Yes I admit I am one of the many rabid fangirls who has fallen in love with Shall We Date? games. Thus is why this story was born! My version of what would happen, kinda following the basic outline with my own little twists and turns thrown in for fun.

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~*Introducing….the Ninja*~

It was silent as a girl slowly made her way through the forest. Holding her bow and arrow at the ready as she stalked her prey. A giant boar that had been wreaking havoc on her little mountain village. It'd already torn up most of the fields and injured a few farmers as well. She was going to put a stop to it. It'd taken some patience, but the boar had finally separated from its group and gone off on its own. Now it was just rooting around for anything to eat, thinking that it was perfectly safe. She waited till it turned broad side and drew her bow back as she took aim. Quick as lighting the arrow flew through the air and buried itself into the boar's skull. The animal gave one cry before dropping dead on to the ground. Just to be sure she waited to see if the animal was feigning death before moving in. Last thing she wanted to do get caught on one of its tusks. After a few moments she walked over and kicked it, but the huge animal didn't move.

"We're going to eat well tonight." The girl smiled before letting out three loud whistles. A black wolf came into the clearing, pulling something along behind it. A makeshift sled. "Good boy Fang."

She praised the wolf as he barked a reply at the girl. She walked over to the sled and pulled a mat off of it as the wolf trotted along beside her. The two managed to get the boar on to the mat as the girl tied it up. Repeating the process the two got the boar on to the sled and each grabbed on to the thick rope and began to pull. It was a hard trek down the mountain with so much weight, but once they reached the mountain road things became easier since it was sloped downhill. After a good couple of hours of trekking along the road the girl and wolf finally made it back to their village.

"What'd ya know? Our little hunter actually managed to get the big boar." A man laughed as the girl smiled at him.

"Told you I could do it." She huffed as she stretched her back out.

"Well of course. Seeing as she has that wolf to help her out those two can track anything." Another man teased as the wolf sat down next to the girl.

"Careful or she may use that deadly aim she has on you!" Another laughed as Tonya just shook her head with a smile, letting the men have their fun.

"Once again we thank you Tonya for doing this for us." The village elder said with a warm smile as the girl scratched her head.

"It was nothing." She said as the men took the boar to get it butchered.

Tonya adjusted her bow and arrows as she and her wolf Fang strolled through the village. Many people called out to the girl as she passed by. She waved at them all as she walked back to her small hut that was at the edge of the houses. She stored her hunting gear as she undid her long waist length brunette hair. She sat outside and enjoyed the breeze that blew by as she watched the daily going ons of the village. Women were running about doing laundry or gathering supplies for the feast that would be held that night. The men were out doing hard labor in the mountains or out trading with nearby villages. And the children just ran about having fun, enjoying the day.

"I see you got us another one Tonya." One of the women said as she stopped to chat with the young girl.

"Yeah. Took a while but I finally found him. Just in time to for the festival going on tonight." She grinned as another woman stopped as shook her head.

"Tonya, you're nineteen and a lovely young lady. Why do you insist in doing stuff that is usually reserved for the men? You'll never find a husband if you insist in doing all those dangerous activities. Not to mention how you dress." The lady sighed as Tonya arched a brow.

The girl frowned as she looked at her clothes. An old short kimono meant for a man and shorts that she wore underneath. Sure they were dirty and slightly tattered, but it's not like she could afford to buy anything fancy. Besides she had no interest in dressing in a pretty kimono when all it did was restrict her. She enjoyed having her legs free so that she could move about as she wished. The two women left as Tonya looked to Fang who was sitting beside her.

"You don't mind how I look do you boy?" She asked as the wolf licked her face. Tonya laughed as she stood and rubbed her feet. Seeing as how she never wore shoes they tended to get sore quickly. "Why don't we go visit the hot springs?"

Fang jumped up at this as Tonya grabbed her hunting gear and a towel before heading up the small mountain trail. It was a short walk from the village to the natural hot springs. Many of the villagers made the trip daily to visit the place. But since today was a special day she would have the place all to herself. It brought a smile to her face as she thought about it. She looked out over the huge spring as she walked over to the tree where she stripped off her clothes and wrapped the towel around herself. She kept her bow and arrows near her as she dipped herself into the water with the towel still on. Never knowing when someone may decide to show up, she never bathed naked except at the bathhouse in the village. The wolf opted out for lying on the warm stones near the springs as Tonya sunk down to her neck in the water.

"Just what I needed after that hunt." Tonya sighed as a happy smile came across her face.

The two just sat there in silence, enjoying the sounds of the birds and other creatures of the forest. She dove under water for a bit and popped up shortly afterwards as the water loosened up her sore muscles. Tonya looked to Fang to call him in, but the wolf's ears were twitching. Meaning that he heard something. She waded back over to him as she pretended to be enjoying the water when in reality she was listening to everything around her. Seeing as how she spent the most time in the forest she knew ever sound it had to offer. So if something sounded even remotely off she would notice it.

"We should just ask." A calm voice whispered as Tonya closed her eyes.

"And ruin the view? Uh uh." A voice chuckled as she could practically hear the drool coming from the guy's mouth.

"She's not bad, but she's just a kid. And her chest is so small." A sleazy voice said as Tonya figured out their location.

"I swear, both of you are nothing but pigs." An annoyed voice said as the girl tilted her head.

One of the many signals she'd taught Fang. The wolf got up quietly and left as she kept her eyes shut. Making it seem like she hadn't noticed the wolf leave. The girl sank into the water, keeping her hands on the stones to hold her body up. Fang silently snuck back down the road and up through the forest to where the voices were coming from. He picked up on a foreign scent as he slowly tracked it up into the trees. The wolf crouched down as he came upon four figures. Taking his pick he aimed for the one that seemed the most distracted and went after him.

