A/N Here we are with yet another Jori fic. I wrote this one for a Christmas-y lottery thing we're doing with friends. As such, I do something here that I've never done before and will likely never do again: I've written a lemon.

I don't need to explain to anyone what a lemon is, I think, so just some household info: The lemon passage is written as a pretty large 'and-then' construct, something I'd usually call bad writing.

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In defense of the shoddy construction I can only say that it feels like it works, in this case, however as a programmer I frown on the notion that 'if it works it's good', and I don't really see it as an excuse. I admit, it's bad, but I don't feel like rewriting it. Alright, with that said, R&R please, and enjoy!

A Night To Remember

'This will be a long night…' Sighing deeply, Tori leaned back against the side of her bed. She would have lain down on it, were it not for the fact that it was now occupied by Jade. Despite the fact that Tori had a double bed, she didn't want to get too close to Jade in her current mood. She mentally cursed Sikowitz for putting her in this situation.

"Today, we're going to do a little experiment."

Sikowitz's eyes had a gleam to them that Tori had learned to fear. No matter how much she liked Sikowitz, when he got that look on his face it invariably meant trouble.

Now, as it turned out, was absolutely no different.

"I will pair all of you up for the next twenty-four hours. During that time, you're required to be in the same room as the other person at all times, aside from…obvious exceptions," he went on.

"Like what?" Cat asked with wide eyes.

Sikowitz gave her a blank stare. "Like I said, obvious exceptions," he repeated.

He left Cat to stare in confusion as he continued. "In addition to being in the same room, you are also prohibited from interacting with other people more than is strictly necessary. This means that you're allowed to eat dinner with your family, but that you're not allowed to go out or hang with friends outside of class. The use of cellphones is likewise prohibited in all cases except emergencies."

Tori felt a chill going down her spine. What Sikowitz was saying came awfully close to something she'd had to do with Jade some time ago. She'd been forced to go on a date with Jade in order to improve their acting.

Sure enough, Sikowitz said, "Since Tori and Jade have experience with this sort of thing, they're the first couple. Oh, before I forget, the goal of this experiment is for you to get to know each other better, and thus improve your acting while on stage. I'm sure you had that figured out by now, though."

Sikowitz went on naming couples, but Tori wasn't listening. She didn't want to be paired with Jade again. Despite the fact that they were friends, more or less, Tori was still slightly intimidated by Jade, and one look at her confirmed Tori's suspicion that Jade liked the pairing no more than she did.

"Sikowitz, Tori and I paired up last time; can't you pick someone else?" Jade asked through gritted teeth, obviously straining to remain polite.

"Of course I can, Jade, but where's the fun in that?" Sikowitz replied, and Tori knew that protesting was futile.

Sikowitz had a warped sense of humor and this was exactly the sort of thing he'd get a laugh out of. Tori looked at Jade and their eyes met. Jade's eyes narrowed only by a millimeter, but Tori felt the hairs on her arms stand up.

Tori was brought back to the present by Jade's voice. "So what are we gonna do? If you think I'm gonna lie around here all night…" she said from the bed.

Tori shrugged. "We can't go out; we don't have much choice. I guess we could watch a movie or something, though," she said, thinking.

Jade made a face. "Hours of watching some wide-chinned putz charm a clueless bimbo? No thanks," she scoffed, sitting up.

"We don't have to watch that kind of movie. I'm sure we have something lying around that you'd like," Tori said almost pleadingly.

"Got any good horror then?" Jade asked. Her eyes pierced Tori's as if she were trying to extort a confession from her.

"Probably. We have like a million DVDs downstairs," Tori answered nervously.

She had never gotten used to the way Jade's eyes seemed to look straight into her soul, and she doubted she ever would.

Jade sighed. "I suppose it'll have to do. Let's go find something."

She got up and brushed her hair back over her shoulders. Even that little action was performed almost disdainfully, as if Jade had much better things to be occupied with than something so mundane. In an odd way, Tori found it fascinating. To her, it always seemed like Jade was in control of everything except her temper, and secretly she envied her friend's directness sometimes.

She followed Jade downstairs, and breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that Trina had already left. Her parents were away to a police gala Tori's dad had to attend. To stave off the boredom he'd taken her mom along, but it had initially seemed like Trina was going to stay home.

