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Chapter 1

Hermione stared at the object in her hands. There has to be a mistake, she told herself. She just couldn't believe it.

Hermione knew people often said that if you say something long enough, it'll come true. That people often convince themselves something, and they'll believe it, even when it holds no truth. You can force yourself to believe in a lie, and then everything would be okay. But then she'd be stuck in a world of make believe, and she didn't want that. Hermione knew that there was no mistake, but a small part of her hoped it was wrong. She couldn't handle the truth, so she reverted back into her useless wishing.

Some people say that if you wish for something hard enough, it'll come true. Maybe if she wished hard enough, she could change her fate. But fate was a cold hearted bitch, and nothing would change what the Muggle pregnancy test in her hand said.

She was pregnant, and no amount of wishing would change that. She was pregnant and you couldn't take that back. What's done is done, there's no changing that.

Hermione wiped away the tears that were forming. How could she have let this happen? How could she have been so stupid? She was the brightest witch of her age! She should have thought of something as basic as contraception.

But she knew he was just as guilty. He was brilliant as well! But she was sure that in the heat of the moment, he wasn't thinking with his brain. But then again, she wasn't either.

He would be furious. Hermione couldn't even imagine telling him. All of his plans would be ruined, because of her. He would hate her, and no doubt the rest of their families would. It was only a matter of time before they all found out.

She couldn't keep this a secret. People would found out, and then what? She couldn't run away from England, from her families. She wasn't a coward. She had survived a war, for Merlin's sake! She could handle a baby…. Couldn't she?

All this would be fine if it was her boyfriend's baby, but it wasn't. There, she admitted it. She cheated on Ron, with his brother, and got pregnant. You're an idiot, she chided herself. She hadn't meant to cheat, it just happened. She was at a work party, and one thing lead to another.

And there was no one it was Ron's baby, because they two of them had never had sex. Hermione told him time and time again that she wanted to wait, and focus on her career. She wasn't ready to take their relationship to that level of intimacy. And Ron respected that. He never pressured her for sex, and was always taking his time with her. And she loved that about him.

But she stupidly went and gave away her virginity to someone else. Not just anyone, but his brother. And not just any brother, but the one who was still on thin ice with the family.

Great job Hermione.

Ron would be crushed… hell, Hermione was crushed. She didn't want this. She didn't want a baby, it wasn't the right time. But there was no way she'd ever be able to have an abortion. She didn't have it in her, and besides, her parents would be horrified. Hermione was raised as a Catholic, and those values instilled were still there. She would raise her baby, she just didn't know how.

She glanced at the clock. Ron would be home in fifteen minutes, meaning she had to make a choice.

She could have sex with Ron tonight, and then tell him it was his baby. No one would ever know. But you would, her conscience chided her. She felt disgusted with herself for even thinking it. No, she could never pass the baby off as Ron's.

She would have to break up with him. She would have to tell him the truth. And then she'd have to tell Percy.

Percy. Oh god, she couldn't even imagine his reaction. No doubt he wouldn't believe her, but she had to tell him.

Hermione tried not to think about how disappointed everyone would be. Merlin, Mrs. Weasley will be the worst, not to mention her own parents. Getting pregnant was one thing, but getting pregnant by someone who wasn't your boyfriend was something else entirely.

She was a lying, cheating, slut.

She cringed at the thought, but knew it was true. Sure, she was drunk and so was he, but that wasn't an excuse. Cheating was cheating, no matter the circumstances.

Ron would be so angry. They had been dating for five months now. The war had ended five months ago. They lived together, so Hermione would have to find somewhere else to go.

Merlin, she made a huge mess of things, didn't she?

She heard the door open. Ron was home.

She quickly threw the pregnancy test in the trash and went into the living room. Ron looked up in surprise.

"Mione, what are you doing home so early? Shouldn't you be at work?" He asked, walking over to kiss her.

She quickly pulled away, turning red.

Ron looked at her confused.

"I was sick. I stayed home from work today." She took a deep breath. She needed to tell him. He deserved that.

"Do you have the flu? I can take you to St. Mungo's if you want." He said, smiling at her.

Hermione frowned, shaking her head. "Ron, there's no easy way to say this."

Ron frowned. "What's wrong? Hermione, you're scaring me."

Hermione took a deep breath. She wished she could do anything but break his heart, but knew there was no other option. "Ron, I'm pregnant."

Ron scrunched his eyes up in confusion. "But we've never…." He trailed off, not wanting to believe what he was hearing.

Tears welled up in her eyes. "I know Ron. I…." She couldn't speak.

Ron's face turned red, a few tears running down his face. "You've cheated on me?"

"I'm so sorry," she sobbed. "I never meant-"

"Get out." He said angrily.

"Ron, just let me explain," she said, wiping a few tears away.

"Get the hell out!" He shouted.

She opened her mouth to protest but stopped when he took a step towards her.

"Get out now, or you'll regret it."

Hermione grabbed her purse and headed towards the door. "I'm so sorry," she said one last time.

"Get out of here you slut, and don't come back." He shot at her angrily.

Hermione threw herself outside. It was raining. A rainy September night.

Where could she go? Where did she want to go? Shivering, she closed her eyes and apparated to the one place where she'd be safe.