Chapter 6

The Qubeley and the 0 Raiser

Two days later

Everyone was in class except Tom because he was on patrol. "I think we are going try something new Jacob, Taylor, and William please enlighten us on the systems of the Gundams" Chifuyu said while standing in front of the class. "Yes ma'am well Gundams or Mobile Suits are highly advanced machine that uses small nuclear reactor for power except the Exia which uses the GN Drive which is a solar reactor Taylor you're up" Jacob said sitting back down. "Ok well right now there are four prototype right now G-01 through G-04 which they have special abilities the Exia has the Trams-am system, the Dark Angel has a cloaking unit, the Nu Gundam has funnels, and the Strike Freedom Gundam has the DRAGOON system, each one is powerful in its own way" Taylor said while sitting down. "Weapons on the Gundams differs too the Exia has the GN Sword, the Dark Angel has dual beam scythe, the Nu Gundam has a beam rifle, a beam sword and shield, and the Strike Freedom Gundam has the DRAGOON system but it also has two beam swords and two beam rifles" Will said. "The UN is going to have mobile suits called RGM-79 GM but we are the first Gundam pilots" Jacob said still sitting down. "But wouldn't war start because of the Gundams" Laura said. "Maybe or maybe not besides the US is going to monitor the Mobile Suits so that war can be avoided" Jacob said. "Ok well that was good well that's all for today and remember that there will be a combat test next week" Chifuyu said as she starts to leave.

After School

"Well that was fun don't you think Ichika" Jacob asked still sitting down. "Yeah that was so did you find out the name of the new pilot yet" Ichika said standing at Jacob's desk. "Yeah I did her name is Aileta Miller and there will be another new pilot" Jacob said getting up. "Another new pilot do you know who" Ichika asked. "Nope but we will meet them tomorrow" Jacob said walking towards the door. "Where are you going" Ichika said as he also walking towards the door. "Well I got to hear Tom's report and send Will out on patrol so I'm going to the hanger" Jacob said walking out the door and out the building with Ichika to go the hanger.

At the Hanger

"So what kind of Gundam will the new pilot be in" Ichika asked when they got to the hanger. "Oh they won't be piloting a Gundam they will be piloting a unit called the 0 Raiser a GN Armor" Jacob said as they walked through the door. "Hey Jake and Ichika" Taylor said as he got out of the Dark Angel or what is left anyway. "So where is Will" Jacob asked walking up to Taylor. "I told him to meet Tom and patrol together and Tom says he will have the report soon" Taylor said as he grabs a Dr. Pepper out of the fridge. "Guy is there supposed to be four dots here" Ichika said while he looked at the radar. "What do you mean Ichika" Jacob said walking up to the radar. "Shit Taylor call Tom and Will and tell them to get back here right now" Jacob said looking at the radar. "Right away" Taylor said running to the comm room.

With Tom and Will

"Come in Tom" Taylor said over the radio. "Taylor what is wrong" Tom said. "You two need to come back right now we're detecting two unknown mobile suits" Taylor said. "Ok you think it is Project Zaku" Tom said. "Yes so come back" Taylor said. "Right we're heading back" Tom said and he calls Will. "Will we are heading back now" Tom said. "Right let's go back" Will said as he starts to turn back towards the hanger. Tom and Will started to go back to the hanger when they got hit by the two mobile suits. "Damn these guys are fast" Tom said.

At the Hanger

"Damn it where are they Ichika can you check the radar" Jacob said while getting two Dr. Peppers out of the fridge. "Sure" Ichika said as he takes a Dr. Pepper. Ichika walked over to the radar and checked it "Guys it looks like they are engaging the unknown mobile suits" he said while he takes a drink of the Dr. Pepper "This stuff is nasty how can drink this stuff" he said. Taylor who is grabbing his third one "you'll get use to it well me and Jacob lives in the US and Dr. Pepper is our favorite soda" he said while takes a drink. "I might have to go out in the Unicorn IS and help" Jacob said sitting down in a chair. "Let's wait a little while before we go and help hell they might be able to beat them who knows" Taylor said sitting down in a chair to.

With Will

"What is with that mobile suit" Will said while dodging another shot. "You really want to know what this mobile suit is called I'm right" the pilot said. "Yes I would" Will said. "It's called the Infinite Justice Gundam the machine that will kill you" the pilot said as he started to charge in. Will blocked with one of his beam sabers then swung another beam saber. "You think that will beat me think again" the pilot said charging again.

With Tom

"Funnels" Tom said and the funnels went to work and attacking. "You're funnels won't work on me" the pilot said and he processed to destroy the funnels. "What but how did you" Tom said stunned. "Data we gathered from the Nu Gundam makes it so" the pilot said and he started to charge in.

On the Enterprise

"Aileta, Marie get ready to launch I want to test out the weapons on the Qubeley and the 0 Raiser ok" someone said walking up to them. "Yes Dr. Schenberg" they both said at the same time. "Good now go get ready" Dr. Schenberg said and Aileta and Marie left to get ready. Minutes later the Qubeley and the 0 Raiser was put on the flight deck to be ready to launch. A few minutes later Aileta and Marie came on to the flight deck and went to the machines. "G-05 Qubeley Launching" Aileta said as the Qubeley taking off. "GN Armor 0 Raiser taking off" Marie said as the 0 Raiser took off.

