"Hey, what's up?" greeted Nnoitra, poking his head into Ichigo's dorm room.


"Hey Grimmjow! What're yo—"


Nnoitra raised an eyebrow, lowering his voice, "What're you doing?" he whispered, eyeing the blowhorn dubiously.

Grimmjow giggled insanely, strapping the blowhorn beneath the office chair with duct tape, "Ahaha, Ahah, come with me and shut up," Answered Grimmjow, pulling the tall boy behind Ichigo's bed, "he'll be back any second."

The boys crouched behind Ichigo's bed, and just as had been predicted, Ichigo walked through the door, dumping his bag and falling into his chair, jumping at the burst of noise that followed, "What the fuck!?" cried Ichigo in alarm, shock turning to suspicion at the howling laughter coming from his bed.

Grimmjow and Nnoitra were violently shaking with fits of giggles, shit eating grins on their faces.

"Fuckers!" yelled Ichigo, flushing when he heard new laughter from the doorway, turning to find a group of students standing in his doorway.

"Ahaha!" panted Grimmjow, fighting to catch his breath, "Chill Ichi, we're just playin' with ya!"

"Ha! Funny!" replied Ichigo sarcastically, "come on asshole, we're gonna' be late!"

"Huh? Late for what?" asked Grimmjow, racking his brains.

"Are you fucking kidding me!?" exploded Ichigo, "you forgot!?"

"Hmmmmmmmmmmm..." trailed the blue haired boy, tapping his chin as he looked to the ceiling comically.

"God damnit, we're meeting Rukia and everyone at the bar tonight-"

"Oh yeah! I forgot about that!"

"Clearly," muttered Ichigo unimpressed, grabbing his friend's wrist and towing him away, "oh yeah, Nnoi, you wanna come?" asked Ichigo as an afterthought, remembering the lanky boy; he wasn't a part of anyone's group, but he was friends with everyone.

"Nah, I got homework" he complained.

"When's that ever stopped you?" chuckled Grimmjow.

"When the homework's due first thing tomorrow and I haven't started... I haven't even read the task sheet yet."

"Don't worry, I'm sure your thick, thick skin will protect you from failing" sang Ichigo.

"Oh yeah, it'll bounce right off!" agreed Grimmjow, laughing at Nnoitra's visible annoyance.

"Hmph," he huffed, "laugh all you like, but I really am extra durable!"

"haha, yeah sure, cya!" called Ichigo over his shoulder, the pair chuckling as they walked away.

"Gyahahahahahahaha! You're kidding! And everyone came running to see what it was!?"

"Yup!" replied Grimmjow between laughs.

"I don't see what's so funny about it," retorted Ichigo indignantly, "just an immature prank by an immature boy..."

"Watch who you're calling a boy Ichi," growled Grimmjow, "this boy'll beat the shit out of you!" he threatened.

"Oh please, we all know you wouldn't touch Ichigo, he's like a princess to you!" proclaimed Rukia, pulling laughter from the group. Ichigo and Grimmjow bore their eyes into her.

"Who're you calling a princess!" cried Ichigo, feigning insult.

"Who else?" asked Renji, "we all know you're his precious angel. He'd probably cut an arm off for you!"

"But not his hair!" piped Orihime.

"Nah, then the girls'd see past his looks and realise they're talking to a narcissistic loser" agreed Ikkaku.

"I think you mean sleeping with a narcissistic loser, which is better than you're doing!" retorted Grimmjow with good humour.

Ikkaku gasped loudly, a hand pressed to his chest in mock insult, "how cruel, you beast!"

"Wait, Grimmjow!" cried Ichigo, his hand also pressed his chest, "do you mean to tell me you wouldn't cut your hair off for me!? I thought you loved me!"

"Oh he loves you Ichigo, just not as much as his hair!" giggled Rukia, bringing the whole table to a fit of laughter, Ichigo wailing into his hands, pretending to cry.