"Yeooooww!" A voice hollered as a young man sprang forth from the trees. "Damnit that hurt!"

"It'll get a lot worse if you don't tell me why you were spying on me." Tonya demanded as she stood with her bow nocked and ready. The boy held up his hands as he stared at the girl who remained perfectly still.

Upon hearing a whirring noise Tonya let her arrow fly, with two others following right behind it. Knocking whatever was coming for her out of the air. She loaded another arrow as the other three came out of their hiding spot. With Fang right behind them barring his teeth.

"Wow, you stopped the shuriken in mid-flight. I'm impressed." The first guy clapped as Tonya lowered her arrow.

Before her stood four men. One with short snowy white hair, one with long golden locks, another with short midnight blue hair, and the last with fiery red shoulder length hair. All very tall and muscular from what she could tell. And all were dressed in ninja clothing.

"What are ninja doing here?" Tonya asked as she kept her fingers on her arrow, ready to draw it back and let it fly if necessary.

"We're looking for a man. He's an ex-priest and is supposed to live in these parts." The one with midnight hair said as he held up his hands. Tonya narrowed her eyes as she wasn't sure if she should let them go or not.

"We were told that he could help us find someone very important." The white haired ninja said as Tonya looked into his eyes. She could see no hint of deceit in them.

"Very well. I can take you to my village. The elder may know of who you're looking for." Tonya relaxed her grip as she returned her arrow to its quiver. "Fang leave them be."

The girl walked back around the tree where her clothes were hanging to change while the wolf kept a lookout on them. Once she was dressed she motioned for them to follow her as she led them back down the trail. It surprised the four at how quiet she was as she kept her eyes forward.

"So, you're not going to ask us our names?" The golden haired one, the one bit by Fang, asked as he walked up next to her.

"What's the point? If you're ninja then you'll probably just lie and give me some fake name." She said as she kept her eyes forward.

"Good point." The boy said as he nodded, amazed at how smart the girl was. "Well then is there a reason you wear boy's clothes?"

"Is there a reason you feel the need to ask all these questions?" She asked as the boy was surprised by her snippiness.

After that they fell back into silence as they broke through the trees and got back on a main road. Tonya led them into town as the villagers all stared at the new comers. She led them to a hut in the middle of the village where an old man was telling a story to the children. Fang ran ahead and barked softly as the children all turned and ran towards the wolf. The elder looked up to see Tonya with the four strangers.

"Who are these gentlemen with you Tonya? Don't tell me you found four suitors in such a short time." The elder laughed as Tonya rolled her eyes.

"Elder don't tease me. These men are looking for someone. I told them you may be able to help." Tonya explained as the four bowed their heads in respect.

"Very well. Come in, come in." The old man said as the four men followed him inside.

Tonya took off to occupy the children as the four headed inside the small hut. The four ninja sat across from the man who poured them some tea an offered it to them. They thanked him and took a sip before the blue haired one spoke.

"Please allow me to introduce us. I am Saizo, this is Sasuke, Goemon, and Kotaro." Saizo pointed to each in turn as the elder nodded at each of them.

"So what brings you ninja to my humble home?" The elder asked as Goemon cleared his voice. "It's rare to even see a samurai around these parts, let alone ninja."

"We were told that an ex-priest lives in this little village." He said as the elder poured himself some more tea.

"You were told correct. I am the ex-priest you speak of. May I ask why four ninja came looking for me?" The man asked as the man nodded.

"If you are the ex-priest then I'm sure you're aware of the situation the ninja clans are facing. The tyrant Nobunaga Oda has declared war on all ninja. He intends to wipe them out." Goemon explained as the elder nodded.

"I had heard rumors, but living in the mountains we remain hidden from many threats of the world. I take it old man Hattori sent you correct?" the elder asked as Sasuke took over.

"Correct. He said that you'd be able to help us find the one that could unify the clans. That way we would stand a better chance against Nobunaga's forces." The young one explained as the old man chuckled.

"Uniting the clans has been a long since dead dream. Without a true successor of Ninjutsu it would be impossible. The last true heirs were wiped out long ago." The man said as he hung his head.

"That's just it though. They had a child. Master Hattori told us that when you decided to come here, he sent a child with you and asked you to raise it. That child sir, is the successor. The heir to Ninjutsu." Kotaro finally spoke as the elder felt himself go cold.

"You mean….that child I kept all these years is the successor?" The elder asked as the ninja picked up on his words.

"So the child is still alive?" Saizo asked as the elder nodded and chuckled.

"Yes. In fact, you've already met her." The elder said as the four looked at each other.

"Wait, you mean that girl?" Sasuke boomed as Saizo hit him.

"Show some respect." Saizo growled as Sasuke held his head.

"Yes. That girl is Tonya Shadray. I named her myself since she was given to me as a baby. I always wondered why that girl seemed to enjoy doing dangerous activities." He chuckled as the men wondered what he meant. "She never was a normal child. Always rough housing, running around, spending most of her time in the woods. You know she's our best hunter now? That boar you all passed on your way here was her latest kill."

"That takes true marksmanship. A boar's head is extremely thick and so is its hide. In order to kill them you have to hit them just right in the head." Kotaro said as he found himself already impressed with the girl's skill.

"Plus she was able to knock my shuriken out of the air. Any normal archer couldn't do that." Saizo said as they all nodded as a shiver ran through Sasuke.

"And she had her aim trained on me?" Sasuke rubbed his arms as Goemon chuckled.

"What she lacks in looks she makes up for in skill. It would seem that she is the one we've been looking for." The red head said as a knock could be heard on the door.

"Elder, some of the men were wondering—why are you all staring at me?" Tonya asked as she looked over them all.

An the characters have been introduced! Now on to the next one which will have some action in it I promise!