Chapter 4~ Flames

I was barely able to keep the tremors from running through me. There had never been a time when I had wished to have had blood drawn as I did now. Both Hanabusa and Akatsuki were looking at me in a puzzled manner and Kaname's eyes seemed to pierce through to my very soul. The pen slipped from my hand and seemed to clatter on the desk with an echoed effect in my ears.

"Hey, come on. What's wrong?" Akatsuki asked, putting a hand on my shoulder. I tensed, still half thinking of the strange vampires from my vision, and pulled away roughly, nearly crashing into Hanabusa instead.

"Hey!" Hanabusa grabbed me, holding me tight against him as I tried to pull away. "What gives? You're so jumpy right now."

"Leave her be, Hanabusa." Takuma said, taking a few steps away from Kaname, his green eyes shadowed. Hanabusa glared at Takuma for a moment before I felt him lean forward a bit to sniff at my hair.

"Such a nice scent." Hanabusa breathed before letting me go. I staggered and spun around to glare at him, but his eyes held no trace of crimson light. Throughout the whole experience, no one else had moved a muscle, not even the teacher.

"You alright?" Takuma asked, coming over to stand before me. Still off balance from what had just happened, I only nodded. "That's good." He sighed, smiled quickly at me, then headed back to Kaname's side, where the two proceeded to whisper about something.

"Man, what a pain." Akatsuki sighed, leaning back in his seat and closing his eyes. I snapped a glare at him, only to hear Hanabusa take the words from my mouth.

"Why don't you try being surprised once in a while!" He snapped, startling me again as he jumped to my defense. I had never had anyone jump that quickly to my defense in all of my memory.

"Just calm down, Aido." I looked over at a woman with light russet-pink hair and matching eyes.

"Watch it, Ruka." Hanabusa growled, glaring daggers at the woman. Tension peaked again and I winced, reaching hesitantly for my ocarina. When Ruka stood, ready to march over to us, I decided that that was my cue. Swooping down, I unzipped my bag, pulled out my ocarina and started to play.

I don't know what made me choose the lullaby my mother had taught me, but for whatever reason, that's what I played. Everyone froze and looked at me for a moment before I saw eyes glazing over and Ruka sat back down. Once the tension had fallen enough in the room, I stopped and sat back down, closing my eyes for a moment.

This is starting to feel like a pattern…on my first day here! I thought before putting my precious ocarina back in my bag. A hand on my shoulder made me tense and open my eyes, only to see Hanabusa gazing at me.

"Quite an ability you've got." He said softly. I blinked in surprise. How many more times was he going to surprise me before class was done?!

As it turned out, that had been the last. After that, we had both focused on other things, though I put my notebook away before I could figure out about the strange pair of eyes that had come from the flames. Once class was over, we all headed back to the dorms in the same order that we had come in.

Once back in the dorms, I was forced to sit between Akatsuki and Takuma in the sofa closest to the stairs. The whole night class was gathered in the room, some standing, others sitting where there was room or on the stairs. Kaname was leaning close to the door, waiting for the others to settle in. I had no idea what this whole thing was about, but from the murmurs I could pick up around me, I could tell that this was something out of the blue.

"I know everyone's puzzled," Kaname began, pushing off from the wall. At the moment he spoke, the room fell silent. "But there is something that needs to be addressed." He turned his gaze on me, eyes narrowed. "Ariao, what happened earlier in class that caused you to jump like that?" At once, I felt the gaze of every vampire on me.

What could I really tell them? Even if I tell them about the vision, they wouldn't understand why I would have any vision. With everyone still waiting on an answer, I looked at the floor. "Sorry, it was something from my past." I lied.

Thanks to me looking at the floor, I had only a second's warning before Kaname grabbed me by the front of my uniform, forcing me to meet his gaze. "Are you sure about that?" He asked darkly, eyes gaining a crimson glow. Terror like never before hit me as I met his gaze as best I could. I could defy an aristocrat easily enough and common vampires even easier, but with a Pureblood…I didn't even want to think of the consequences for fighting one.

"I…" I trailed off, aware that the students were all staring at us with shock. "I saw…flames…before I left with the group for class." Kaname let go of my uniform and I fell back onto the couch, trying to hide the tremors running through me.

"The same flames that you were drawing on your notebook?" Takuma asked beside me. I nodded, grateful for the momentary distraction.

"What made me jump was…was the eyes that appeared." I admitted softly.

"The eyes?" Kaname asked dryly. I could tell from his tone that he thought I had lost my mind, but what I kept quiet about was that the flames had been like the pair of eyes, burning and angry.

"That was tense." Akatsuki said, pushing back his hair with one hand.

"No kidding." Takuma replied with a shaky smile. I was looking at the floor again, feeling that something was wrong again.

Brilliant light gleamed from the fire somewhere behind me. In front of me was a group of cloaked vampires. Directly behind me was the night class vampires. Hanabusa came over and looked at me pleadingly. Next thing I knew, a pain like fire hit me and blackness folded over my eyes.

"Ariao!" I jumped, startled out of my vision again by Akatsuki. Hanabusa looked at me puzzled for a moment.

"I'm fine." I said sharply, more out of annoyance with myself than with them really. I wasn't used to being able to see these anymore, as so many nights, my blood had been drawn.

"Maybe you're just tired." Hanabusa said, getting to his feet. "You only woke up from collapsing a night ago after all."

"I'm surprised you care." I snapped out, spinning around to stalk off to my room.

"You should be careful what you say." Hanabusa said, and, before I knew what had happened, he grabbed me and pulled me against him. "I bite." As if to emphasize his point, his fangs lightly grazed my neck.

"Hanabusa!" Akatsuki's voice snapped out and he pulled Hanabusa back. "Kaname warned you not to bite her earlier."

Hanabusa's eyes were crimson when I spun around to glare at him. "One sample shouldn't hurt." He purred darkly.

"Enough of this." Akatsuki said, almost sounding bored as he dragged Hanabusa away up the stairs.

Great. This is going to be an interesting year. I thought, shaking my head as I headed back up to my room. Once there, I set my bag down and took out my ocarina again. No reason to change old habits now. I thought, opening the window and sitting on the window ledge. Closing my eyes, I started to play one of the first songs I had ever learned, a ballad about a vampire that had been considered almost along the lines of a hero during the vampire and hunter wars. When I was done, a voice at the door made me nearly fall out of the window.

"You really are an odd one." It was Hanabusa, leaning against the doorframe, eyes shadowed.