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Hours later, the moment the slight sound of a quiet whimper awoke him in the middle of the night, Felix knew exactly what he had to do.

Stretching to his full height to work out the kinks that had appeared in his back while he slept, it was with soft but hurried movements that he slid off the couch, a repeat of the sound from before confirming that it had not been a product of his sleep-addled imagination. Scurrying across the room, careful to avoid the many unsuspecting traps that Tamora had insisted they add to their home in case of a break in, a feature she had gotten her way with despite his assurances that no one would ever even think of entering without their permission, it was only a few moments later that he was pushing open the door to their bedroom, his eyes finding his wife's form even in the total darkness.

A wince crossed his face as she whimpered for the third time, her stillness telling him just how bad the dream actually was.

On a normal night, when her nightmares were from a more common stock, some form of movement was the standard, Tamora's body tossing and her arms flailing as she fought against the cy-bugs in her mind. Although painful to watch (and to try to stop, for even in her sleep, Tamora had killer aim. Not that he would ever tell her, for why cause her to worry when a simple tap of his hammer could fix the unintentional bruise), those types of nightmares no longer even warranted a mention at breakfast, they had occurred so frequently.

This, however, was something different. Except for a small twitch of her hands as they tried to reach out for whatever it was that could save her in her dream, Tamora laid as if dead, her body utterly petrified by the horrors that had gotten finally gotten ahold of her. It was one of the worse of the worse, the type of nightmare that would leave her quiet and withdrawn for days to come, and at the moment he couldn't help but curse its timing.

Shaking his head as the horrible, almost begging sound clawed its way from her throat once again, Felix prepared himself for what he knew he had to do.

Climbing onto the bed, keeping one wary eye on her clenched fist in case he had to dodge a punch, Felix leaned in and gently placed a tender kiss on the shell of her left ear, hoping that, once again, his unorthodox cure would work.

It did.

Almost immediately the tension that had tightened her muscles disappeared, allowing her to sink into the mattress as another whine turned into a sigh, her face relaxing into a peaceful mask as the terror fled. Her fingers uncurled, loosening the grip on the bed sheet that she had unconsciously developed in an attempt to keep herself grounded, as if the cloth was a weapon that could have helped her fight. Tugging at the fabric that had twisted around her legs, a testament to an earlier nightmare that he had slept through, Felix carefully rearranged the blanket so that it was covering her, tucking her in as if she were a child. Leaning down, it was with soft lips that he placed a kiss on her temple, his lips automatically finding the place where Brad had kissed her just a few hours before.

He might have been the second one to kiss her there, but Felix was sure that he would be the last.

"Love you, Tammy," he whispered softly before pulling away, his fingers running their way through a lock of her hair to smooth out a tangle. His work for the night done, just glad that he could have been of help, Felix turned to head on back to his place on the couch.

His progress was stopped as two familiar arms wrapped around his waist and pulled him back onto the bed.

"Love you too, Felix," Tamora muttered sleepily as she curled around Felix, effectively trapping him against her chest in a cage of limbs that he found he had no desire to escape from. "No matter what, love you." Tucking his head underneath her chin, it was only moments later that she returned to the realm of slumber, though her grip, if anything, tightened even more to ensure that there was nowhere for him to go.

As if, after everything they had been through, he would ever try to leave her again.

Lying as he was in her arms, mere seconds before he was to fall asleep as well, it finally struck Felix that Tamora had, in fact, against all the odds, chosen him. She had decided to spend the rest of her life with him, despite the fact that she could have reclaimed the life she would have had with the man she had been programmed to love, and that was a decision he would spend the rest of his own making sure that she never regretted.