"Seriously though, who does that!? Am I really surrounded by children?"

It took a moment for the group to realise he was referring to the blowhorn incident.

"You started it!" accused Grimmjow.

"No I didn't! What'd I do!?"

"You did too! Last week you put that bucket of water above the door! I had to sit the lecture drenched coz fucking Mr. Aizen wouldn't let me go change!" This earned another bout of laughter.

"Don't see why not," grumbled Ichigo, "that was meant for him anyway, but you just HAD to be late that day!"

"Doesn't change the fact that it fucking got me!" yelled Grimmjow.

"Wait... you mean today was revenge? Seriously, you were getting payback?" asked Ichigo incredulously, staring at the blue eyed boy beside him, scowling when all he got was a shrug.

"Well two can play at that game!"

"Was that a threat?" asked Grimmjow.

"Maybe it was!"

"HAH!" barked the tall boy, "hope you're prepared for some competition then!"

Everyone laughed again; things were always funny when these two started a competition.

Ichigo grunted at the effort of re-screwing the shower head back on, cursing the rust that flittered down.

He'd enlisted Renji's help for the most part, but the red head had to run off to class about an hour ago, and Ichigo was left in Grimmjow's dorm to complete his little mission alone.

Being Grimmjow's best friend he knew the boy's general timetable, but this had taken longer than he thought, but it was finished now, and all he had to do was wait.

He casually strolled out of the room, having to reign in his smile when he passed Grimmjow in the corridor, exchanging a lazy wave before making his way to his dorm.

He lay down on the bed, picking up his book from the bed stand, immersing himself in the story, losing all track of time.

Without warning Grimmjow burst through the door, dripping wet, stark naked, red rivulets trailing down his body. His face was a mask of pure hatred, eyes flashing at the sight of his friend holding his stomach in pain as laughter racked his body.

"Mother fucking son of a bitch!" he screamed, seething with fury.

"Ahahahaha! Gri-ahaha Grimmjow! Ahahahaha! You wanna- haha, you wanna put some- ha! Clothes on-?" questioned Ichigo falling from the bed with a thump.

"What the fuck was that anyway?" he asked, unconcerned by his nakedness, "I thought I was bleeding, but it didn't look real..."

"I put some cordial into your water system" he laughed, "you're gonna have to leave all the taps on for a while to get it all out."

Grimmjow narrowed his eyes fighting the quirk in his lips, trying not to be impressed as he stalked to the bathroom to wash the sticky liquid off.

He made his way to the shower, careful not to slip, turning the water onto full heat, letting it run over his tight muscles before adding some cold to soften the burn.

Running his hands through his hair he gave his situation serious thought, deciding on how to retaliate. He snatched Ichigo's shampoo from the rack, pouring a hefty amount into his hair and rubbing, staring at the bottle as the worked away at the blue locks.

Suddenly he was hit with an idea, grinning like a wolf as he made his plans.

"Holy fuck what happened to my hair!?" screamed Ichigo, staring with horror at the mass of neon pink hair atop his head. Hastily he wrapped a towel around his waist, storming down the corridors, barging in on his friend, "Grimmjow you fucking ass! You fucking son of a—" he cut off as he realised what he'd just walked in on.

Grimmjow looked up from his place above the mortified girl, breaking the kiss to smile at his friend, bursting into laughter. The girl below him fought to escape, grabbing her clothes before running from the room, her face bright red.

Ichigo ignored her as she left, too furious to care, "tell me this isn't permanent!" he demanded, dread filling his stomach when Grimmjow's smile grew.

His eyes widened, jaw clenching along with his fists.

Grimmjow laughed harder at the boy's expression, "I'm just messin' with ya Ichi, it'll wash out after ten washes" he assured the red head.

"TEN WASHES!? You mean I have to keep my hair like this for ten days!?"

"Oh riiiiight...we're only allowed one shower worth of water each daaaaayyyy... sorry Ichi, guess you're stuck like that," he sniggered.