Jade, however, had not liked that notion one bit and a cold stare and a few threats later Trina had decided she had better places to be than at home, albeit with a constant stream of reminders that it was entirely her own choice to leave and that she didn't feel pressured by Jade in any way.

"Where do you keep them?" Jade asked, and it took Tori a moment to remember that she meant the DVDs.

"Right there, under the TV," she replied, walking past Jade to open the doors of the cabinet.

"Let's see, we've got…" She didn't get any further, because Jade pushed her aside and began pulling out DVDs.

"Hey! Look, I know you don't like this assignment, but can you at least try to make this manageable? Whether you like it or not, we're stuck together, so quit being such a gank," Tori said angrily.

She might be envious of Jade's directness, but she was getting very tired of the curtness Jade had displayed the entire afternoon and evening.

"Let's watch this one," Jade said, giving no indication at all that she'd heard Tori.

"I'm not watching anything until you stop being so nasty. Seriously, Jade, would it kill you to drop the bad girl act for one night?" Tori demanded.

Jade sighed. "Fine. I'll try to be nice to not hurt your feelings, happy now?" she asked with an exasperated look.

"Thank you," Tori said stonily, ignoring the obvious condescension.

"Now, what movie did you find?" she asked, determined to make the most of the night despite everything.

"It's called 'Brutal Deaths of Death 5'," Jade said, holding up the case with a devilish glee in her eyes.

"It's supposed to be really gory," she went on, suddenly sounding as happy as a child in a candy store.

Tori shivered and wondered who had bought that DVD. No one in her family was fond of slasher movies and she almost suspected that Jade had planted it there beforehand, but she knew she was just being paranoid.

"Alright, I guess," she conceded, figuring that she wasn't going to get much sleep anyway.

Jade's eyes lit up even more, and Tori wouldn't have been surprised if they would have glowed in the dark.

She put the DVD in the player, and dropped herself on the couch, before getting up again and saying, "You wouldn't happen to have anything to drink, would you?"

"We've got soda in the fridge, and…" Tori's voice trailed off when she saw Jade's incredulous look.

"You know, sometimes I worry about you," she said, shaking her head.

"I meant booze, you moron. Watching a slasher flick without booze is like eating pizza without cheese; it's just dull and plain. You need to be at least slightly inebriated to fully appreciate the more artistic murders in such movies," she went on.

Tori fidgeted with the hem of her shirt. Her parents didn't mind her drinking something occasionally, but she wasn't allowed to get wasted.

"Well, there's wine under the counter," she said hesitantly.

"Perfect," Jade smirked, and shortly after she'd filled two glasses with red wine. She shot Tori a sideways glance.

"Don't tell me you don't like wine," she said mockingly.

"I do, it's just…if we get wasted…"

Jade rolled her eyes. "Your dad's a cop. Do you really think I would get wasted in a cop's house? Like I said, this movie requires slight inebriation to be fully appreciated. I don't mean to be puking in the bathtub later," she said, pressing 'play' on the remote.

Tori sighed. She'd have to experience the feeling sometime, why not in the safety of her own home?

The lights next to the bathroom mirror seemed insanely bright. Tori had always assumed that a hangover only took effect the morning after a drinking session, but apparently the stories had lied. Then again, her head didn't hurt. It was just a bit fuzzy. Every time she blinked she saw a grisly murder on the inside of her eyelids, each more horrifying than the next.

After the movie, two bottles of wine had been emptied, mostly by Jade. Tori had drunk enough to be wobbly, however, when she had gotten up to go upstairs.

Jade, being Jade, had occupied the bathroom first and Tori had just sat on the edge of her bed, trying to keep the world from spinning too much. She was sure she hadn't drunk that much, but it felt like she had downed a whole barrel of wine, rather than a couple of glasses. Tori didn't get much time to stop the world from spinning, however.

Jade returned and Tori reluctantly dragged herself into the bathroom. After nearly losing her balance twice while washing her face, she managed to brush her teeth without incident and after splashing her face with cold water one last time she was able to walk back to her room in a relatively straight line.

