He Who Tastes the Forbidden Blossom

By Spunky0ne


(Just a note to Bya/Ren lovers: I have a policy of not writing Byakuya and Renji being purposely cruel to each other. And this story is no different. In my efforts to expand my writing horizons, I am taking a suggestion from Angel of Bleach to write a fic in which Renji is uneducated about true love. He was raised in a place where casual relationships were common and true love rare, so he is somewhat callous, but because he has never known real love. So, if you don't enjoy that sort of thing, then choose another story. This one won't be easy for me to write, but I think it's important for me to try different things sometimes. I hope you give it a try. Thanks for reading! Love, Spunky)


Chapter 1: The Quarry

Renji glanced up from the pages in front of him, stealing a glance at the quiet, perfectly focused noble sitting and working quietly at the desk across the room from his. He admired the comely face, the slender, graceful hand that dipped a brush in ink, then placed a straight line of elegantly formed symbols on the page, then set it aside and selected the next, his solemn gray eyes studying it carefully before setting the brush to it.


I've always loved the way he looks, his scent, the way he moves when he fights. Who wouldn't want a piece of that, ne? But Kuchiki taichou is a noble, a clan leader, someone who usually wouldn't give a commoner like me the time of day.

But sometimes, I catch him looking at me. I see his eyes stray away from his work and touch me from across the room. That's got to mean he's interested, right? I wonder what it would be like...to touch my rough lips to that pretty, white throat, to peel away that scarf he wears and rub my face against that soft skin, to bury myself in that sweet sakura scent.

Yeah, we would kiss a few times, and then he'd smile and offer me a hand, lead me into his quarters, let me slowly undress him and see him completely unclothed and vulnerable. He'd be one I'd take my time with. It takes time to break down the barriers of a cold person like that and make those gray eyes get warm and lusty. But I'll do it, and then I'll lay him down on his bed and touch him everywhere. I'll make it better than anything he's ever felt before.

Oh yeah, I'll make that pretty body shake all over with how good it feels to be loved by me. I'll make his tongue a slave to mine and touch every part of him inside. I'll take him slow and tease him until those sweet lips beg for me to move faster, harder. I'll make him come twice before I give in, then I'll fill him up inside with something he'll never get over the craving for. He'll be left with a craving for me, one that will make him feel lonely when I'm not there, that will make tears come to his eyes and make him say things that he wouldn't say to anyone else. He'll want my loving so badly that he'll do anything for me...anything I ask.



"Eh, yeah Taichou?"

"Were you going to give me the updates on the progress of our group in Karakura Town or were you just going to sit there staring at me blankly?"

"Ah, sorry Taichou," he said, rising.

He took his time crossing the room and made sure that his rough fingers brushed against Byakuya softer ones in the exchange. Then, he smirked at the slight tremor the contact caused in the noble's fine hand. He gave Byakuya a melting smile and nodded.

"That do it for you, sir?" he said casually.

Byakuya raised an eyebrow.

"Tea would be nice."

Shit, I forgot about that. He's kind of anal about it. About everything really. But wait until he's my lover. He'll be bringing me tea and begging for me to lay him across that desk of his and...


"Sorry, I'm going."

Byakuya bit gently at his lip and stole a glance at the redhead's bright, thick hair and strong, proud back.

I know that you want something more from me. Your reiatsu harasses mine almost painfully now. But there is something predatory in it. It is something that makes me wonder if you really love me, or if this is just a game to you.

I want so much to love you, Renji. But I look at how many people love you, how many people notice you that way. I couldn't fall for someone who would just make me another name on his list of lovers. It would have to mean something.

It would have to be real.

He looked up as the door opened and Tetsuya entered the office. He smiled warmly at his cousin, his blue eyes glancing about.

"Are you ready to go?" he asked, "I have Arashi outside."

"Go?" Byakuya said absently.

"To the special council meeting. You told me this morning to..."

"Oh, right, yes. I am ready. Just, let me get changed."

He flash stepped to his quarters, leaving Tetsuya alone in the office. He sat down in the chair next to Byakuya's desk to wait, but looked up and smiled as Renji entered the room.

"Hey Tetsuya!" Renji said, grinning, "What happened to Taichou? He have to go somewhere?"

"We have an elders meeting."

"Ah, then I guess he won't be needing the tea."


Renji set the tea down on his own desk and sat down. He watched Tetsuya out of the corner of an eye while he pretended to read a report.

A hell butterfly floated into the room and paused in front of the young noble and Tetsuya nodded briefly.

"Kuchiki-san, the gift you ordered for your cousin's birthday has arrived and is ready to be picked up."

