I do not own Dragon Age 2. This drabble is in Carver's Point of View.

Since That Night

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

I had quietly walked outside and saw my older brother standing next to someone. I'm hiding behind a tree. My brother is sixteen years old while I'm fourteen years old.

"Hello pretty little mage."

"What do you want Templar?"

"I want you of course."

"I won't go to the circle."

"I meant I want you. I won't inform the other Templars about you and your little sister being mages as long as you spread your pretty legs for me once a month. Don't worry I'll be gentle."


"You and your family would no longer have to move from place to place. Your poor little brother must be tired of moving since he is no mage and has no reason to fear the Templars. Your family would be free of worry about the Templars and no longer have to be on the run." The man commented softly and his hands are running through my brother's fair blond hair. "All you have to do is allow my sword inside of your body. I won't be rough or anything, dear mage. After all in the end every mage is a delicate flower compared to Templars and Warriors."

"As long as my family does not have to worry about Templars."

"Of course. Remember meet me in the forest three days from now and of course it would be at night." He said calmly and kissed my brother on the lips. "I'm looking forward to it, darling mage."

The Templar walked away and I decided to go back inside the house. I tried my best to forget the Templar kissing my brother and to forget what I heard, but it was difficult. I never told my brother what I overheard or saw. It appeared the Templar was true to his word about not telling the other Templars, but since that night my older brother barely smiles and when he does smile that smile seems to be forced.

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