so this was an idea i had when i was bored and drawing pegasi. I hope you like it and please tell me what you think.

"Where am I?" He wondered aloud.

One minute he had been inside the TARDIS, the next he was here. Where ever here was. He heard the sound of wings, like birds wings, but much louder. He looked up.

"What the hell!"


Winged horses. He had heard myths of him. They were fairy tale creatures. Things that princesses rode about on in children's stories.

Stories that even children didn't believe in.

But what were they doing here? The pegasi turned in flight and started to fly towards out their wings and gliding down to land. There were three of them and on their backs were, well. Children.

The first on to land was a pretty, sleek, golden colour. On its back was a boy.

"who in Gaia's name are you?" The boy on the golden Pegasus snapped.

"Where am I, who are you, and what am I doing here?"

"Well, I just asked who you were, so how am I supposed to know why you are here?"

"Hmm, fair point, I suppose." He replied.

"Excuse me sir, sorry sir, I don't mean to annoy you sir, but you are in Elva, west division sir. I am Alokia, that is Ben, and that is Ember sir!" The small girl with the shoulder length brown hair and the slightly slanted eyes. The one on the tiny grey Pegasus stammered.

"Umm ok." He replied. "Thanks."

"Your welcome sir."

He held his hand up.

"Enough with the sirs, ok."

"Yes, ok, very well sir."

He looked at her.

"Sorry sir."

He sighed

"And this Elva, where abouts is it from Earth?" The doctor asked.


"Yes, you know, Earth, big blue and green thing."


"You haven't heard of Earth? How can you not have heard of Earth? The plant of the wonderful humans!"

"Oh! The planet of the humans!"

"You've heard of it?" He asked sounding hopeful.

"Humans, those Earthlings?"

"Yes them!

"Humans, don't be ridiculous, they can't really exist!"

"What?" The doctor asked, sounding confused.

"Everyone knows the stories about the humans. they are just a myth!"

"A myth? What kind of myth?"

"A warning. A warning from the great prophet, a warning of what's to come next!" Ember finished.

"A warning, a great prophet, what a load of nonsense. How can the coming of the humans be a warning?" The Doctor asked.

"They say, that we will all die, and the humans will come and take over." Ben answered.

"What a load of poosh!"

"No, it is true sir!" Alokia persisted.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever you say."

"But it is!"

"Ok. one thing I don't get though, if the humans are yet to come, how do you know of Earth?" The Doctor asked.

"For the prophet says, that when humans die, their planet Earth shall fall." The boy, Ben replied.

"Ok, what exactly is the prophecy of the great prophet?"

"Well, it is..."

There was a sound from above, a sound from high up in the tree's, a faint rustling. It was the only warning they had. Ben ran, vaulting onto his palomino Pegasus with ease. Ember followed suit. But the other one, Alokia stumbled, grabbing onto the mane of Pegasus for support. Ember and Ben took off, their pegasi leaping up into the air. Alokia struggled. She seemed unable to mount her steed. Two objects began to fall from the tree-tops. Two men. Alokia threw herself onto the Pegasus, but unbalancing it in the process of doing so. The Doctor saw what would happen. A bunch of images playing like a very bad stop motion animation.

But he was Powerless to stop it.

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