Chapter 6 Morganville Vampires!

Carrie's P.O.V

I didnt know what to do. It was like i was frozen. I just did the first thing that came to my mind. I stuck out my hand and smiled at her.

'Hi, im Carrie' i say. She looks down at my hand and then turned back to Shane.

'Is this why you haven't been answering my calls' she sounded angry. I put my hand down from mid air, how rude. No one has ever done such a thing to me. She has genuinely pissed me off, and im not sure how long i will contain my anger if she continues to be like this.

'Yes' Shane said and looked at me for a moment, then back to her.

'Well at least your being we still on for tonight?' She asks, putting a hand on his chest. Seriously, that is disgusting .

'Ermm, sorry Anna , maybe another time. I'v only just got Carrie back after all these years, i need to get to know her' He said. Aww thats cute. She spun around to face me. Oh here we go. I swear if she starts on me i will punch her right in that fake nose of hers.

'Hi...Carrie.' She looks me up and down again with a disgusted look on her face. Oh hell no.

'Is there something wrong? You keep staring at me.' I say trying hard to keep my anger out of my tone.

'Of course not, sweetie. Isnt your mum around?' She answered. Is she doing what i think she's doing. She wants me to go to my mums house so she can go out with my dad. Doesn't work like that.

'No actually, she isnt' I say with a bitterly tone.

'Well then she can come with us, you like the cinema right?' She talks from me and Shane.

'No Anna, she cant. Another night we will go to the cinema okay?' Shane says to Anna.

'But you cant blow me off for her, i mean call her mum up or something she can have her for the night' She says. God she is desperate, cant she just take no for an answer.'Who is your mum sweetie?' She asks a little too kindly, but i think we both know she's faking.

'Claire, Claire Danvers' I say. Okay now i really want to punch her, she is getting on my last nervs.

'Claire? You mean that vampire slayer girl? The book worm, oh my god Shane you dated her? Well i can tell you no there is no competition there, i mean she probably wasn't even fun, comp-' That is the last straw, i cut her off

'Why dont you shut the fuck up bitch?' I say stepping towards stepped near me.

'Carrie watch your language, Anna please go ho-' Anna then cut Shane off.

'And why dont you try to shut me up, little girl' She came towards me now.

'Little girl? I'm anything but little thank you very much, and if you didnt cut my dad off just then i'm pretty sure he would of told you to leave' I say.

'Oh bitch do you want a slap?' She says, we where getting very close to each other now, and my anger level was very high.

'I dare you to slap me, go on right there' I say and pointed to my left cheek. Michael stepped between us now.

'Why dont we all calm down' Said Michael, putting his arm in front of me so i couldn't walk any further towards Anna. Calm down? She was just slagging my mum off and now he expects me to calm down.

Anna laughed, urgh what an annoying laugh she has 'Stupid little girl, just like your mother' She says. .It. I pushed past Michael's arm.

'Carry on bitch, im really not scared of you.' I say, she laughed again. I was just about the go for her, when i felt strong arms around my waist. 'GET OFF ME!' I shout.

'ANNA GO HOME' Shane shouts, as he tried to keep a hold of me. Eve grabbed Anna by her arm and dragged her out of the house. Soon i heard the front door close and Eve came back into the living room.

'Get off, she's gone now, so no fights will be made' I said. He let go off me, i stepped away from him and took a deep breath. Count to ten Carrie, count to ten.

'Carrie you cant just lash out at people' Shane said. 'She started it, she was the one slagging of my mum, and you didnt do anything about it, so i thought i should' i say, why was he defending her?

'Doesn't mean you can just make a fight out of it' He said. URGH. What does he know? Its not like he knows what its like to have an annoying bitch slag of his mum.

'Why dont we go out? Get some air, you need to cool down. It will just be me and you' He says to me. I nod my head, whilst looking down. Great impression i'v made, they now think i'm a trouble causer.

'Hey, dont think bad about yourself because of whats just happen I know what its like, i'v probably had a fight with half the people in this town.' He couldnt keep from smiling now. I dont get why he was so happy.

'Well that's one thing you have inherited from Shane' Eve says. I laugh and shake my head.

Shane walks to the door and we waved bye the Eve and Michael. We walked down the steps of the house. Not many people where around, which is weird because it was still daytime. As we walked around Morganville for a bit we got to know each other. We was both laughing at each other and making jokes. Shane could really take my mind of things. Like Anna. URGH. He showed me a few places, as we walked and time flew by so quickly.

'Want anything?' He asks looking at the coffee shop in front of us. I realized it was the one the taxi driver had dropped me of at. I shook my head.

'No thanks i'm good.'

'Alright then, do you know what the time is?' He asks me.I get my phone out.' 5:30.' I put my phone back in my pocket.

'We should head back home now, its getting dark' He looks at the sky. It was a deep blue, and it looked beautiful. I could really get used to seeing this everyday. He started walking and so i followed. By the time we got back to his house it was 6 o'clock. We had been out most of the day, walking around Morganville. Shane told me that we only visited a small part of it. So there was more to come.