Jade had turned the main lights off, and the room was now only lit by the small light above Tori's bed. Jade was lying on her back with her hands behind her head, staring at the ceiling. Her cheeks were flushed, but her eyes seemed clear enough. Sure, her pupils seemed dilated a bit, but the light in the room wasn't that bright so that alone was not necessarily a hint she'd drunk quite a lot.

Tori quickly put on a nightgown and lay down next to Jade. Earlier she wouldn't have done that, but she was tired and the alcohol had made her relaxed enough to no care about a possible outburst from Jade. Jade, however, didn't even seem to mind Tori's presence right beside her.

"So, is this the first time you've got someone else in your bed?" she asked slyly, shooting Tori a glance.

Not wanting to argue, Tori simply said, "Yeah."

Jade smirked. "I bet you never expected I would be the first person to be with you."

Despite her fatigue, Tori smiled. She turned to Jade.

"As a matter of fact, I didn't," she said.

Jade didn't reply; she simply looked at Tori with that soul-piercing look. Now, however, the hardness was gone from the stare. Tori wasn't certain if it was because of the alcohol or not, but having Jade look at her like that made her heart beat a little bit faster and she felt a weird flutter in her stomach.

"Does it bother you?" Jade asked quietly, gentler than Tori had ever heard her speak.

Jade's breath smelled of mint, but the faint sweetness of the wine was still perceptible through it.

To her own surprise, she replied, "No, it doesn't."

Tori's heartbeat became faster still, for reasons unknown to her. A wild thought shot through her head.

'If I kissed her…'

Tori banned the thought, but it was hard. What the hell? Why did she want to kiss Jade? After all, this was Jade. If Tori did something like that she would be dead. But yet…The strange lightheadedness of the alcohol seemed to make the adventurous thought more prevalent, despite Tori's efforts to push it away.

Jade moved a little closer to Tori and whispered, "Feeling confused?"

From this close the scent of alcohol was unmistakable, but Tori found it somehow intoxicating, maybe even more so than the wine itself had been.

"Jade…I…" she breathed, at a complete loss for words.

It was like her mind was in a haze. Her whole body was ablaze with heat.

Jade came even closer, so close she almost touched Tori's nose with hers. "Shhh…" she whispered, leaning in just a little bit more.

When their lips met, a jolt shot through Tori's body. Jade's lips were…so soft. The feeling was unlike anything she'd experienced before, and the soft pressure of Jade's lips on hers ignited a fire within her. She felt the hairs on her arms stand up, in stark contrast with the wave of maddening heat that washed over her. Her conscious mind seemed to be blown away by the delicate kiss, and a feral longing shot through her like lightning.

She pressed in closer, and her arms moved of their own accord around Jade's back. She opened her mouth just a little bit, and she felt Jade doing the same. Her heart fired like a machinegun when she gently slid her tongue into Jade's mouth, quickly meeting hers. Every move they made sent more shocks through Tori's body and she vaguely thought that being electrocuted would feel like this.

Jade now put her arms around Tori as well, and started to caress her back, adding to Tori's pleasure. She moaned softly, surprising herself. Jade shuddered lightly when she did so, and Tori moved her hand up into Jade's hair, slowly moving it through.

Jade, meanwhile traced her hand down Tori's back, across her bottom, and farther down along her leg. Tori gasped lightly when Jade's warm hand touched her leg. It seemed like every nerve cell in her body was firing constantly.

Tori moved her hands down Jade's back as well now, gently following the arch of her back, and following the curve of her bottom, down her leg. Only now, they broke the kiss, and when they stared into each other's eyes they saw the passion like a burning flame. Jade pulled back lightly, and for a moment Tori was confused; her mind returned briefly as she wondered what Jade would do.

When she saw her move her hands down to grab the hem of her nightgown, however, Tori knew enough and she quickly responded by doing the same thing. The world vanished behind the fabric of her gown momentarily as she pulled it over her head, and when her vision returned she saw Jade, now wearing nothing but her panties.

Tori's eyes were drawn to Jade's chest involuntarily, and she reached out to touch her. She lightly touched Jade's side and let her fingers wander upwards. Her breathing quickened while she circled her finger around Jade's breast, as Jade began to stroke Tori's hair and bare back, moving her hand under Tori's shoulder to her chest.

