Title: All in the Way

Category: Lost Girl, Bo/Lauren

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Spoilers: Up through season 2, though mostly as references out of order. This story is AU.

Rating: M for Mature.

Story Summary: AU. Now that Bo and Lauren have a daughter and know what their future will eventually entail, how do they survive and what happens next? This is the final story of the "All in..." trilogy.

A/N: This story is part 3 of the epic that began in "All in the Family" and continued in "All in the Past." Therefore, you may find it necessary to read the first two stories before completely diving into this one. I am working on completing this story (another epic novel), so I am going to give you the first chapter now. I do have to note that while I have the story written, it is not complete yet, so it all depends on time (and my hands) whether I update daily. I will do my best, though, as I want this entire story posted before season 3 starts. The reality of that happening is yet to be foretold. Unfortunately, carpal tunnel cramps, work, and my thesis have delayed this story. I have not abandoned ship, though.

Without further ado, I present to you the continuing saga.

Five months later.

Lauren was starting to feel anxious again. She had not been down this road, down this driveway, since before she had gone to the Congo. While she could sense that Bo was doing her best not to literally bounce in her seat from the combination of nervousness and excitement, Lauren was more concerned with two things.

They were about to walk into her childhood home and let their six-month-old daughter finally meet her grandparents, who had not treated their own daughter with much warmth. Lauren had been the one more apprehensive about this trip. She had lived that coldness, and she didn't want their very much loved baby to experience that like she had to; no child should have to experience that. Even if Bo had insisted that her mother did love her, Lauren had a harder time accepting this fact than she wanted to admit out loud. It was hard to imagine the woman she grew up with, the woman she had long ago stopped trying to impress, had actually loved and cared for her all this time. Lauren wanted to call bullshit, but she knew in her heart that she couldn't.

The other thing that concerned her was that Vex was sitting in the backseat and playing with Briann. Bo had already gotten on him twice on the drive over here from the farm, especially when he was using his Mesmer powers to get Briann to feed herself so he wouldn't have to do it. She was doing a good job of holding the little bottles on her own, but she spilled more of the big bottle on herself than actually went in her mouth. Vex was having too much fun being a passive babysitter to their daughter, and his glances at Bo's exposed cleavage did not go unnoticed.

Even though Bo seemed to like using him more often for work, Lauren still had issues regarding him being around their daughter. Bo had somehow learned to trust him in her own way, and this thought actually bothered Lauren. He hadn't really done anything but help these past few years, but she still didn't trust him.

Lauren realized a lot of her issues were with residual prejudices she held about the Dark being the bad guys. Gram wasn't a bad guy and neither was Vex or Evony really, but she had encountered so many bad things from the Dark over her five year servitude with the old Ash that she was having a hard time letting bad experiences go. These were the things that were still hard to tell Bo. Luckily, her wife never pushed her about talking about the past.

Until now.

Would it be so bad to simply turn around? They could go back to the farm, snuggle up in their old room, and spend the afternoon wrapped naked in sheets while Briann took her nap. They were just now starting to get back into a healthy sexual and feeding pattern, even if it was exponentially diminished from their lives pre-Briann. Still, they had taken to timing their moments as best they could.

It wasn't like she would have a hard time convincing Bo of her plan. The succubus had taken it upon herself to make up for the lost time. Lauren didn't have the heart to tell her that she made up for it about two months ago. She kind of liked Bo being so attentive. It felt somehow exhilarating that the queen of the fae was doting on and serving her needs instead of the other way around.

Though, Lauren definitely tended to Bo's needs just as much. She liked being married to the new Fae Queen, even if hardly anybody knew that detail yet. Bo wouldn't say it out loud, but the thought scared her. Why wouldn't it? Now that she knew how she was going to change the world, Bo was trying to ignore her duties despite her need to change the world.

Once everything had settled after their marriage and the crowning ritual, Bo and Lauren actually sat down and talked about what this new information meant. Gram and Trick both were of no real use beyond telling them that they would know when it was time. Of course they would resort to being cryptic. It was like a necessity of life for them.

