The Pegasus leapt into the air, but he was unbalanced and could not take off properly. One of the figured that had dropped from the trees landed with inhuman agility. He drew a bow and nocked an arrow. He fired and it flew towards the Pegasus and embedded itself in the Pegasus's wing.

The Pegasus tumbled.

Alokia Fell.

She toppled right over the animal's wing and twisted in the air and slammed into the ground with a loud thump. She was unconscious, maybe even dead. Her Pegasus reared up and flew off, soaring with amazing speed, for something with an arrow in it's wing.

The Doctor was forced to stay hidden, the tree's were the only things that were keeping him from dying with an arrow in his hearts.

There was sign of the other two, Ben and Ember, they had taken off on their pegasi and just left her. He turned to look at Alokia's captors.

"Who is she? Do you recognise her?" The slightly asked.

"Yes, I do, she looks like the orphan, what's her name, Aloki or something like that?"

"Oh yes, her, Alokia Everglade, the only orphan on the whole planet of Elva!"

So Elva was a planet and that girl was an orphan, the only orphan.

"Stupid child, why would anyone be stupid enough to walk into this forest, the one that is forbidden."

"Yeah I know right, no wonder no one wanted her, pah, I mean fancy no knowing your own family."

So she hadn't even known who they were, that made him feel sad.

"Lets go, I don't want to be here any longer than I have to."

The Doctor watched as they seized Alokia, tied her wrists and ankles. Then hoisted her up over their shoulders, and walked off.

He stood there, just looking up at the tree tops, wondering not for the first time where he was.

Yay, chapter two done, sorry that it is so short. The christmas special was awesome, though i wasn't too keen on Clara, i thought she was a bit of a cross between River Song and Mary Poppins, but, yeah awesome ending to awesome episode, i look forward to the rest of the series.

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