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Victoria's POV:

It's finally Christmas break. We finally get to hang out for a couple of weeks till school starts again in January. I invited my friend, Dani, over and we decided to watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I love the movies. Every time when I see Aragorn, my heart starts beating really fast. Dani feels the same way whenever she sees Legolas in action.

I have fair skin, medium golden-brown hair that reached my shoulders, and blue eyes. I'm wearing a white tank top with embroidered jeans and white sneakers. As for my friend, Dani, she has brown hair that goes half-way down her back, brown eyes and she has a cherry blossom hair clip in her hair. She wears a light blue t-shirt, dark blue jeans and light purple sneakers.

We were both watching the Fellowship of the Ring and there was a snowstorm outside. It looked really scary. We were watching Frodo and the others making their way to Bree and then they met Aragorn.

Me: "I wish I was with Aragorn and the others. Then I could fight side by side with him and maybe find love in each other."

Dani nodded her head and she sighed deeply.

Danielle: "Me too. I wish I could be an elf like Legolas."

Then the lights starts flickering and then the electricity went out and the T.V. was turned off. I really hate storms. We always get power outages.

Me: "Oh, man! We were just getting to the good part!"

Danielle: "Why must there be a snowstorm? Why can't we have a regular night for once?"

Then the T.V. suddenly glowed a bright light and it's blinding my eyes.

Me: "What's happening?"

Danielle: "I don't know! I thought the electricity was out!"

Then we both heard a voice that is both mysterious and familiar at the same time.

Galadriel: "Your adventure is about to begin. Believe in yourself and trust your friends."

Then the bright light completely engulfed us and I was knocked out cold. I don't know what just happened but something tells me, we're in for a wild ride.


Oh, my head! I've never felt so light-headed before. It's almost like getting a boot to the head. It's a good thing I thought of it instead of saying it. Then I felt something hitting my head and I sat up rather quickly. Wait a minute. This isn't Victoria's living room. The room is completely different. I was lying in a very soft bed and I saw Victoria on my left and she was still knocked out. I looked outside and I saw the most beautiful sight! The trees were big, and there's a waterfall and it sounded so soothing. Then I hear Victoria coming to her senses and I rushed over to her bed.

Me: "Victoria! Are you all right?"

She rubbed her eyes and she yawned for a little bit.

Victoria: "I'm fine. But what happened to us?"

I shrugged my shoulders.

Me: "Don't know. But, look outside! Check out the beautiful view!"

She looked outside and she became enchanted by the sight.

Victoria: "Wow! This is the most beautiful scene I've ever seen!"

Then she turned to me and she looked really confused.

Victoria: "But, where are we anyway?"

Then we both heard a mysterious voice coming from the other side of the room where the door is.

Elrond: "You're both in Rivendell, my dear."

We both turned and we saw a group of people coming in. There was an older-looking man with brown hair and a silver-like crown on his head, an old man wearing a grey cloak and he's carrying a big, wooden-like walking stick with him and finally a man with black curly hair and he has a little beard on his face. Oh my god! That's Elrond, Gandalf the Grey and Aragorn. I looked at Victoria and she has been strucken by the arrow of love. She's already in heaven. They walked towards us while me and Victoria sat down on the beds.

Elrond: "It is good to see you both awake. My name is Elrond, lord of Rivendell."

Gandalf: "I'm Gandalf the Grey."

Aragorn: "And I am Aragorn, son of Arathorn."

Me and Victoria bowed in front of Lord Elrond and we both smiled at the group.

Me: "It's a pleasure and an honor to meet all of you. My name is Danielle and this is my best friend, Victoria."

Victoria: "Hello."

Elrond: "What brings you ladies to Rivendell?"

Victoria: "We don't know. It all happened so fast. But we came from the future. We were just minding our own business at home in the middle of a snowstorm and we were watching a movie and then the power went out. Then this bright light shot out from nowhere!"

Me: "While we were being engulfed by the light, a voice told us that our adventure is about to begin and then we were knocked out and then we woke up here."