Since neither of them felt ready to even acknowledge what this actually meant, they both decided to hold off on doing anything about it. Nobody absolutely needed to know, not even Lachlan or Evony. Actually, they were the last people who needed to know, though Lauren suspected they already did after the fae marriage was officially documented. Lachlan was being more smug and accommodating than usual. He had even agreed to start paying Bo for her champion work, which had somehow increased in the past few months. They were still trying to decide how to approach the Evony being enslaved to Bo situation; they hadn't mentioned that they knew yet, and Evony was obviously okay with that in her interactions with them. Lauren had brief moments where she was elated that the Dark Fae leader, the same one who had seduced her years ago, was now enslaved to her. Those moments would pass when she realized just how awful it made her feel to "own" anybody. After years of being owned or enslaved to her parents, Lauren did not want to be that person herself.

Even though they had moved out to the farm permanently, they still spent a few days and nights at the clubhouse every week. Lauren would have to go for her reports to Evony and Lachlan, and Bo would be in the city for work most of the time anyways. Lauren had gone back to work full time, and she felt completely alive again. She didn't realize just how much she survived on her work until she went back to it. She was curious what would change once she did have her freedom. If she knew Bo, that would happen sooner than later, but Lauren was afraid to admit even to herself that she was scared of what would happen or who she would become after her full freedom was granted. Instead of dwelling too much on the "what if scenarios," she just wanted to focus on her life now.

She was healthy, she had a loving wife, she had a beautiful daughter, and she had a great job. Her family was pleasant to be around now, even if she hadn't heard anything about Hadley since they discovered she was the one who sent the assassin on Bo. She hadn't talked to her mother until she called last week to set up this meeting.

Lauren was surprised at how quickly her mother accepted the intrusion on her home, though she wasn't surprised when Angela Lewis made her aware that it was rude to invite yourself over to someone's house. After talking to her mother on the phone and setting up a day and time, Lauren immediately tossed the phone on the couch and moved to wrap Briann in the biggest, most loving hug she could muster. Baby hugs could cure anything.

When she parked the car in the oversized circle driveway, the one used for guests, Lauren turned the ignition off but didn't let go of the grip she had on the steering wheel. She stared blankly at the speedometer, willing it to become possessed and take off on its own so she would have an excuse to put this day off just a little bit longer.

Bo placed a warm hand on her wrist, and Lauren closed her eyes, trying to find some reserve of courage. If the last six months hadn't been so busy, they would have done this sooner. Bo wasn't going to let her put it off forever. Lauren wished they would.

"Hey, it's not like your mum is one of those fae who eat their grandchildren. Suck it up and grow some balls, will you?" Vex exited the car without any grace whatsoever. He even slammed the car door, which woke Briann up from her short car nap.

She was already such a tall baby for her age and would need to move to the bigger car seat soon. While she wasn't heavy, her legs were starting to grow over the carrier seat. Bo said that their daughter's long legs were definitely inherited by Lauren; she said that and proceeded to show Lauren just how much she loved the originals. Even after birthing a baby, Lauren loved that her wife was able to show her how much she was still wanted. At least her stretch marks were not visible anymore except for that one silver sliver on her hip. Thank goodness for fae medical technology, though she wished she could have done more for Kenzi's burn scars on her hand.

When Bo was away for work at night and Briann was down for bed, Lauren would stay up and research what had actually happened during her labor. She reviewed her notes and journals, exhausted every text on fae and human labor she could find, and kept rereading the book Lachlan gave them, thinking she was missing something important. Whenever she saw the scar on top of Kenzi's hand, Lauren was reminded of how brutal and painful the labor actually was.

She wanted to know why. If she and Bo ever wanted to have anymore kids, she had to know why. Otherwise, Lauren didn't know that she wanted to experience that again. She really thought she was dying in that birthing chamber. She had almost given up completely, even knowing she had so much to fight and live for; all of her fight was gone, as though she were sending it with Briann as she entered the world for the first time.

Briann squealing and talking to them brought Lauren out of her inner thoughts. It was freezing winter outside right now, but the snow storms had dissipated until next week. They had already started preparing for the impending storm.

Now, they just had to survive today's storm.

"You okay?" Bo opened the car door, letting the cold air enter the overheated car as she moved around to the back door to pull Briann from her carseat. "We don't have to do this."