Even more sensations shot up and down Tori's spine, but she was so preoccupied with her own hand on Jade's chest that she didn't immediately pay attention to it. She was making the circle her hand was tracing smaller and smaller, and when she finally touched the nipple, Jade gave a nearly inaudible moan. Soft though it was, it punched every button in Tori's instincts and she leaned in again, pressing her lips into Jade's neck and softly biting, eliciting another, slighter more audible moan from Jade.

Jade now cupped her hand around Tori's breast and squeezed gently, before running her finger up and down the nipple and squeezing again. Tori gasped and began kissing up Jade's neck, ending on her lips which felt feverishly hot, and yet completely irresistible.

Again, her lips parted slowly, and their tongues met for the second time. Tori still circled Jade's nipple with her finger, but Jade had moved her hands to Tori's back and now slid gently down, coming to a rest on the fabric of her panties, before continuing down the legs.

She moved her hands up and down, and each run left a streak of fire in Tori's body. Every time, she thought she'd now felt everything there was to feel, and every time Jade managed to prove her wrong.

On her third pass down Tori's back, Jade slid her hands past the elastic band of Tori's panties, gently moving down the soft curves beneath. Tori moaned softly and her breathing intensified. No one had ever touched her like that, but she liked it. That was a good thing, because Jade had slyly hooked her thumbs around Tori's panties, and she now pulled them down her legs, slowly but surely.

Tori didn't resist, instead mimicking Jade by sliding one hand past Jade's panties. She squeezed slowly and Jade shuddered, exhaling heavily but soundlessly. Jade had now completely removed Tori's panties, and she started moving her hand back up Tori's leg, but this time she moved it up on the inside.

When she was nearly at the top of Tori's leg, however, she moved outward, tracing her hand over Tori's pelvis and moving across her lower belly just below what would normally be the elastic of her panties.

Tori's breathing became ragged, and she started to take Jade's panties off as well, moving with the same maddening slowness Jade was using. When Tori moved her hand back up Jade's leg, however, she kept her hand on the inside longer, and moved away only at the last possible second.

This made Jade's breathing skip, something which greatly aroused Tori. Her body increased in temperature yet again, in particular right between her legs.

Jade was slowly zigzagging her finger down Tori's belly, coming ever closer to that very sensitive spot, but not quite reaching it. When Jade was about to finally touch it, she moved her finger aside and moved across the outside of the labia, never touching the opening in between.

It was driving Tori mad, and in retaliation she began doing the same thing, while her other hand squeezed and stroked Jade's breast, coming close to the nipple but never quite touching now.

From Jade's uneven breathing, Tori knew that she too was going crazy.

"Just give in," she whispered seductively, the first words she'd spoken since this exhilarating experience started. Her voice was surprisingly deep, and it seemed to have a tremendous effect on Jade, who moaned louder than she had thus far, and now she finally moved her finger into the opening between Tori's labia, where it was already very wet from all the teasing.

But Jade wasn't done teasing that easily. She moved her finger up and down now, gently caressing the clitoris at the very top, before moving down again and stopping just before her finger would slide into Tori's body. Tori gasped every time Jade touched her clitoris, overcome by extreme arousal.

In response, she gently moved her finger into Jade's body, encountering nearly no resistance because of the moist linings. Jade's eyes flew wide open but she made no move to stop Tori, instead encouraging her to go on, by slowly moving her hips. Tori, however, had other plans, drawing her finger back and moving it to the clitoris, where she circled it with deliberate and exaggerated slowness, once again causing Jade to moan quite loudly. Then she moved back down, and back inside, not pushing her finger far, but just far enough to drive Jade crazy.

Jade now entered Tori's body as well, slipping in first one, then two fingers. She pushed on gently, and Tori froze for a second, her hand motionless in between Jade's legs. The feeling was strange, but so very good that she involuntarily moved her hips forward to move Jade's fingers in deeper.

Her mind existed only in fragments that became more and more scattered with each and every movement Jade made with her hands. Even though the motions were small, to Tori they felt huge and she moaned louder with each one.

