"Snow day!" Jack cried as he leapt off an apartment building, zipping towards Burgess Park. As he zoomed past, the winds rose, and snow fell. The children screamed in pure joy and danced around in the park. Their parents had to chase after them to prevent them from slipping on the new ice that had formed on the path.

"Hahaha!" Jack laughed, as he landed on the statue in the middle of the park. He watched as the children ran past, screaming in joy and excitement as the first snow drifted down from the sky – thanks to him.

"Hey, mate," A voice said from behind him.

"…Oh come on, not on snow day!" Jack said, turning around to face the owner of that voice. Jack gave a deadpan look as he found Bunnymund leaning on the statue behind him as well. "Oh, hey kangaroo," Jack said, smiling slightly, his blue-grey eyes sparkling. "Can't you see I'm… busy here? And this is my statue, go get your own,"

Bunnymund turned to glare at the boy, narrowing his eyes. "You think I want to be here, mate? It's freezing cold and I'm busy preparing for Easter as well. Just so you know, Easter takes more preparation compared to your 'snow day', in which all ya do is to fly around and freeze up everything you see," Bunnymund muttered.

"Whoa, whoa, hey," Jack held up both his hands, looking offended. "You have your mossy two-faced egg golems to do your job for you while you chew on carrots and hop around in your tunnels all day. Unlike me, I've got no minions to do my awesome work," Jack scoffed, leaning against his staff with a smile on his face.

"Pitch's back," Bunnymund said simply. It seemed like the bunny did not want to continue quarrelling with the white-haired guardian.

"Pitch's… what?" Jack said, frowning. "He's back? When? How?"

"Yesterday," Bunnymund said, sighing, looking at Jack. He seemed glad that he could finally get to work with the Guardian of mischief and fun. "Don't you ever look up into the skies? North's sent out the call yesterday night. Where were you?" Bunny questioned him, narrowing his eyes. It was obvious now. He was here because Jack did not turn up for the meeting.

Jack blinked, and looked away from Bunny in a guilty way. "Well… I was, uh," Jack muttered, unable to provide an explanation. Jack was actually listening in on a conversation last night. Something about 'global warming'. He was so engrossed in the discussion that he did not even notice that the auroras were beaming across the night skies.

"It better be a good reason, but I don't wanna hear it," Bunny said victoriously. Jack glared at his fellow guardian, feeling distaste that he had made a mistake, and gave Bunny a chance to act all high and mighty about it.

"I'll be there, the next meeting," Jack said, waving it off and turning away from Bunny. Bunny looked at Jack, surprised. "Hey, I just told you Pitch is back, Frostbite! Ya gonna just walk away like nothing happened?" Bunny asked.

"I didn't say I didn't care, it's just that we can't do anything about it now, right?" Jack told Bunny. "I've got my job to do now, it is my time of the year. And Pitch can't win against the five of us," Jack grinned, and allowed the wind to take him to the skies.

"H-Hey mate!" Bunny yelled out, but Jack was already gone with the wind.

"Pitch is back…?" Jack whispered to himself, his hood over his head as he walked on top of the frozen surface of the lake. He was worried for the children. Pulling the hood off his head, revealing his white hair, Jack looked up into the skies. If Pitch really came back, why didn't he appear in front of Jack? Afterall, Jack did play a big role in vanquishing him just a few years ago.


Jack turned around at the sound of children's laughter. A girl holding onto a pair of ice-skates had appeared at the edge of the lake. Jack's eyes widened, and he quickly ducked behind a tree to hide from her. Climbing up to sit on a branch to get a better view, he smiled as he watched the girl skate around the surface of the lake, having fun.

The girl looked like the sister he had from his memories. Just thinking about that memory… his final moments as a human… he felt a sourness behind his nose. It made him tear up.

Watching the girl as she skated and laughed on her own, he wondered if that was how his sister led the rest of her life… skating alone without him. He hoped that she had fun, even without his presence.


"Ahh!" The girl cried out. The ice cracked under her feet. Jack raised his head at that sound, his eyes widening. It was happening again. The girl was in danger! He had to save her! "Hang on, I'm coming!" Jack called out, and leapt down, skittering across the ice.

"Frostbite took off again," Bunny said, leaning against the pillar at North's headquarters in front of the fireplace. "See, I told you. I bet he isn't going to turn up again. He probably would come up with some false reasons, like 'oh, I needed to create a new glacier down town so that the children can have their own little slide', " Bunnymund scoffed, rolling his eyes.

"Ah, don't be so uptight, Bunny! I'm sure he has his reasons! I can see more and more children believing in Jack, that shows that he is doing his job!" North said in his jolly Russian accent, holding up a miniature version of his sleigh in his left hand, his chisel in his right. He admired his work and let it soar around the globe that was dotted with tiny, pretty lights which represented each a child. "And even though the Man in the Moon had told me that Pitch was back for more, he did not select a new Guardian this time. Pitch must still be weak. We must first find out what he is after this time, and what are his new plans… and stop him!" North bellowed, his belly bouncing as he slammed a fist on the wooden table, causing a few elves serving cookies to jump, their bells jingling as they rattled from the force.

