondered when the leader role of this mission went to Hidan. But the zealot didn't let him think on it too much now he was not just kissed he was also groped.

Hidan's hands moved over him his arms, chest, middle, everywhere and the kiss, well Itachi was answering to it whimpering when Hidan pulled away and kissed his neck, it really was Itachi's weak spot, he arched back and even though it was hard to admit it he was melting.

Hidan grabbed his butt. Itachi sort of squeaked and tried to wriggle out of Hidan's steel grip on him but... then maybe he didn't even want to.

Itachi was getting hot and he could feel Hidan was into it. But then Hidan stopped and Itachi felt disappointed.

"Let's go."

They went.


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