"You're right, though. We need to, and we're here already, so…the sooner we get this over with, the better for all of us." Lauren cleared her throat and let her grip loose from the steering wheel before exiting the car and coming to meet Bo on the other side. She took Briann, knowing that her mother was more likely to accept her if Lauren was the one holding her. "I don't want Briann old enough to know she's being rejected. I'd rather we know now than when she's old enough to truly comprehend and remember this happening."

"We don't know that she'll reject her. Your mother's still a Hestian; she's still going to react to having another branch being added to her family tree." Bo grabbed the diaper bag from the floorboard before shutting the door. They both moved to meet Vex, who was fidgeting in the doorway, obviously moving around to find warmth. He had no way of knowing that this house held no warmth. Bo smiled at Briann and kissed her head before petting her dark locks back. "And what a cute baby branch it is." Lauren accepted the secondhand kiss she got before Bo moved her body away again. "Much like her own mother."

"If she doesn't love the little bit, that's her loss." Vex moved to stand behind them, taking his job as backup seriously. He had been such a permanent fixture in their lives that Lauren hadn't even thought about how politically wrong it was to bring a Dark Fae as backup to a Light Fae's house. No doubt her mother would scold her for that oversight.

"At least she's letting us come for brunch. I mean, how bad could it be? You don't invite someone for brunch if you don't want them there." Bo was letting Lauren take the lead here, even if anybody could read that she was anxious to go inside. Eventually, the cold weather and Lauren's need to get her daughter to at least a warm temperature won out over her fear.

It was the longest, deepest toned doorbell she had ever heard in her life. It always made her think death was at their door because it was such a low, ominous tone that echoed through the expansive mansion.

The butler ushered them inside and down the hall towards the casual dining room. The last meal Lauren had eaten in there was breakfast the day before she drove back to her residency job. That was two months before she left for the Congo. That was five months before she had learned about the fae. She had been treated like a second class citizen in a place she should have considered her home. This was just a house to her now. Her home was with Bo, Briann, Kenzi, and Alexie.

Bo was feeling overwhelmed, she could tell. This house was impressive on the inside and out. Angela Lewis had spent her time and savings to make sure they had a home big enough and nice enough to impress a lot of people. Lauren could only hope being here didn't regress Bo back into that insecure "I'm not good enough for you" mentality. She didn't think she could handle storing dozens of briefcases full of cash under their bed again, especially since that meant Bo would be gone for weeks or months at a time to earn them.

This was definitely going to be another eventful meal.

"Lauren, baby, I'm sorry for this." Bo sent apologetic eyes to her wife before turning around and slapping Mrs. Lewis across the face. She wanted to feel guilty for slapping her mother-in-law, but nobody had the right to say bringing someone was a horrible idea. Even if she was just talking about Vex.

In all honesty, Bo had just wanted to slap Mrs. Lewis for some time, and she finally felt confident enough to do so. If the woman had already decided she wasn't going to accept their baby, then a little slap wasn't going to change her mind. In Bo's mind, Mrs. Lewis rejecting her as Lauren's mate meant automatically rejecting anything that came from their union. She didn't like that at all, and she definitely didn't like the way the woman smirked all adoringly at Briann.

"Bo!" Lauren handed Briann to Vex and came over to place her hands around Bo's bicep. They both knew the outburst was a onetime deal, but her wife was trying to help calm her. Bo chose to ignore that Lauren voluntarily and easily handed their baby over to Vex, who always seemed to look at Briann like he had no idea what to do with her once he had her, no matter how many times he begged them to let him hold her.

"Alright, succubus. That's your one 'get out of jail free' card. I hope it was worth it." Mrs. Lewis rubbed her hand across the reddening handprint across her cheek. She motioned and nodded for the maids to leave her be.

"Surprisingly, yes. Worth every nanosecond." Bo felt more relaxed. Even though she was the one who pushed Lauren into doing this, she was also scared of what would happen. She had only ever officially met the woman once, and it wasn't like that meal had been pleasant. The only good thing that came out of that night was her connection with Lauren. They had exchanged rings and possibly made Briann that night. A little part of Bo felt predatory again at the thought of conceiving a baby after every time they had a meal with Lauren's parents. After months of trying to get Lauren pregnant, meeting her girlfriend's parents had seemed to be the only real changing factor that night. It had worked and quite well. Memories of sexual gymnastics with Lauren that night caused Bo's eyes to flash, but she didn't care. If Angela Lewis was going to be offended by her succubus nature, then there was no sense hiding who she was.