"Gyrah!" screamed Ichigo in frustration, storming out of the room, drawing looks from other students. He could feel their stares, hearing snippets of their conversations: "Ichigo Kurosaki", "Why has he-", "his hair-!", "maybe he-", "Grimmjow's room", "a towel!". He ignored them, shutting his door in humiliation when he reached his room, changing into clothes before searching for some form of hat. He wasn't a hat person... Oh why wasn't he a hat person!?

Huffing with defeat he braced him for the outside world, making a wild dash for Shinji's room a few doors down.

"Ichigo... you..." trailed Shinji at the sight of his friend, "what have you done!?" he finally asked, "you had such a wonderful hair colour! Why would you do something like this!?" he demanded in disbelief.

Well, at least he wasn't laughing.

"Shinji, its wash out don't worry, but you can blame Grimmjow, not me."

"Grimmjow? How'd he do this?" came a voice tight with laughter as Shuuhei poked his head around the corner his torso bare.

"Oh, sorry, I forgot you share a room with your boyfriend," mumbled Ichigo, a light blush dusting his cheeks, turning his attention to Shuuhei, "I think he put something in my shampoo..."

"Heh, don't worry, you weren't interrupting anything" assured the blond at Ichigo's obvious embarrasment, "so, whata ya want from me?"

"Uh, well I don't own any hats..." trailed Ichigo awkwardly.

Shinji brightened at this, "Ooh! I've always said a hat would suit you!" he cried with delight, towing Ichigo to his bedroom, which was lined with racks of clothes. These small dorms didn't have much space, but that wasn't going to keep Shinji from his accessories.

He pulled out several different hats, deciding on a beige cap with a short brim and loose top.

"You... want me to look like a fashionably modern newspaper boy...?" asked Ichigo, his face dropping with disappointment. Shinji's decisions about fashion were law; there was no getting out of this now.

"I'll have you know that this is the height of fashion!" exclaimed Shinji indignant, "and you will wear it!"

Ichigo sighed, he'd been through a million arguments with Shinji and never won a single one of them, and now he had to get to his morning lecture.

"Okay..." he sighed once more, ending the argument before it could begin, "I'll wear it, thanks Shinji."

The blond's face lit up with a triumphant smile, waving goodbye to the boy before heading back to the bed with Shuuhei, where, unbeknownst to Ichigo, they had been interrupted.

"Hmph, went with such a cliché..." muttered Ichigo as he stalked to his lecture, ignoring the stares. The hat covered most of his hair, but not all of it.

He would have to give some serious thought to his revenge.

He ignored Mr. Aizen's snide remark as he took his seat, preparing himself for a day of torture.

Grimmjow flopped casually onto the bed, chuckling to himself, proud of how his hair dye prank had worked out. Ichigo had bought his own beanie and taken off the stupid newspaper boy hat; his hair was almost orange, with only a hint of pink left. Grimmjow was disappointed that it was ending; it had been a hilarious week and a half, but all good things must come to an end. Now he was waiting for what Ichigo would throw at him next.

He pulled out his phone, scrolling down the contacts list until he arrived at Neliel's name.

Hey beautiful, you want to watch to a movie tomorrow night? He texted.

Beautiful? It's been a while since anyone's called me that. I'd love to though, thankyou for asking me, it's been too long since I saw you last. Came the reply

"I find that hard to believe, I was only telling the truth. I've missed you too, I'm looking forward to tomorrow He sent back.

XOX she replied, effectively ending the conversation.

The next night Grimmjow arrived at the movie theatre scanning the area for his busty date, jumping with surprise when he felt a hand on his shoulder followed by his mother's voice.

"Hello Grimmjow! It's good to see you!" she sang, embracing her son.

"Mum! Uh, hi, what're you doing here? Is dad with you?" he asked, searching for the tall figure of his father.

"No, he has work to do. What do you mean "What're you doing here?" asked the middle aged woman, attempting a poor imitation of her son's voice, "you invited me!"

