I'm almost in North Carolina when I get a brief call from Q. He called to check on me and see how I was. I told him I was almost at South of The Border, and that is about all. I continue my way up north. I'm finally in Virginia, and I become alert as ever. I pay very close attention to my surroundings and try to figure out where everything is, because this is my first time actually traveling to Virginia. Its ten thirty, and I'm passing Richmond. Now, I'm becoming more anxious, and my body is becoming tense. I see a sign called Mt. Bailey Road, and I immediately take that exit.

I take the ramp, and I immediately realize that this road is not a road, its pavement, that leads to a cliff. Once I comprehend that, my body begins to shiver, and instantaneously my adrenaline begins to pump. I come to the end of the road; I get out the car and wait there. It's 11:58 and I see a black hoodie walking towards me, I can't see her face until she comes closer, and it's Margo Roth Spiegelmen. I am simply amazed, I am stunned. I don't believe it's her. She walks up to me clapping and says "I want to give you a round of applause for being the worst best friend you could possibly be. Now that I'm gone, you want to be like me. I always knew you were jealous, but I never knew you were this jealous. You want to know how I know about you and Quentin, and what y'all were doing, and when? My good friend Ben Starling. He told me everything. Every little detail, I even know the color of your dress that you wore to Karin's party. Did you really think I wouldn't find out? I have my ways Lacey and you should know that by now. I've known you since kindergarten, and you haven't changed one bit. You've always liked the same people I have, and that's why I'm not so surprised. But this time, you messed up, and you messed up big time. I am in love with Quentin Jacobsen, and you want to date him. Sorry, this isn't a three way relationship, so you have to exit your way out, or I will escort you myself.

I say nothing, but I crack a smile, and Margo says "Are you trying to tell me something Lacey? Oops, I know. Let me guess, you gave Q the STD's didn't you?"

I finally say "What is your problem Margo? Are you crazy? How dare you talk about me and my STDS? You are supposed to be my friend,"

I am supposed to be your friend! Are you really talking about friends? What kind of friend are you? Soon as I leave, you hop on Q, and you knew I liked Q. You knew I did. I am in love with him, and you go behind my back and go with him!?" Margo screamed to the top of her lungs.

"Well looky here, you are IN LOVE with Q. I couldn't tell. You haven't even turned his way until now! You know absolutely nothing about Quentin. And, if you are so in love with him, why would you just pick up and leave like that? Q spent all this time looking for you, trying to get everyone to look for you. And we find you, and you tell us to go home? Is that how you repay him? But you're so in love with him. Yeah, yeah shut the hell up already. I'm so tired of everything being about YOU! You need to realize that everything and everyone doesn't revolve around you and you need to realize that, like quick. Honestly Margo, life would be SO much easier without you. Without all of your criticizing, you slick jokes, your rude comments, life would be AMAZING." I say deeply.

"Lacey, you are the worst friend ever. Life would be better without me? The hell it wouldn't, I MADE YOU! You would be nothing but a dirty, lonely, lame loser with a bad case of STDS without Me." Margo says, and after she says that, it's over. I punch her right in the jaw. I punch her so hard, she trips over a rock, and she's a foot away from the edge of the cliff. She is holding her head, and it appears that she is hurt really bad. Blood is coming out from her nose, and her mouth and I stoop down, and smile again.

I say to her "This can't be a three way relationship little Margo, so I will escort you out myself. I kick her in her stomach, knocking her over the cliff, and I feel relieved. I hear a thump, and I know she's dead. It's like music to my ears. I am finally free. No more holding back. I finally say to myself "Lacey Nicole Pemberton, you are finally a member if the Jacobsen's congratulations." I smile, and walk away.