She responded now, pushing her fingers deeper into Jade's body and relishing the gasps and movements her friend made whenever she moved her fingers up and down inside her. This went on for what might have been hours, but could just as well have been seconds. Tori had a hard time even remembering who she was, and time was of absolutely no importance right now.

Then, however, Jade pulled back her hand, and used both her hands to push Tori from her side onto her back. She climbed on top of her and smirked, for a fleeting moment resembling her normal self. Then the feral look returned to her eyes and she began to kiss Tori, first on her lips, then down her neck, her breasts, lingering on the nipples, her belly, and as she moved farther down she gently spread Tori's legs, kissing the wet opening between them, and then using her tongue to drive Tori absolutely wild.

She moved slowly, then fast, then slow again, and Tori couldn't move at all. Then she added in her fingers, softly moving back and forth while her tongue moved up and down, and Tori couldn't help but move her hips, jerking up and down.

Then Jade stopped and gave Tori a mischievous look. She sat on top of Tori again, and then she turned around, so that her back faced Tori's face. She moved backwards and bent forwards, and Tori could see the most private part of Jade's body, now incredibly close to her face.

She felt Jade's tongue again, and instinctively, she reacted. She used her tongue in the same way as Jade, but rather than just moving up and down, she moved side to side as well, and from the shaking of Jade's body she knew she was doing the right things.

She raised her hand, slipping in two fingers with ease. She moved them back and forth, and she felt Jade doing the same to her. It was incredible how much stimuli were reaching her brain now, and with every moment it seemed to increase.

She felt a pressure building up in her body, a pressure that grew with each passing second, and it wasn't long before she couldn't hold it back anymore. All the muscles in her abdomen clenched as a wave of fire, lightning and ice together shot through her entire body, exploding into her brain.

Lights flashed behind her closed eyelids, and her body jerked in reaction to the surge of unbelievable pressure. She moaned louder than ever before and when her fingers and tongue jerked she could feel Jade's muscles tensing as well, and she could hear her gaps and moans that echoed her own.

Then all the energy seemed to recede at once. The fire was doused and fatigue like she had never felt before washed over her. She could still feel Jade climbing off her and dropping down next to her, and then she was gone.

Sunlight hurt. This was the conclusion Tori drew when she opened her eyes to rays of sunlight falling on her face. Her head pounded with a strange, metallic feeling and she groaned as she shifted onto her side.

Flashes of memory of the night began to form in her head, and a heavy dread began to fill her mind. She turned onto her other side to check next to her, and saw to her relief that Jade was still asleep. She realized with a start that she was still naked, but she decided she didn't care. Jade had seen everything already anyway, and her parents weren't likely to walk in either.

As she settled back down, more memories of the wild night returned. Somehow, Tori had trouble believing it had really happened. Despite that, however, she noticed that a part of the flames she'd felt that night had survived, because a faint trace of heat stirred in her body when she thought about all the things she had done.

Not all her feelings were so happy though. In the back of her mind doubts began to form. What if Jade had only gone along with everything because of the booze? And what if her own actions were nothing but her drunk self?

Soon enough, however, she realized that at least her feelings were genuine. She looked at Jade and she felt a strong desire to kiss her again, just to feel her lips. The fact that she felt like this even with her head feeling like lead was enough evidence for Tori that she had somehow fallen for Jade. Jade, who had always acted so mean to her.

The thought was laughable, but it was true. Tori Vega had fallen in love with Jade West.

Jade stirred, and Tori was shaken from her thoughts. "My head," Jade groaned as she became more awake.

"It's not just you," Tori answered softly, causing Jade to open her eyes.

"It wasn't a dream, then?"

Tori shook her head. That was a mistake, because her head felt like it would explode.

"Why did we…?" Tori began hesitantly.

Jade shot her a look. Even hung over, she was a master of incredulous stares.

"Was it…?" she went on, but Jade shook her head, making the exact same mistake as Tori had.

After blinking a couple of times to clear the worst pain, she said, "It wasn't the alcohol. We may have lost our inhibitions somewhat, but I doubt those feelings could be faked no matter how drunk you get."

They were quiet for a moment as they contemplated the consequences of that, but then a much more urgent reality dawned on them.

"What time is it?!" they blurted at the same time, frantically reaching for their phones.