Grimmjow stood there in confusion, pulled from his thoughts by the vibration of his phone, "ah, hold on a minute mum" he said before answering the phone.

"So, how's your date going?" Asked Ichigo a smile in his voice.

Suddenly Grimmjow understood, free hand rubbing his temples as he sighed. He turned from his mother, lowering his voice, "You switched the names in my contacts, didn't you?"


"Heh, that all you got? It'll take more than that!" he informed his friend, hanging up the phone before the other could reply.

"Sorry mum, of course I know I invited you, I was just spaced out there for a bit. What movie do you wanna watch?" He asked, mourning his lost date, but he liked his mum, so all wasn't lost.

They decided on a romantic comedy, a guilty pleasure that they only indulged in with each other; they had reputations to maintain after all.

The line was blessedly short, it being a Wednesday night, and they arrived that the counter, Grimmjow ordering the tickets, pulling his wallet from his jacket pocket.

He opened the leather vessel, confused surprise freezing his face as a red cylinder rolled out of his wallet landing on the floor with a muffled thud.

The woman knelt down to pick it up, ignoring Grimmjow's fractured protests, she herself freezing when she realised what it was. She picked up the offending object by the attached string, walking stiffly to the bin to drop the red moisture filled tampon into it. She shot her son a dirty look, but all he could do was gape, completely unprepared for this, mortification washing over his features.

The man behind the counter coughed awkwardly, holding out their tickets.

As they walked away Grimmjow pressed the speed dial for Ichigo's number, waiting fitfully for him to pick up.

Hello? Answered Ichigo, his voice far from surprised at the phone call.

"Fucking tell me that wasn't real blood." Whispered Grimmjow into the phone dangerously, tensing when he was met with silence.

After a moment of letting Grimmjow stew Ichigo replied with laughter, fighting to give a coherent reply, Don't worry, I'm just messing with ya! He repeated Grimmjow's words back to him, It's red cordial... I had some left over.

The tall boy relaxed, dropping his shoulders with relief, angry and mortified as he was, he huffed a few unexpected laughs before the humour took a hold of him that he couldn't shake, laughing like a mad man, finding the situation funny despite his humiliation, "fuck you." He replied quietly into the phone, hanging up.

As they walked to the movie viewing room, the boy explained to his mum what had happened, relieved when she laughed along with him, their laughter echoing through the hall, drawing strange looks from passers by.

He arrived back late to the dorms, having walked his mother home, stopping off at a specialty store to buy a thankyou gift for Ichigo's efforts.

He tapped lightly on Ichigo's door, letting himself in. As he'd suspected, Ichigo was sat at his desk studying; he turned to look at his victim as he entered.

"So, how did your date go?" he asked, that shit eating grin plastered to his face.

"Great, thanks for asking," replied Grimmjow agreeably. Ichigo's face dropped in suspicion, his eyes narrowed.

"What's that?" he asked, nodding to the gift wrapped package Grimmjow held.

"Oh this? Just a thankyou present for the lovely night you organised for me" replied Grimmjow sweetly, offering the package to his friend.

Ichigo made no move to take it, trying to understand the situation. This was clearly a revenge prank, but to what extent?

"Don't be so suspicious of me!" smiled Grimmjow, placing the box on the desk, before closing the gap between them quickly, taking Ichigo's face in his hands, and moving in give a deceptively erotic open mouthed kiss, "Open the box" he whispered in Ichigo's ear, revelling in the shocked expression of his friend before wordlessly leaving the room, closing the door silently behind him.

He giggled as he made his way to his own dorm. He was close enough to Ichigo to do such things, like being naked around him; they're best friends, like brothers, so it doesn't matter.

Back inside Ichigo's room however, the red head hadn't moved, frozen with shock. He raised his hand to his mouth, fingers trailing over his lips, turning his attention to the box. He began to unwrap it, pulling the object from inside. His eyes grew wide, blush covering his face with recognition.


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