When I Met You Chapter 1 Morganville Vampires!

Claire's P.O.V

I watched as my three year old daughter ran around the room laughing. Shane was chasing her shouting 'I'm gonna get you!'. That always made her laugh, which made me laugh. He finally caught her and started tickling her. She laughed even more and tried getting out of his grip, but oviously it was no use considering her age. Eve ran into the ran too see what was going on and as soon as she caught sight of the scene she immediately started laughing.

'Shane no wonder she's always so worn out, you use up all her energy' eve said smiling Just then Tyler and Josh came running into the run with guns in there hands. 'There he is, shoot him before he shoots us!' Tyler shouted. Him and Josh raised there fake plastic guns and started making shooting noises at Shane. Shane then dramatically fell to the floor and clutched his stomach, then eventually layed down. Josh and Tyler yelled out in victory and jumped around the room.

'Whats with all the noise?' Michael asked walking into the room. 'Dad we killed the enemwy' Tyler shouted. I smiled at how he pronounced the word enemy. In case you haven't realized Tyler is four years old and Josh is two, he can barely walk. They are Micheal's and Eve's sons, which should be impossible for vampires and humans to reproduce, but me being the brain-box figured out how to create some kind of way of making that happen. Then all of a sudden Carrie my three year old daughter ran up to me and hugged my leg.

'Mummy! Your home' She said clinging on to my leg still. I smiled and picked her up and walked to the couch and sat down. I smoothed down her long blonde/brown hair, and she looked up at me. God she reminded me of Shane when she did that. Her big wide eyes where blue and brown. Which is a really weird eye colour but it really did suit her, and you couldn't forget those eyes no matter how much you tried.

'So much like your father' i whisper to myself. Shane looked over at me and grinned.

'She should take that as a compliment, anyone would be lucky to look as handsome as me' Shane said.

I rolled my eyes 'Lets just hope she doesn't have your ego when she's older' i say looking back down at Carrie who was staring at Tyler and Josh. I put her down on the floor and she ran over to them. Shane then came and sat where Carrie was.


'But im soooo comfortable here' Shane pouted. I tried to shove him of but had no luck

'Please? I asked in a polite manner' i said

'One condition i have a kiss' Shane said with a smirk

'hmmm, go on then' i said smiling. He leaned down and brushed his lips against mine, soon the fireworks came, along with the sparks. This always happens when we kiss which makes it even better.

'Okay people can we please not? You know in front of the kids?' Eve said

'Chill Goth princess' Shane laughed and got up.

'Finally i can breath' i said

'Dad, dad, dad, dad, daaaaddddd' Tyler repeated bouncing around him.

'What?' Michael asked.

'Josh broke my gun so can we go back to the shop and get a new one?' He gushed.

'Maybe tomorrow, its too dark now' Michael said 'And anyway tea is out so go sit down'

Tyler looked over a Josh 'RACE YOU TO THE TABLE!' he shouted and bolted.

'Not fwar Ty you was cwoser' Josh said. He's so adorable, especially when he doesn't pronounce the words write. I picked up Carrie and placed her on a seat at the table. She picked up her spoon and placed it in her mouth.

I sighed 'Want Mummy to help you with your food?' i asked, she nodded, i took the spoon from her mouth and helped her eat her mash. Soon when she ate her tea she got down from the chair and waddled over to the couch. I then started on my food. We all talked about how our days went and what our plans where for the weekend. We then cleared up the table, it was Michael and Eve's turn to wash up. When i went over to the couch, i saw Carrie asleep with her dummy in her mouth.

'Auntie Claiiirreeee' Tyler said walking over to me

I put my finger to my lips 'Sssshhhhhh' i pointed at Carrie and he whispered 'Can you set me and Josh to bed, Mum and dad are busy' I nodded and picked up Carrie. I took Tyler's small hand and walked upstairs. I put Carrie in her bed and went into Tyler's and Josh's bedroom.

'Right kids, time for bed, what story is it this time?' i asked walking over to the small bookcase.

'BATMAN!' they both shouted.I grabbed the book out from the book shelf and started to read, half way through the book i looked up and noticed they where both sound asleep. I placed the book on top of the bookshelf and went downstairs.

'They all asleep?' Michael asked.

'Yer' i said whilst sitting down and cuddling with Shane.

Then the night went by like normal, me cuddled up to Shane and Eve cuddled up with Michael and eventually we all went to bed.

Okay so this is my first story, and i apologise for my spelling mistakes. If this chapter was too long then please tell me and i will try to make them smaller in the future, the next chapter should be better since Thats what going to start off the story. Thanks for reading :)