Tooth fluttered above the sandman, both of them listening to North with some worry. "Oh… I'm so worried he'd try to do what he did the other time, stealing all those precious teeth…" Tooth looked at her smaller partners fluttering around her, and sighed, her purple eyes filled with worry. "I think we should go separately this time, maybe we'll have more chances of finding out what pitch is up to!" Tooth said, her eyes brightening, her wings flapping quickly to keep her airbourne.

Sandy dreamsand formed a smiling face above him, together with a thumbs up, showing that he agreed with what Tooth suggested. He puched his small golden hand into his other to show that he was ready to kick some Pitch ass.

Bunnymund straightened up. "I agree with that. I think the four of us could handle it. That kid can just play with his snowballs or whatever," Bunny grumbled. "I knew he wasn't cut out to be a Guardian, even after these years," Bunny muttered the last part in his sentence, rolling his eyes again. Obviously he still did not approve.

North turned to look at the three, and then up at the moon. The air was still outside, and he felt no cold nipping at his nose. Jack was not coming. North sighed, looking back at his fellow Guardians. "Well, that is all we can do for now. I'll try to find Jack Frost and bring him back here one day, even if I have to shove him into another sack and toss him through another magic portal, eh?" North said, smiling as if he was pleased with his idea. "He did say he liked it the first time he came here!"

Tooth smiled awkwardly and nodded. "I think you should get him here that way, right Sandy?" Tooth said, laughing as she looked down at the golden man. Sandy blinked, looking up at her and puffed up his cheeks.

"Well, we'll be going now," Tooth said, fluttering up together with Sandy. "We'll try to find out what is going on out there in the shadows, and if we get anything, we'll contact everyone ASAP… including Jack," Tooth nodded, and soared out of the window. Sandy gave a small wave, and followed suit.

North watched as they go, nodding. After they had left, he turned back to look at Bunny. "I suppose you can get to work too, Bunny," North said.

Bunny was polishing his boomerang, and he looked up as he was done with it, keeping it behind his back again. "Yeah, I should probably get going. Just saying… I think that… That winter boy isn't doing his job at all. I didn't want to say this, but maybe it is better off if he wasn't a guardian," Bunny told North, his voice heavy.

North looked back at Bunny, blinking. "He helped us, Bunny. You know he did. He is perfect as a guardian in every way,"

"But where is he now? When the children need him? I'm sorry, North, mate," Bunny said, and a tunnel opened in the ground in front of him. The furred guardian gave North another look, before leaping down the tunnel back to his home. He left North standing there, looking up at the moon.

"Ahhh!" The girl stared up at Jack, who walked towards her lightly on the ice. He stood in front of her, smiling. She looked afraid, her legs shaking. Exactly like his sister on that fateful day. But now… he had the power to help her.

"Everything's fine," Jack said, his blue eyes softening. He reached out with his staff, and tapped the surface of the ice. The cracks vanished, and ice crystals in beautiful patterns spread across the ice.

"There," Jack smiled, standing in front of her. "Are you alright?"

The girl looked up at Jack, smiling. She did not say a word. Jack blinked. Was she too surprised to see him? Maybe that was why she was just smiling. But there was something about that smile that made him think something was… not quite right.

"Uhhh… I suppose you can see me , right?" Jack asked, suddenly unsure. The girl continued to look at him. Jack looked up slowly at the moon as a shadow fell across him. A large, dark cloud covered the moon above him, and the world around him darkened. "Moon…?" Jack whispered, watching with narrowed eyes as the cloud crept across the moon… and soon engulfed it entirely. Jack's eyes widened. That was not a normal cloud… it was darker… and it was swirling. It threw the entire surrounding into darkness. He could feel a chill that had got nothing to do with himself.

"Pitch…" Jack whispered, and he knew in that instant that Pitch Black had something to do with this. "We have to get out of here-" Jack looked back down at the girl, but he stopped in mid sentence. The girl was standing in front of him, and was still looking at him. But she was holding something in her hand.

Black sand.

In the shape of something long… and sharp.

"…What…" Jack whispered. Then the girl grinned, her eyes wide as she stabbed Jack through his stomach using the shard made of black sand. It made a sickening sound as it went through Jack's thin body, through his blue hoodie and out through his back.

"Urghh…" Jack's finger loosened around his staff, and it clattered onto the ice. Reaching up with his hands, he curled it around the shard, as if trying to pull it out. In front of his eyes, the girl turned into black sand, and pulled the shard out of him.

Jack felt cold. A darkness seemed to creep over his hoodie from the wound in his stomach and his legs turned weak. He fell over sliently onto the icy surface, and the girl evaporated into shapeless black sand, skittering across the ice towards a tall, dark figure standing by the shadows of the trees.

Pitch Black glided over towards the boy lying in the middle of the lake, the staff discarded beside the body.

"Jack Frost…" Pitch said, looking down at the motionless body. It was as if he was sad. But a grin spread across his face. "How fitting… you ended your life as a human here, and now, you end your life as a Guardian here, at the very same spot. In the exact same circumstances as you were in 300 years ago," Pitch used his foot to flip Jack over onto his back. Black blood stained his hoodie from the wound in his stomach, and it flowed over the surface of the lake. "You have me to thank for that. And the rest of the guardians will soon join you… Jack,"

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