All right guys. If you're reading this, please laugh with me. My girlfriend dared me to post this. It's written by a fourteen year old Ringer who knew absolutely nothing about writing, but had to do it anyway. The grammar sucks, and the plot is iffy... but it still holds a pretty special place in my heart. This is where I started... and this is where I've come from. So, read it if you want. Enjoy it, laugh at it, write me a scathing review pointing out everything I did wrong... I don't really care. This is my past, and I'm sharing it with you.


"Sam." The name was not really to gain his attention, but rather to taste the feel of it once more. She never tired of saying it, and he never tired of hearing her say it.

"Yes love?" answered Sam, turning to his wife.

"Will you go?"

Sam's eyebrows lowered in concern and confusion. Not yet, Rosie, you can't leave me yet. "Go where, dear?"

"To Frodo. Once I've gone, will you go to him?"

Sam swallowed hard and willed himself not to cry. Not now. "Well, that is still a long time from now, Rosie, isn't it?"

Rosie smiled softly at her husband. "It will be harder than you think, but you must follow your heart." Rosie sat up slightly in their bed and slipped her hand around his shoulder to pull him toward her for a kiss.

Their last kiss.

Samwise Gamgee ran the back of his hand across his eyes at the memory. It had only been this morning when she had spoken those words and now he realized as he knelt in the midst of Rosie's flower garden, that she had been right. It would be hard, hard to choose between going to Valinor to be with Mr. Frodo, or to stay with his family. So Rosie had been right.

Then again, she was always right. Sam wasn't surprised.

Sam hung his head again. This choice had been hard the first time, but Rosie had needed him and Elanor had been only a few months old. He had never regretted his choice to stay. But what would he do now that Rosie was gone, and all their children were grown?

Stay? for his family needed him, or so they oft told him. And he could see his grandchildren, which led him to another point.

All of his children had their own families.

Thirteen children grown and married with children of their own who left them with precious little time for their old Da, so perhaps he should go to Mr Frodo. Sam sniffed and stood, his joints aching almost as much as his heart. He walked around the house to the green front door of Bag End, another memory of Mr Frodo for there had always been a Baggins under the hill. At least until sixty years ago.

He pushed open the door as his two youngest daughters stepped into the hall. "Da, where did you go?" asked one anxiously.

"I was in the garden, Ruby."

"You should have told us where you went." put in the other. "We were looking for you."

"It was the garden, Primrose, you could have seen me out the window if you were looking. And besides, you've found me now, haven't you?"

The two girls helped their father into his favorite chair in the den, all the while talking of things that Sam wasn't really listening to.


"Yes Ruby?"

"Are you alright?"

Sam looked up at his youngest daughter. Her dark brown eyes matched her hair and her round stomach made him wonder once again if he should just forget about going to Valinor. His grandchildren were beautiful, and the thing Sam loved best was when they crawled up into his lap and asked for a story.

Sam sighed, this debate would rage on until he at last died or set foot on a boat to Valinor. He looked up to Ruby once more. "I will be, Ruby. I will be."