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Chapter 5: Christmas (GiottoXReader)

The merry christmas music echoed throughout the Vongola masion. The little orphans chosen to visit the place were happily dancing with each of the guardians(except Alaude -.-) and you.

"[Y/N]-chan! Dance faster! Dance faster!"

You laugh a little and obliged the little boy's request. What you didn't notice was that a certain golden blonde was spying on you and the little orphan dancing.

"Hey, [Y/N]! Time for the singing session!"

You turn and look at Lampo who was holding the microphone, and let go of the little boy.

"Now, little one. I'm going to sing for you and your friends so go over to the seats there okay?"

The boy nods and happily runs to the seats. You walk up the make-shift stage and take the microphone from Lampo.

"Hey there, little ones! Each of us who danced with you just now will be singing a song each and at the end where Giotto sings, you all can choose two people to sing a duet! I'll be singing 'The twelve days of Christmas', so while I sing you guys can think of what on each day I get and sing along~"

Sounds of exciment buzz throughout the place. The music for your song starts.

-Skip the parts you sing (or else there will be too much conversation)-

It seemed that the little children all decided to follow the original song the most. Next up was Daemon, singing 'We wish you a merry christmas'. Then Lampo with 'Joy to the world'. G. with 'Silent night'. Knuckle with 'Good king Wenceslas'. Asari with 'O Christmas tree' and finally, Giotto with 'Deck the halls'. You walk up the stage again and take the microphone from Giotto.

"Okay, now that we are all done with our songs. You can now choose two people and a song for the duet!"

All of the participating guardians all walk on the stage and wait for the children's answers. The children all suddenly start whispering to each other.

"We decided! We want [Y/N]-chan and Giotto-kun to sing 'All I want for Christmas is you'!"

You felt blood rush up to your face as you turned around to see Giotto standing behind you with a light pink blush. The rest of the guardians magically disappeared and reappeared in the seats infront of the stage. The music starts. Giotto decides to break the ice by beginning first.

Giotto:I don't want a lot for Christmas

There's just one thing I need

I don't care about the presents

Underneath the Christmas tree

You: I just want you for my own

More than you could ever know

Make my wish come true

Both: All I want for Christmas is...


Suddenly, all the guardians and children begin chanting...

"Kiss! Kiss!"

You sweatdrop slightly and whisper to Giotto

"Your guardians forgot their pills today.."

Giotto chuckles.

"Hurry up Giotto! We know you had a crush on [Y/N] ever since she joined the Vongola!"

Giotto's face was fully red now.

"Really, Giotto?"

He nods and your face kept heating up.

"Shall we listen? I liked you since I first saw you as well.."

He looked shocked at first but later nods. Soft, warm lips touched yours. Then a tongue begins licking your lips for entrance. You think about it and realise there were children watching what the both of you were doing. You slowly push Giotto away.

"Why did we stop?"

He was pouting at you.

"Giotto...There are children here... We can continue later..."

He turns and sweatdrops once he saw the children covering their eyes and some of the guardians covering their own eyes.

"I forgot...Promise?"

You nod as you pecked his cheek once more before you played the song and continued singing.


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