The three girls have no resemblance to each other what so ever. But, they do have their mother's pride, compassion, loyalty, wisdom, kindness, stubbornness, intelligentsia, skill, and empathy. Also, they have their father's wit, sarcasm, and spirit.

Grace the eldest of the three girls has almost no resemblance of her father except for her curls, shape of her eyes, and height. She has an Asian figure, but is tall "5, 9", brown almond shape eyes, and not the usual straight hair, instead it's curly and brown like mahogany. The beautiful Asian skin dark from her time in the service over in Afghanistan and an oval shape face like her mothers. Very energetic, mild tempered, but can be very intimidating.

Zoë the second oldest is every bit like her father. With the Scottish bright red hair like a phoenix, green eyes like pine nettles, the pale skin that makes her sunburn very easily, tall "5,8", and the freckles that scatter across her pretty face. Very sweet tempered, but can be very scary when pissed.

Annette is a cross between her mother and father. Medium height "5, 6", straight red hair, brown green eyes that looked like murky lake water, the Asian skin tone with Scottish freckles. Also, is rather impatient and rash with a somewhat vile temper when provoke.

Even though they are different in many ways they had a bond that could not be broken. They are more than sisters they're best friends.