Paper Towns Fan Fiction—Lacey's Perspective

By Crystal Starchia

On our way home from Agloe, Margo Roth Spiegelman is still somehow stuck inside of all of our heads. As much as we want to forget her, we can't because we are still puzzled. No one says a word until we reach Fredericksburg, Virginia. Ben finally says "I can't believe I missed my graduation for that piece of crap. Margo is completely nuts. I can't believe she blew us off like that."

Radar says, "I'm not surprised. I wasn't expecting much. I wasn't even expecting to find her there. I thought she would be dead. She brought us there just to tell us that we pissed her off."

"Technically, she didn't want us to find her!" Q yelled.

"Hey bro, calm down-" Radar said before he got cut off by Ben

"Well, if you want to get technical Quentin, obviously she wanted us to find her, if she left those dumb clues. She wanted the attention. She wanted the spotlight, and YOU fed into it, like a dummy. You have always kissed up to her; always taking up for her. Do you not realize that we all missed our graduation, just to help you, find a girl that ignored you for how many years!? And you call me selfish? No, vice versa, absolutely not!" Ben exclaimed.

"Are you serious Ben? Are you really serious right now? I'M SELFISH? You care about absolutely no one but yourself. I swear, everything always have to be about YOU! Your attitude is-"

"Wait! Please don't try to bring up my attitude, because I'm not the one yelling. Um, last time I checked, you are. You need to check yourself and like, soon Bro. I apologize that your little girlfriend didn't want to come with back to Florida. I am oh so sorry. I guess that little two hour trip y'all had wasn't enough for her to fall in love with you but it is not my fault. Up your game Bro, up your game." Ben said calmly.

"Up my game? Wow. Alright Ben, alright. Everything that is comes out of your mouth is a bunch of BULL." Q said bitterly.

"Everything that comes out my mouth is a bunch of bull? Yeah, you're a real friend Quentin Jacobsen, you really are." Ben said. And no one said another word, until they reached the Orlando city-line. Q took Ben home first and Radar home second and I decide that I will go with Quentin home. As they pull up into the driveway, they see Mr. and Mrs. Spiegelman, and Mr. and Mrs. Jacobsen standing in the driveway, as if they have been standing there the whole time they were gone, waiting for them to come back. Before Q and I could even get out of the car, Mr. and Mrs. Spiegelman rushes to the car, bombarding us with thousands of questions like they were news reporters, trying to get a story on a murder case. Mr. and Mrs. Spiegelmen say simultaneously "DID YOU FIND HER?" I could tell that Q wanted to say something, but I spoke before he could even open his mouth and said "Sorry Mr. and Mrs. Spiegelman, we tried. We looked all over Agloe, and we still couldn't find her anywhere." Mr. and Mrs. Spiegelman looked up at us sadly, turned around and walked home as if nothing ever happened. Q looked at me puzzled, but I winked, giving him the signal to shut up. As we were approaching his doorstep, his mother and father looked at us disappointedly, and patted our backs. We walked to his room, and there I sat. I was just waiting for Q to scream into my ear for telling Margo's parents a lie, but instead he looked at me and smiled and I could do nothing but smile back.

An hour later I asked Q to take me home, but instead he took me out to eat at the Waffle House. We had a great time. I believe I felt a vibe between us, just like that night at the party when we were sitting in the tub talking. We spent an hour at the Waffle House, and then we got in the car to take me home. We began talking, time flew by, and the next thing I know, I'm right in my driveway. I hop out the car, and Q hopped out too. I gave him a hug, when he says to me "Thanks Lacey, I really appreciate you tagging along to help me find Margo." Before I could even reply, he kissed me, smiled and walked away. I swear I have never felt anything like that before. And all I'm thinking in the back of my head is "Why didn't he give me a chance to kiss him back?"