When they had seen the times on them, their faces turned grim. It was eleven thirty, much too late for school. Jade nearly leapt out of bed and pulled Tori up with her.

"Hey! I'm naked!" Tori protested, trying to grab her nightgown.

"So what? So am I, and it's not like anyone's home at this time of day," Jade replied with a shrug.

She pulled Tori into the bathroom and locked the door behind them. She started up the shower and looked at Tori.

"We don't have time to wait for each other, so we'll have to shower together."

Now, in the full light, Tori couldn't help but blush at the sight of Jade naked in front of her.

"Stop staring like an idiot, we're in a hurry," Jade said curtly, but Tori could see that she too had a blush on her face.

When Tori stepped next to Jade under the hot water, her head felt like it was going to burst. At the same time, she noticed just how full her bladder really was, and she wanted to step back out of the shower, but it was too late. She shot a nervous glance at Jade and found her friend grinning at her mischievously.

"Ooh, Tori, you naughty girl," Jade teased as she leaned forward and gently touched Tori's face, cupping her hand around it.

Tori's heart sped up. "Jade…" she whispered, feeling electricity on her skin all over again.

"I thought we were in a hurry," Tori said softly as Jade moved her face closer to Tori's.

Jade smiled seductively. "Maybe I was just trying to get you into the shower with me," she said, moving her hand from Tori's face to her back and gently sliding it down.

Tori swallowed hard. She raised her arms and wrapped them around Jade. She moved in to kiss her, but Jade bent down slightly, and kissed Tori's neck instead. She bit softly, and Tori gasped in pleasure.

Somehow her hangover seemed cured by Jade's mere touch, and she moved her hands up and down Jade's back, excited by the wet skin beneath her fingertips.

Now Jade moved her kisses upwards, until she met Tori's lips, and Tori shivered in delight. She lowered her hands and touched Jade's bottom, squeezing it softly while Jade moved her own hand to Tori's chest and gently touched her breast, moving her finger up and down.

Her other hand, meanwhile, slowly slid down Tori's belly, going lower and lower and finally coming to a stop between her legs, slowly stroking the labia without going between them.

Tori's breathing sped up from the triple stimulation, and eager to respond she slid her hand between Jade's legs, slipping her middle finger between the labia and moving back and forth, lingering on the clitoris whenever her finger passed.

Jade moaned softly and because they were still kissing Tori could almost feel the subtle vibrations in the air as she did so. Tori moved her finger forwards, sliding it into Jade a bit farther with each movement.

Jade trembled, and she increased the speed with which she rubbed Tori's breast, at the same time sliding her fingers into Tori. This alone felt like heaven to Tori, but her good feeling was increased further because of the warm water that ran down her back. She had never thought a hot shower could be this good.

Both her and Jade's breathing sped up, and as it did so did the speed they moved their fingers with and it wasn't long before Tori felt the same pressure in her body she'd felt the night before. When the pressure released, it felt like the wave of energy in her body reacted to the streams of water outside, and a tremble went up her body. Again, her fingers twitched just enough to take Jade to a climax as well, and they had to hold each other to not fall over.

Trembling, they looked into each other's eyes. While the lust was gone, the desire Tori felt to kiss Jade had not left, and she gingerly leaned in to kiss her soft lips once more.

"Jade…I love you," she whispered. The words felt so natural, and yet Tori had never thought she would once say those words to Jade and mean them so much.

Jade looked at her for a moment, before replying, "I love you too…"

They wanted to kiss again, but they were shaken up by a voice in the hallway. "Hey! Hurry it up in there!"

Tori exchanged a look with Jade. "We'll have plenty of time," Jade said softly.

Tori nodded. "Almost done!" she shouted at her dad. They quickly finished their shower and headed downstairs for breakfast.

"So, you finally deign to show yourselves in my class," Sikowitz said when Tori and Jade entered.

"Hey, you paired me up with her. You could have known she would cause me to be late," Jade said.

Tori and Jade had decided not to be too public with their 'relationship' yet. They would tell their friends, and in due time everyone else.

For now, however, both of them enjoyed acting like nothing had happened. Even so, neither of them could think of anything that day, only of that one, strange night. A night to remember.