(Vette's POV)

Sighing I looked around once again for a way to escape. Again nothing, I looked over to the jailer that was watching over me. Deciding to have a little fun before I died I started talking about nonsense. Finally, after five minutes of my rambling he got so annoyed that he used the shock collar that they put on my neck. "Not another chirp from you! Or I'll use this on you again."

Smirking I took my chances and said, "Chirp, chirp, chirp." His face became purple with anger and he put the shock on high and zapped me. "Ow if you didn't like that you could have said something. I can do other sounds to…" I let my comment drop; I just notice that another person had walked sith acolyte from the looks of her. Great another person is here to torture me relentlessly. Damn my luck. I listened to their conversation, but kinda wished I had something to cover my ears and eyes. I couldn't believe it the dude was flirting with the girl. I looked at the girl and I couldn't blame the dude for flirting she was beautiful for even for twi'lek standers. Tall not sure her exact height, tan, a pretty oval face without a trace of makeup, big bright brown eyes, slender, but she had all the curves in the right places, her hair was dark brown in a bun with a braid encircling her head like a crown that connected underneath her bun then dropped down in a long braid down her back, with a long thin scar that started right next to the bridge of her nose that sloped down, she had an aura of power, pride, but was mixed with kindness and gentleness. Wow she is one weird sith.

"Who are these prisoners?" the strange sith asked.

"Those three over there." He drawled. He went over to grab her arm, but she saw it coming and dropped down to dodge it. He stumbled and she used that to her disadvantage grabbed his arm twisted it around and hissed calmly which made it even more creeper,

"You touch me I'll cut off your dick and shove it so far up your ass that it comes out your throat." Then, she jerked his arm off while kicking his legs out and there was a SNAP and his bone was protruding from his fucking skin. I gagged and she turned around and despite myself I whimpered in fear. Her face soften considerably and murmured, "Sorry about that, but I don't think he'll be coming back here anytime soon."

"No problem I just hope that he doesn't take it out on me when he comes back." as I said this, my hand went unconsciously to my shock collar. She saw and then leaned in and whispered,

"If he tries to shock you, just say 'remember the acolyte from before, well she wouldn't mind coming back…'" my eyes widen that was so evil, but I had to stifle my laughter anyways. Suddenly I realized she didn't know my name,

"I'm Vette." I introduced myself, she smiled and replied,

"I'm Grace, but you can call me Ace."

"Why do people call you Ace?" I asked.

"My sisters called me that because I aced everything and since my name contains it the name stuck." She said, "I have to go ahead and do my task, but I have a feeling we'll be seeing each other again soon." I nodded and watched as she quickly did her task not killing anyone and when she finished she gave me a wave goodbye and left.