"I see that your manners have not changed much from what I expected of you." Mrs. Lewis was obviously still not her biggest fan, but at least she wasn't jumping right in and saying she didn't accept Briann like she had with Bo. "Do not forget you are a guest in my house."

"Where's dad?" Lauren was looking around, as though the man would magically appear if she kept looking for him. It reminded Bo of when she would play hide and seek with Sam Dennis. He would always say "I'm here," and Bo would look around the room, trying to find the voice instead of going to look for the actual person.

"Your father is away on business, which is just as well. We have much to discuss." Mrs. Lewis finally moved to sit down at the dining table. As soon as they followed her example, servants started fussing around them and bringing them plate after plate. This was way too reminiscent of that dinner at the country club. Bo really didn't know what she was going to do with a glass of orange juice, coffee, water, grapefruit juice, and cranberry juice; other than pee a lot later if she drank them all. There was no doubt that once she downed one of the glasses, someone would be beside her filling the glass again. With all of this fussing, Bo was even more impressed that Lauren was so self sufficient. Being waited on hand and foot would make anybody lazy; not Lauren, though. She had already returned to her workaholic tendencies, much to Bo's chagrin.

"Alright, Angela. I'll bite." It was the first time Bo had ever acknowledged her mother-in-law by her first name. It felt extremely odd. "What's with the big to do?"

"Excuse me?" Mrs. Lewis turned her attention away from the girl buttering her toast for her. At least Lauren had smiled and dismissed the young girl trying to butter hers. Bo had to smile at this small act of defiance on her wife's part. This tiny act was the most attractive thing Lauren had done all day; well, aside from waking up with the world's sexiest bedhead…and brushing her teeth, which was oddly sexy this morning…and when she did her morning pilates, which didn't need an explanation on why it was sexy. A reminder of how flexible Lauren is? Yeah, Bo did not need to rationalize the sexy there.

"We just asked to meet you so you could officially meet your granddaughter. Why do you feel the need to flash the fancy?" Bo let out a deep, frustrated sigh. She looked down at her own unbuttered toast and realized nobody had offered to butter hers. She narrowed her eyes, knowing this was intentional. "In case you haven't noticed, I'm not impressed by all of this. The only good thing that came out of this house lives with me now."

"Like it or not, there is no need to be rude to the hostess." Angela smirked at her, eyes narrowed. It reminded her of when Lauren was trying not to show how mad she really was during their arguments. "Do not forget you invited yourselves to my home. It would not bother me any if you were to leave."

"No, we're here. Let's just enjoy our meal." Lauren looked around the room again, like she was expecting somebody to scold her for talking. Bo realized why this was, which only made her upset. She closed her eyes, took two deep breaths, counted to ten backwards, and took a sip of her cold, tart grapefruit juice. Freshly squeezed with a hint of lemon and mint. Why was she even surprised that even simple grapefruit juice was fancified?

"We wanted you to meet Briann, your granddaughter. We thought you had a right to meet her at least." Bo steeled her jaw, wiping the juice that dribbled on her chin. She didn't care that she was the opposite of sophisticated. She wasn't trying to impress anyone anymore.

"Yes, I see that she favors both of you, but those are the eyes of a succubus. Let's hope you manage to keep her in line when she hits puberty. Having a sexually promiscuous, wild, and unruly granddaughter is not what we pictured when we considered Lauren would have children. There's a reason I was careful when choosing who to breed with." Mrs. Lewis had never said anything more offensive to Bo. At least, that's what it felt like, even if it wasn't a direct hit.

"I would say that I was more than careful when choosing Bo." Lauren looked around again, panicked briefly before she realized nobody was there to scold her. Bo could sense her wife's confidence slowly starting to surface in this house, around this woman.

"Word is that you finally got married completely." Angela held her coffee mug so delicately that the gracefulness seemed out of character with her brash and bold interior.