Renji smiled.

"What did you get for him?"

"Oh," said Tetsuya, "I found a very unique moon charm while in the living world and I ordered a similar one made by a dealer here. One with his birthstone."

"That's really great," Renji said, letting a sad look invade his eyes, "He deserves something nice like that. I was trying to find something special, but things are a little tight since I moved to a new apartment."

"I am sorry to hear that," Tetsuya said kindly, "Well, if you know of something you want to get for him, why don't you let me help you out? I know that my cousin would love whatever you chose for him. He really respects you, Renji-san."

Renji flinched.

"Right, and I respect him too. But I'm not really good at picking out gifts. I wish that I had your taste. But then, you are his cousin. I am sure that he tells you things he wouldn't tell anyone else. That's why you know just what he'll like."

Tetsuya's eyes clouded slightly as he considered Renji's words, then he brightened.

"Renji-san, why don't you go and pick up the gift I bought him? You can give him that, and I will give him the other gift that I had in mind for him."

"Aw, no, I couldn't do that," Renji said, blushing, "That would be..."

"No, Renji-san, I think that would be good. He would really appreciate that, coming from you."

"Well, if you don't mind," Renji said, looking relieved, "That would be a load off my mind and it will really make him happy. I don't want you to tell him or anything, but you know, Tetsuya-san, I...I have to confess. I really like Taichou a lot. And I've been trying to let him know that, but it's pretty hard saying that to someone like him, you know? Taichou? Clan leader? And as gorgeous as he is? It's a little intimidating."

"I understand," said Tetsuya, "but my cousin likes you also, Renji-san."

"He does?"

"Yes. Byakuya-sama is a shy person, but he does feel closer to you after all of that business with Aizen Sousuke. Like I said, he respects you."

"But, do you think that he would ever be, you know, interested in me?" Renji asked.

Tetsuya smiled.

"I think he is already quite interested. But Byakuya-sama is somewhat naive about love. He will probably need for you to 'make the first move,' but then he will open up."

"You think so?" Renji asked.


The conversation ended as Byakuya returned to the room dressed in a stunning formal blue and gray kimono.

"Oh, Abarai, my apologies," he said, seeing the tea on Renji's desk, "I had forgotten I had an elders meeting."

"No problem, Taichou. Just have lunch with me tomorrow and we'll call it even, okay?"

"Wh-what?" Byakuya asked, blinking in surprise.

Renji grinned good naturedly.

"Go out to lunch with me tomorrow and I'll give you your birthday gift and I'll forget about the tea," he laughed.

Byakuya turned his head away slightly to hide the instant blush that rose onto his cheeks.

"Very well, Renji. If you will excuse us, then."

Renji returned to his work and sat, sipping at the tea, even though it wasn't his favorite kind, and watching as Byakuya fell in with Tetsuya and left the office. As soon as he was sure they were gone, he was out of his seat and down the block, flash stepping into the jewelry store.

"Ah, Abarai-san," said the owner, "Tetsuya-san sent a hell butterfly, saying to deliver the package we were holding to you."

He took out a small box and opened it to show Renji the lovely, expensive handmade pendant.

"Beautiful," Renji said appreciatively.

Taichou is going to faint when I give him this! It's amazing. I wonder how Tetsuya-san ever even found something like this. He's sure to know how much I like him now. Tetsuya-san's a good guy to help me out like this. I have a real chance with Taichou now. I just know he's going to know I'm serious now.

He walked back towards the office, slipping the package into his pocket and smiling as Hisagi Shuuhei appeared ahead of him.

"Hey Shuu," he greeted the other man, "Why aren't you working?"

"Oh, I have the day off. But, I thought you were working."

"Well," said Renji, smiling, "Actually, Kuchiki taichou had a meeting to go to, and I finished up my work, so I'm not busy. Wanna come see my new apartment?"

"Sure," said Shuuhei, smiling back as Renji slipped an arm around him and offered him a kiss on the mouth, "We can break in that new bed you bought, ne?"

"My thoughts exactly," said the redhead, "It's been too long since we were together."

"Shut up, you ass. We had sex last night!" laughed Shuuhei, "Several times. Don't you remember?"

"Yeah, I think I remember something about that," Renji joked, stopping at his apartment building and opening the door for the other man.

The two rode the elevator up, kissing all the way and were joking and laughing as they stepped out into the hallway.


The redhead froze for a moment, then exchanged a knowing glance with Shuuhei.

"Hey Taichou, I thought you had an elders' meeting."

"Yes, well, we arrived and found that it had to be rescheduled. I was on my way home and wanted to discuss something with you. But, I see you are busy. I will speak to you in the morning."