With Will

Will was having trouble keeping up with the Infinite Justice his only option was to block the incoming attacks. "Quit blocking so I can kill you" the pilot said as he continues to attack. "Now" Will said and he charged in with beam swords out. "So predictable" the pilot said and he cut off the Strike Freedom's arms. The pilot went on cutting off the legs and head then he destroyed the DRAGOON system. "Now Die" the pilot said. The pilot notices two missiles coming towards him. "Damn what the hell" the pilot said looking everywhere. Two more missiles came towards him when he saw the 0 Raiser. "Damn time to retreat because that was not in the data" the pilot said as he left the area. Will got out of the chest piece of the Strike Freedom watching the 0 Raiser as it left wondering who that was.

With Tom

Tom was firing his beam rifle at the O but the O was dodging with ease. "Stay still will you" Tom said as he fired his rifle. "Nope" the pilot said as he continues to dodge. "That is it" Tom said as he discards his rifle and drew his beam saber. "Perfect come then" the pilot said as he discards his rifle. Tom charges in "Got you now" the pilot said as he grabs the Nu Gundam by the arms. "Now this Gundam will be scrap" the pilot said as he actives the two other arms of the O to chop off the arms of the Nu Gundam. Tom used the 60mm Vulcan guns in the head of the Nu Gundam to escape from being destroyed. The pilot was about to charge in and finish it when more funnels appeared. "Damn where did they come from" the pilot said as he moves back. But when he moved back a beam went past the O barely missing "Ok it is time to retreat with no data the O can't stand up to whatever shot at me" the pilot said as he left the area. "Who the hell was that" Tom said as he goes to get Will and go back to the hanger.

On the Enterprise

The Qubeley and the 0 Raiser land and Aileta and Marie got out and the Dr. Schenberg was waiting. "You were right Doctor Project Z is after Project Gundam" Aileta said walking up to him. "I see we will be arriving at IS Academy tomorrow so get some rest" Dr. Schenberg said walking away. "Yes Doctor" Aileta and Marie said at the same time.

The next day in Class

Chifuyu Orimura was teaching a lesson on what types of IS everyone had including Jacob. "Ok Jacob explain the Unicorn IS to everyone" she said. "Can't classified" Jacob said still sitting down. Chifuyu was about to say something when the door opened. "Is this Miss Chifuyu Orimura class" the person said walking in. "Yes it is who are you old man" Chifuyu said when she said this Jacob, Taylor, Tom, and Will all stood up at the same time "Dr. Schenberg you're early we were going to meet you at the docks after school" Jacob said still standing. "So you're Dr. Aeolia Schenberg the creator of the Gundams" Chifuyu said. "I'm here to introduce the two new students that will be joining your class today, girls would you come in here please" Dr. Schenberg said as he steps to the side. Two girls walked in wearing black female uniforms. They walked to the front of the class "I'm Aileta Miller the pilot of G-05 Qubeley" Aileta said. "I'm Marie Aznable the pilot of GN-X 0 Raiser and it is very nice to meet you all" Marie said happily. "Good now that introduces are done you six are coming with me to the hanger" Dr. Schenberg said and he left. "Well you heard him go I can't stop you" Chifuyu said. Jacob and the rest of the pilots left to the hanger.

At the Hanger

Everyone walked in the hanger and Jacob, Taylor, Tom, and Will noticed that there was Gundams being built right in front of them. "Dr. Schenberg glad that you made it" someone said as they walked towards them. "Doctor who is that walking towards us" Jacob asked. "Ian Vashti one of the chief engineers for the 00 Gundam and that is his wife Linda Vashti the other chief engineer" Dr. Schenberg said as turns to talk to Ian Vashti. "Ian Vashti how is the 00 Gundam coming" Dr. Schenberg said. "It is coming along good will be done in a few hours did you bring the pilot of G-01 with you" Ian said. "Yes I did" Dr. Schenberg said as he side step to the side for Jacob to step forward. "Ah good hold on for a second" Ian Vashti said as he walks away. Jacob sees him talking with two people and coming back with the same two people that he was talking too. "Hey I'm Lockon Stratos and this is Setsuna F Seiei we are going to take you to get your bio matrix done" Lockon said. "I'm Jacob Reed pilot of G-01 Exia" Jacob said. "Then let us get started then this way" Setsuna said as he walks away. Jacob and Lockon followed talking. One by one the pilots of Project Gundam were taken to get their bio matrix done. Jacob was just about to go back to the dorms to some rest but Dr. Schenberg stopped him. "I want to run a couple of tests on the Unicorn IS" Dr. Schenberg said. "Yes Doctor I figured as much I did use it a lot lately" Jacob said. "Ok then follow me" Dr. Schenberg said turning around and walking away with Jacob in tow. The test took a while but once they were over Jacob left for the dorms.

At the Dorms

Jacob was waiting for the elevator when he heard someone yelling but dismissed it being a girlfriend yelling at her boyfriend and got on the elevator to go to his room. "Dad I will be fine ok so stop worrying ok" the person said. "Fine but call Marie ok" her dad said and hung up and Marie walked to the elevator to go to bed.

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