"Yes. We did." Bo narrowed her eyes, willing her mother-in-law to say something. Her immediate reaction to want to slap somebody who would deny them their marriage and children told Bo that she was definitely not ready to be anyone's queen. She didn't want to be a dictator who guillotined heads of those who defied her.

"I gather that Mother performed the ceremony, then." Angela let out a deep breath before placing her antique coffee mug on its plate. "I must admit, I thought you originally were here to declare your rank over me. I see now, I had nothing to worry about. You won't be ready for decades."

"When I am, your doorstep will be the first one I am at." Bo wanted to stand, to physically show her power, but Lauren's panicked facial expression caused her to stay seated. She didn't like being on the other side of the table across from her own wife. The lack of intimacy at this massive table was so apparent. When she did finally decide to become queen, there was no way she was sitting anywhere not near her wife.

This was the moment that Bo finally realized that she was not going to do this alone. She and Lauren would rule together.

Bo finally understood what this meant, and she relaxed for the first time since walking in this house.

"Do not be surprised if I am the most defiant." There was something about the way she said it. It was more in her tone and body language than her actual words. Bo couldn't decide if she should honestly be worried. There was an almost defeated rebelliousness behind it, like a teenager who was finally winning the same argument with her adopted parents about going to the dance with her boyfriend. That was the last time she had talked to Sam and Mary Dennis. They had the same tone then that Mrs. Lewis had now.

"I won't be a bad ruler."

"I never said you would be." Angela closed her eyes to seemingly calm herself. When she opened them again, her eyes held a warning tone. "There are so many fae who will try to murder you and your family just because you are the one true queen. Nobody ever expected this day to actually come."

"Well, it hasn't yet." Bo looked across to Lauren, trying to understand why Lauren was shutting off her emotions again. Vex had sat down on his own at the opposite end of the table, and Briann was in a cushioned high chair beside Lauren.

"When I discovered that Lauren would be the one to change the world, I was excited to know I would be a part of making fae history. It was why I decided to marry William and have a child with him." Angela barely touched her food, much like Lauren. With such a grand feast, it seemed wasteful to not eat. Vex seemed to agree with her, as he had already devoured his entire cornucopia of plates place in front of them. Bo looked down at her own empty plates and glasses, surprised they were still sitting there or not refilled. "The day you learn your child is going to be royalty is amazing, but the day it actually happens; the day you realize just what danger that entails? I love my daughter, but I hate that she chose this. I hate that she chose you. You have no real precedence in the fae or human world other than being a rogue succubus who happens to have a good bloodline."

"I will never let anything happen to your daughter or your granddaughter." Bo knew she was going to spend the rest of her life being on alert even more now. If anyone tried to harm her family, Bo knew she would go crazy inferno bitch on them. She had no control over her powers yet; not the Samael part of her, at least.

"I know that you'll try." Angela did genuinely smile, though she almost scolded herself for doing so. It was strange to witness. "All you have done is put events into motion that will guarantee you will die trying."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Bo could sense fear shoot through Lauren, which made her curious if her wife knew something she didn't.

"Exactly what I said: You will die trying." She nodded to the servant to come and take her plate of half eaten fruit, oatmeal, and toast away. Bo just silently watched as the rest of the plates were removed from the table. For some reason, the normally confident succubus lost her voice and nerve around this woman.

"This is your granddaughter then?" Lauren was sitting with so much posture and poise, mimicking her mother. It felt odd being in this house and seeing her wife as someone else. Bo was never happier that Lauren had escaped this prison; it definitely felt worse than literal enslavement from the Light Fae.

"Of course she is my granddaughter. She is fae and heir to the throne once your mate gets herself killed." Mrs. Lewis turned to Lauren so casually, as though she had never reprimanded her daughter for speaking out of turn and with such a snippy tone. Bo was impressed that her wife even managed to speak out this much to her mother. "She can still be molded."

"You won't have anything to do with raising Briann. If you think I'll let you anywhere near our daughter, then you are crazier than I thought." Bo found her voice finally, as she felt her eyes flash and body flush from anger. "Crazier than Vex."

"Easy now, succubus." Vex only pretended offense, but Bo did not have time to play with him.