"Oh that's okay," Shuuhei said, turning towards the stairs, "I was just walking him home and chatting. I'll see you, Renji."

"All right. Take care, Shuu," Renji said, nodding in farewell.

He looked back at Byakuya, who still stood at his apartment door.

"Well," he said, making sure he brushed up against the noble as he passed him and enjoying the slight shiver that passed through his taichou, "You're here. Why don't you come in for a sec?"

"Well, actually..."

"I can give you your birthday present now."

"But, my birthday isn't until tomorrow, Abarai," the clan leader objected, "But as I will be...busy tomorrow and won't be able to have lunch with you..."

"You mean, you're breaking our date?" Renji said, looking back at him with a hurt expression.

Byakuya looked away for a moment.

"I am sorry, Renji. I just..."

He broke off, an uncomfortable look overtaking his features.

"Well, to be honest, I was having second thoughts," the noble admitted.


"Renji, I know that you are a carefree sort of person, and I certainly don't want to make you uncomfortable. But I look at relationships a bit differently than you do. And because of my obligations to the clan, I have to be cautious in even more casual dating."

Renji studied him quietly for a moment and closed the apartment door.

"So, you think that I just want to see you casually?" he asked.

"Don't you?" Byakuya asked in response.

Renji continued to look into the noble's eyes and produced the silver moon pendant.

"Does this look like the kind of gift I would give someone that I was only interested in casually?" he asked.

Byakuya's face paled and he swallowed hard at the sight of the lovely charm.

"Renji," he said breathlessly, "That is...exquisite! It must have been very expensive. And you just bought and furnished a new apartment. I know you had to take an advance to do that. And you bought this for me?"

Renji moved forward and fastened the silver chain around the noble's throat, then touched the pretty moon charm with a fingertip.

"When I saw it, I just thought of you. And I knew that I had to get it for you. It's special, like you're special. I admit that I don't usually do exclusive relationships, Taichou. But you know, I'm willing to give this a try if it means that you'll go out with me. I think you're really beautiful, and I think we'd be good together. Hell, we already have a great time sparring and we get along really well."

"But, Abarai, I cannot ask you to change who you are for me," Byakuya said, shaking his head, "You are a spirited person. I like that about you. Dating a clan leader is a more serious thing. There are certain expectations that will not be easy for you. Are you sure that you are ready for such a thing?"

Renji took a steadying breath and pushed the noble back against the door, capturing his mouth in a powerful, plundering, open-mouthed kiss. Byakuya stiffened as his mouth was invaded, then felt intense warmth wash over him, gripping him and holding him in place as he was kissed in a way that no one had ever kissed him before. He couldn't look at the man kissing him and couldn't stop the rough, but gentle hands that slowly undressed him. He remained frozen in Renji's arms as the redhead carefully prepared him and took him, still standing and pressed back against the door.

"R-renji!" he gasped, "Renji, I cannot...!"

"Shh," the redhead said, kissing away his objections, "Just let it happen, Taichou. I've been wanting you for a really long time. And I've seen how you look at me."

Byakuya went quiet, loosing Renji's hair from his hair tie and then burying his face in it.


He sucked in a shocked breath as Renji's hand touched him more intimately.


"It feels good, right?" Renji whispered, "And I promise, I'll always make you feel this good."

He chuckled as Byakuya's body shivered, and the noble panted out an apology as he climaxed suddenly.

"That's okay," Renji assured him, holding himself still and lifting the overcome noble.

He held on tightly and carried him to the bed, then lowered him down gently.

"Renji, this wasn't supposed to happen."

"So? It did. And I'm not sorry. You see how much I love you now, ne? And actually, that isn't all. I love you even more than that. Let me show you."


"Shh," he hissed softly, quieting the noble with kisses and letting his hands roam over Byakuya's sweating body, calming him, then slowly teasing him until he was aroused again.

He grinned as Byakuya's head fell back and his eyes closed in surrender. He joined with the noble again, caressing his face and brushing his lips soothingly against Byakuya's, and pleasuring him as the wondrous sensations captivated his body and brought him quickly to a state that made him quiver warningly and lose his breath as he climaxed again.


He moaned loudly, his voice rising into a sweet, soulful cry as Renji's heat exploded inside him.

"You've never been loved like this, have you?" Renji panted, looking down into Byakuya's wide, dazed eyes, "Not by your wife or anyone else, ne?"

"I...have never been loved at all," Byakuya confessed, the words sending a chill down the redhead's spine, "Hisana was too ill. I couldn't ask it of her. Renji, I was a virgin."