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Chapter 5

George opened the door to Percy's pacing form. "Come in," he muttered, stepping aside.

Percy let himself in, collapsing on the couch. He had chased after Hermione, but she had disapparated before he could catch her.

His heart pained when he remembered her tear stricken face. He hated to see her cry. He didn't think things could get worse for her, but he was wrong.

"We have a serious problem." Percy said, looking at George.

George scrunched his eyebrows up. "Why?" He asked, taking in Percy's panicked form.

"Well, it's regarding Hermione…" Percy trailed off, unsure of how much George knew. He knew him and Hermione were close, but didn't know where she was now.

George couldn't believe it. "She's been through enough Percy, what more could their possibly be?"

Percy was taken aback by the venom in his brother's voice. He slammed the paper that was in his hands on the table. "That."

George quickly snatched the article, reading it. "Oh Merlin…" he whispered.

Percy grumbled. "I want to find her, talk to her! But I don't know where she is! She obviously isn't living with that prick of a brother…"

"Why do you need to find her?" George asked. The question was innocent enough, but he had a suspicion.

Percy respected Hermione, but the reaction to the article was beyond that of a friend. George was curious as to why.

"Because I need to talk to her, all right!" Percy shouted at his brother, the anger he had been feeling taking over.

This morning had started off terrible, coming into work and finding out that Hermione would lose her job. She was a brilliant witch, and was doing so much for the Wizarding World. And then he had found out about her and Ron, and his heart immediately panged.

Percy cared for her, but didn't let that get in the way of things. Their night of "romance" was a mistake, and they had both agreed to never mention it again.

Hermione had loved Ron, he knew that. Hell, everyone knew that.

So when he realized Ron had broken up with her, he immediately felt bad. She looked devastated.

And then, after trying to talk to her, he decided to let it go. He'd gotten home, and received his Daily Prophet as usual. However, when he had opened it, a large article by Rita, that vile woman, was on the front page, along with a photo of Hermione rushing from the Ministry in tears.

He had read the article in horror, millions of questions forming in his mind. He knew George would have the answer, so he immediately rushed to the shop.

"Well?" George asked. "Why do you specifically need to see Hermione?"

"Because I need to make sure she's okay! I need to talk to her!" Percy shouted. He felt exasperated. He just needed to know if she was okay. What if something happened to her? The baby? If the article was even true!

"Percy, I just think-" George said.

"No!" Percy cut him off. "No. Do you know where she is? It's a yes or no question George."

George internally battled with himself. "No George, I don't. But if I hear from her, I'll tell her to contact you." The last time he had seen his brother upset like that, was when Fred died. He knew Percy cared for Hermione; it was obvious from the way he was acting.

"Fine." Percy said. He disappeared on the spot, not bothering to say goodbye.

George let out a huff. He then realized Hermione was still in his bedroom. Walking over, he opened the door.

Hermione was on the floor, her knees brought up to her chest. Tears were streaming down her face.

George gently lifted her up, and plopped her on the bed. "Mione, it's all right, he's gone."

Hermione didn't say anything, just continued to sob.

"Percy is the father, isn't he?" George asked, although he knew the answer. Seeing both of their behaviors made it obvious really.

Hermione buried her face in his chest, nodded.

George let out a sigh. That definitely complicated things. "Okay, I won't ask, because I know you'll tell me when you're ready."

Hermione nodded once more.

She continued to cry as George stroked her back.

Hermione turned, burying her face into something warm. Suddenly, her eyes flung open. She was snuggled up in George's body.

With a small laugh, she detangled their limbs. "George, I don't think Angelina would like this very much."

George sleepily hugged her towards him tightly. "Don't care," he muttered.

Hermione laughed, pulling herself off the bed. She felt better now that she had a nap. It seemed like she spent almost all her time sleeping nowadays. Probably a symptom of pregnancy.

"Well, let's go see this article." Hermione pulled George off the bed.

"Mione, I don't know…"

She held her hand up. "I need to see how bad it is."

"If you insist," he said, following her into the living room.

Hermione picked up the article, bracing herself for the worst. Sure enough, there she was, looking a right mess; tears rolling down her face as she rushed out of the Ministry.

Golden Girl Hermione Granger Not So Golden After All

Earlier this evening, I was granted an interview with the Ronald Weasley, partial savior of the wizarding world! He had agreed….

Hermione scanned the article, horror evident in her eyes. Ron had gone to Rita with everything. Told her of their break-up, how she had cheated, and how she was now pregnant. Ron called her every nasty word in the book.

Rita had then gone on to point out that Hermione had been with "multiple men" including the famous Harry Potter himself.

Hermione rolled her eyes. Great, just great. On top of everything, there was this.

"Ron is such a prat." Hermione grumbled after a while.

George raised his eyebrows. "That's it?"

She turned, a soft smile on her face. "What's it?"

"That's all you have to say? You're not going to blow up in anger or anything…?"

Hermione shook her head. "Honestly, I'm upset, but freaking out isn't going to make a difference. People were going to find out I was pregnant sooner or later…" She took a deep breath. "This just means sooner."

George grinned. "Well, that was mighty mature of you."

She blushed. "Well, I'm going to be a mother, might as well start growing up as fast as possible."

"You'll be a good mom Mione," he said, pulling her in for a hug.

"Thanks," she mumbled.

There was a tapping on the window. Walking over, George opened the letter.

George, sorry about my behavior earlier…. It was inappropriate, forgive me. ~Percy

George turned to Hermione. "I don't know how much you heard, but Percy is really worried about you."

She bit her lip. "I know, I could hear." She was surprised to hear how worried he was for her. "But I'll deal with that later. Will you help me move my things from Ron's?"

George nodded. "We can go whenever you're ready."

"Now would be good."

George smiled, and the two of them apparated to Ron's flat.