Chapter 5:

"Are you kidding me? Are you fucking kidding me!? Screamed Nnoitra, manic, his thin face, curved into an expression of sincere disbelief.

They sat alone in Nnoitra's room, Grimmjow seeking advice

"...I... ... ..." Grimmjow attempted, letting his explanation die. The room was silent, but the atmosphere had changed from inviting and conspiratorial to downright dangerous. Nnoitra stood with his hands clenched, eyes lowered as his body trembled with the effort of staying calm. Well, as calm as possible given the circumstances.

"You're telling me, that after all the scheming and effort Nel and I put into getting you two together... YOU DID THE SAME FUCKING THING AS BEFORE!? AND NOW THINGS ARE FUCKING AWKWARD AGAIN!?" he demanded fiercely, fury and frustration waring for the main pedestal.

Grimmjow's temper flared at this, "What? You think that just because you want something to happen, it's going to!? You think I want things to be awkward between me and Ichigo? 'Cos I don't! But that doesn't give you the right to be angry! The fuck is your problem!?" roared Grimmjow back, standing up from his seat as he too clenched his fists.

Nnoitra took a few deep breaths, chest heaving as he reined his temper in, running a hand over his face as he sat.

"Grimmjow, I'm not angry because what I wanted didn't happen. I'm angry because it's you being difficult."

"The fu-"

"Because you are the only thing keeping this from working! You are the one standing in the way of your happiness! You are the one complaining to me about it! Yet you love Ichigo more than he loves you!"

"...The fuck does that mean? I love Ichigo more than he loves me!?"

"Are you an idiot!?" asked Nnoitra hotly, "Ichigo really, really likes you Grimmjow, but you love him. Any idiot can see that. So why is it you that's saying no? Are you too proud? Because so sort of crossed that bridge when you slept with him. Twice. You don't want to lose him as a friend? Because you're gonna if you don't sort this shit out! Because you're scared of what it involves? Newsflash! YOU SLEPT WITH HIM TWICE!"

"Would you stop saying that!"

"Why? You gonna' pretend it didn't happen? Because that worked SO well the first time!"

"Shut the fuck up, Nnoitra! Whata YOU suggest I do? Give Ichi a big kiss and tell him I love him? Go out with him!?"

Nnoitra didn't answer, his silence said it all, eyes steady as they stared at Grimmjow's.

Grimmjow reached two large hands to his face, running them other the tired skin and through his hair, leaving them there as he sat with his head in his hands. He didn't know what to say. Nnoitra's yelling and blaming him was pissing him off. The only thing keeping Grimmjow from punching the tall man was that he hadn't yet spoken a false word.

"Grimmjow...fuck, look, you know what? I'm sorry. I'm sorry I yelled at you, and I'm sorry you can't see I'm right, but-"

"I can see..." mumbled Grimmjow, throat tightening, face crumpling in defeat, still hidden his hands.

" can see? That I'm right? You agree?" he asked carefully.

The blue head nodded, it's owner still refusing to make eye contact.

"Then why haven't you done something about it? If you know all that, why are you sitting here like a goddamned retard?" he asked gently, kinder than the words would lead one to believe.

"Because you're still right, even now..."


Grimmjow huffed a soft laugh, his laughter picking up, becoming more and more manic until Nnoitra wasn't sure if he truly was laughing, or whether he was actually crying, his head still hidden beneath his fingers.

Suddenly he looked up, revealing a wide toothy grin to his shocked friend, "Because I'm a goddamned retard."

He shot up from the bed, suddenly full of vigour, embracing his tall friend quickly as he skipped through the door with glee, leaving Nnoitra alone in the room without a clue as to what had happened, and only an instinct that it was for the better.

Grimmjow burst through his dorm room door, startling Nel and Ichigo who were sitting on the floor, deep in an apparently serious conversation, most probably along the lines of his and Nnoitra's.

Both shot to their feet, surprise masking their features.

"Grimmjow? What're you-?"

"Nel, I need you to leave," stated Grimmjow as he grabbed the busty girl's arm, pulling her towards the doorway and pushing her into the hallway, closing the door in the shocked girl's face, and locking it.

"Oi! Grimmjow! What the hell're you-?" Ichigo was cut off by Grimmjow lips. The taller youth wrapped his arms around a very surprised redhead, pulling his friend close.

Ichigo recovered from his shock slowly but surely and kissed back, his own hands entwining in the blue hair, opening his mouth into the kiss.

Grimmjow responded unhesitant, mind made up as he slid his tongue into Ichigo's mouth, gratified by the low moan that Ichigo gave. The slick muscles slid over each other, it was no battle, but a dance, firm but gentle as they explored each other with romance, rather than lust.

When their lips parted they remained in each other's arms, Ichigo leaning his head against Grimmjow's neck, forcing himself to believe what had just happened.

"Grimmjow... does this mean..." said Ichigo, breaking the silence as he looked into the tall man's eyes, "that you're okay with... this..."

"...It means... that I've stopped being an idiot." Answered Grimmjow after a while, mind finally at ease with his decision.

When the boys finally parted, settling in for some serious conversation, Nel tore her ear away from the door, having heard enough to satisfy her curiosity.

She held down a giggle as she walked away, breaking into a skip as he made her way to Nnoitra's dorm. She may not like the guy, but she had to admit, sometimes that manipulative side of his could be one hell of a good thing. Sometimes.


The End!

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