Aragorn: "I found you both outside of Rivendell and brought you back here."

Me: "Thank you so much for taking care of us while we were still out. But will we ever get back home?"

Gandalf: "I'm afraid not. We're sorry, girls."

I sighed deeply and I felt a few tears coming down my cheek and I saw Victoria crying and I went over to her and I hugged her. Then after a few minutes later, we went to Elrond.

Victoria: "Do you have any clothes for us to wear by any chance?"

Elrond smiled and nodded his head.

Then an elf maid brought over 2 dresses each one in a different color and style.

Me: "Once we're in our dresses, can we look around for a while?"

Elrond: "Of course."

We both bowed to him again.

Me and Victoria: "Thank you, My Lord."

Then they left the room leaving us to change into our new clothes. Victoria is wearing a pink dress with flowing sleeves. She's even wearing a beautiful necklace and earrings to go with it. As for me, I'm wearing a blue dress with light blue markings and my hair is put up in a little bun at the back. Plus, I'm also wearing a beautiful pearl necklace. When we're finally dressed, we looked around and everything is beautiful and then we made our way to the archery fields. There, I saw a handsome elf who has blond hair and blue eyes, practicing his archery. I can't believe I'm seeing Legolas for the first time. I turned to Victoria and then I suddenly feel nervous. Then I felt Victoria nudging me from behind.

Victoria: "Go on! I'll be right behind you."

I smiled and I took a few deep breathes before I started making my way to the archery fields. As I was getting closer, my heart starts beating faster and faster. Then I was right behind him and he just shot another bulls-eye and I smiled. He really is good at archery.

Me: "You're a great archer. Not even I can get a bulls-eye every time I try."

The handsome elf turned and he smiled at me and he walked towards me. Oh, man. What should I do? Okay girl. Keep it together. Just be yourself and you'll be fine.

Legolas: "Thank you. Maybe I can teach you archery sometime."

I smiled widely and I nodded my head.

Me: "I'd like that."

He bowed slightly at me and I blushed a little bit.

Legolas: "I am Legolas, Prince of Mirkwood. May I ask what your name is, my lady?"

I blushed a little more when he called me "My Lady" and I bowed to him.

Me: "My name is Danielle, My Lord."

Then Legolas grabbed my hand and he kissed the back of it and I blushed like crazy! That's why I love Legolas! He's so polite, an excellent archer and he's handsome to boot!

Legolas: "It's a pleasure to meet you, Lady Danielle."

Me: "The pleasure is mine."

We both talked a lot like what we like and dislike. And I even told him some stories from my time and he really enjoyed them. Then the sun starts going down.

Me: "I really like talking to you, Legolas."

Legolas: "As do I."

Then I hear Victoria shouting at me.

Victoria: "Hey, Dani! Come on! Let's grab something to eat! I'm starting to get hungry!"

Me: "Okay! I'll be right there."

I turned to Legolas and I smiled at him.

Me: "I'm sorry but I have to go. My friend, Victoria, is waiting for me."

Then Legolas stood up and he grabbed a beautiful light-blue flower and he placed it behind my ear.

Legolas: "I want to see you again."

Me: "Me too."

Legolas: "How about this? I'll meet you at the Garden after I come back from a council meeting."

Me: "A council meeting?"

Legolas: "Yes. The ring of power has returned and we must figure out a way to destroy it."

Me: "Okay. I'll see you there, My Lord."

He grabs my hand and kisses the back of it again and I blushed like crazy and then I turned and went to where Victoria is at and we both went to eat some dinner. Afterwards, we went to bed and I had a hard time falling asleep. I couldn't get Legolas out of my mind. I think I'm falling in love with him. Then I started falling asleep and I became engulfed in a dream of me with Legolas spending some time together.

What will happen to our heroines next? Will Victoria ever admit her crush on Aragorn? Will they be a part of the council? Will Legolas admit his love for Danielle? Find out next time in Chapter 2 of Dani and Victoria's Lord of the Rings Adventure!

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