"I'm just looking out for you," Rena Yablonski had told her estranged husband just minutes ago, much like she had since she was five years old. She really hadn't wanted to let go of his hand. She wanted to be held by him, to kiss him, to do all the things they did just months ago, "I always looked out for you. When are you going to look out for me?"

Rena had always been the strong one in their marriage. And when she saw Lisa and Andy together, she acted casually and pretended like it didn't bother her. What she really wanted to do was to slap the bitch and then make Andy sleep on the couch. "That would teach her a lesson. No one dates or sleeps with Andy, my Andy, but me!" She was so mad, livid really, that she didn't even realize she was one of those ironic cops driving 80 in a 55 mph zone.

When Rena got home, she slowly got dressed for bed before going back downstairs to make some tea. She turned on KDKA news but her mind was far from it. Her mind was still off fantasizing about beating the living crap out of Dr. Lisa Reed. The rage she was starting to feel caused her to pound the coffee table out of frustration. A bunch of pictures in frames fell over from the vibration.

"Dammit," Rena cursed softly as she started to gather the pictures. One made her stoop her work. One that held a special place in her heart. One that was taken when she was truly happy; the best day of her life. And seeing this photo was enough to cause Rena to release all of her sadness, anger, hurt, frustration, and heartbreak all at once. She sank to the ground in tears. She would do anything to get the love of her life back to herself. "I love you Andy. So much," Rena said aloud to no one in particular. She continued to cry as she clutched the picture.

The picture of her and Andy on their wedding day.