He unlocked the door and stepped inside, and waited for me to enter. As we walked in the smell of food hit my nose. It was then i realise how hungry i was. Shane obviously saw this, because he laughed and said 'You like taco's?'. Taco's makes them all the time, they are seriously tasty. I nod my head. 'Good because that's whats for tea, i'm going to make you a drink just go in there and sit down, Tyler and Josh should be here' With that he walked into the kitchen. Tyler and Josh. Those names rang a bell, but i shrugged it of. As i was about to open the door i heard Eve talking.

'Dont make her feel uncomfortable okay? She'll be feeling a bit left out since this is her first visit, so no hitting on her got it?' Aww its good that Eve understood me.

'Mum come on, we aint like that-' A male voice said

'Whatever Josh you hit on any girl you see' Another male voice said

'I'm just warning you okay? Shane wont be happy if he notices you two have made her uncomfortable' Eve said to them. I could just imagine her face right now. Too me she's very predictable.

'Hear anything good' I jumped at the voice behind . God how long was he there for.

'I wasn't doing any-' I tried to explain. But he laughed which made me stop.

'Dont worry, everyone's done it' He opened the living room door. How embarrassing could that moment have got.

'Tyler, Josh theirs someone i want you to meet' He looked at me, and made a gesture to come in. I slowly walked into the room and look at the two boys who sat at the had light brown hair, with bits of blonde in it, with green eyes, and the other one had blonde her and very deep blue eyes. Oh those where a nice pair of eyes. They where both smiling at me like crazy fools. I looked to Shane. He pointed at a seat for me to sit down on. As i sat down he gave me a plate. That's when Michael came in with a huge plate full of taco's. Yum.

'Hi i'm Josh' I looked up at the one that spoke. Oh so Josh is the one with the green eyes. He held out his hand waiting for me to shake it.

I shook it and smiled 'I'm Carrie'

I looked over to who i thought was Tyler 'Im Tyler' I looked at him,. He's sooooo hot. Well to be honest they both are. Plus i was right about his name. He held his hand out, i took my hand from Josh's, and went to shake Tyler's hand. I looked up at him and noticed he was already staring at me smiling. .God his smile. He was sat opposite me, and Eve was sat next to me. Josh was opposite Eve, and Michael and Shane sat at the ends. There was still loads of room left on the table. I hadn't realized we was still holding hands intill Shane put a cup down next to me. I pulled my hand away.

'Is she the girl we saw on those silly baby videos' Josh asks Michael, i'm pretty sure that Josh and Tyler are Michael's and Eve's sons. They look really alike.

Michael nods 'Yer' 'Thought so, how long are you staying?' He asks taking a bite of his taco. I shrugged, and started on my taco. I could feel eyes on me at the table. 'How old are you?' Tyler asks, his voice. I could listen to that for ever. '16, but i'm 17 in a few months' I said talking a sip of my boys looked at each other for a moment, then Tyler smiled at Josh. Josh gave him a oh-no-you-dont look. 'Cool i'm 17, and Josh here is 15' Tyler said with a smirk. Josh quickly changed the subject, probably because he doesn't like being the youngest. 'So Carrie whats your school like?' Josh said, ripping his eyes from Tyler's Boys. I dont understand them. 'Crap' I say, they laughed. 'Well apart from my friends and the dance lessons there, i cannot stand it'. They was both staring at me, listening.

'You dance?' Tyler asks 'Yer, i love it, all the singing, dancing and acting lessons. I get high grades in them. Well i get high grades in nearly all my classes but those lessons are what im the highest in.' 'What type of dance do you do? Ballet?' Josh says, they both looked so interested. I personally thought i was a boring person. 'No, i do street, i dont like ballet' i say. He just smiled and starts eating again.

'Why dont we go to the cinema tommorow?' Shane asks me.

'Sounds good' I say, the scene with Anna immediately came to my mind.

'Great Tyler do you know what films are on, you'v been there this week right?' He turned to Tyler, who was still staring me. Oh god, i felt so awkward. Shane started clicking in front of his face 'Tyler, Tyler, Tyler . He soon snapped out of. I just pretended i didnt notice a thing. Where as Josh couldn't stop laughing.

'What?' Tyler said 'Do you know what films are on?' Shane said looking amused. I noticed Michael and Eve where lauging to.

'I dont know' Tyler's said, and carried on eating his taco. 'My god man, could you stare any more?' Josh says to Tyler. Josh was still laughing, but then Tyler hit him in the arm.

'Ow! What was that for? I didnt do anything, or should i say i didnt stare at anything' Josh said laughing.

'One word Josh, Tracey' Tyler said and smirked. Josh immediately stopped laughing and gave Tyler a death stare.

'It was a very dark room okay? I couldn't make out who it was' Josh said going a bit red.

'Tell me Josh is she a good kisser' Tyler said, he couldn't keep from smiling.

'Actually she is'

Tyler gave him a disgusted look 'Dude that's disgusting' . Josh shrugged and then they both burst out laughing. Which made everyone else laugh. Including me. After that, i got to know everyone a bit more, and it turns out Michael and Eve are Josh and Tyler's and Tyler have alot in common too, which if you must know, im very proud of. Plus Eve wants to take me out shopping during the week.

Looks like i'm staying the week after all.

This chapter is long, and i'm sorry. I know i keep saying i'll make them shorter but, idea's keep coming into my head. I also wanted to add a bit of romance in this story, to spice it up a bit. Please comment on what you think of this chapter. Thanks or reading :)