"There is no way I will let you treat our daughter the way you treated Lauren." She steeled her eyes towards the other woman, making sure there was no question in her tone or posture.

"Come now, Isabeau. I must have done something right, or you wouldn't be threatening me right now. You wouldn't have Lauren right now." Angela motioned for all of the remaining servants to leave the room. They did so without question. This was definitely a woman who ruled with an iron fist. "You love my daughter; that much is clear. I would be a horrible Hestian if I didn't say that made me happy to know my oldest daughter is loved that much. You declared fae marriage to her, which is even insane for a regular fae not prone to cheating on their spouse. None of my other children, who were actually fae, even did that. You are either the dumbest succubus on this planet, or you already know what I know."

"Why does everyone assume I'm going to cheat? I am a succubus, sure, but I am also quite fulfilled at home. Why do I have to cheat to be happy?" Bo was aware that she checked out other people, and she knew that Lauren was aware of this. There was even the occasional desire or lust-filled thought. She wasn't that naïve. She couldn't deny that she wanted to have sex with other people sometimes, but she knew that was the succubus talking and not Bo herself. No matter how much she loved Lauren, Bo knew that turning her nature off was impossible. It was acting on those thoughts that would be a problem. She had no direct intention to ever do this. She wasn't kidding about being fulfilled at home. There was a reason she was careful when she took on new clients and cases; she didn't want to need to heal elsewhere. She didn't have a need to prove everyone wrong; she didn't need to prove that she was capable of monogamy. Bo already knew she was.

"Briann is lovely. She is a wonderful addition to the family, and I hope you will consider bringing her back to meet her grandfather. This is William's only biological granddaughter. He has been waiting to meet her since we discovered you were pregnant." Angela coughed lightly, but it still startled Bo. "Lauren, have you made any progress on the reversal serum? Now that you know your freedom will come sooner than later, there is no need to let your brother and sisters stay human and die unnecessarily before their time."

"I have been looking into it, yes." Lauren was working on making her family fae again? Why was this the first time Bo was hearing about it? Maybe she needed to start visiting the lab more often, or at least start asking more questions about what the doctor actually did. By the way Lauren was avoiding eye contact with her and playing with her hands, Bo knew this lack of information was done intentionally. Did Lauren not think she would be okay with it? She wasn't sure that she was okay with it, but the thought that Lauren wouldn't talk to her about it upset Bo. "It is all hypothesis at this point. I am running tests, but nothing conclusive yet."

"If you need Hadley, she can be found." Mrs. Lewis actually showed some worry in her facial expression. It was barely there and lasted for a split second, but Bo caught it. She always found herself on high alert around any of Lauren's family. She was even more alert around Gram lately; after not telling them about the ritual coronation, Gram was still in hot water with Bo about keeping secrets. So was Trick, which was why she had not visited the Dal that often these past few months. She could use Briann as an excuse, but in all honesty, Bo was still confused and hurt at how easy people kept big ass secrets from her. Now, Lauren was keeping big things from her, too? Of course she wanted to find Hadley; especially now that she had an urge to punch something or someone.

"We have feelers out on her, but we've been a little occupied elsewhere." Bo knew that knowing what your enemy was up to, even if it was boring, was just as important as fighting the current threats. Maureen and Roger had proven themselves not to be threats, but Hadley was still up for debate. When she didn't show at the holiday party at Gram's, Bo knew she had to reopen the case of the missing sister-in-law again.

"Lauren was an easy baby." Angela seemed proud of that fact, and Bo could imagine Lauren being an easy baby to care for. Briann was starting to get a personality, and she was quite vocal, especially when it came time to protest sleep.

"Briann takes after Bo then." Lauren's slight chuckle did cause Bo to relax a little. If Lauren was capable of relaxing in this house, then surely she could. "I am working on it; I promised Roger."

"When did you do that?" Bo hated when she was the last to hear about things, especially things she should know.

"When I went to see him, to get him to help you get out of…your incarceration." Lauren looked at her mother, obviously not sure if the woman knew about Bo being in jail. Based on her amused expression, she was well aware and definitely not surprised. Being in prison did not help her if she ever did want to win her mother-in-law's approval. "I made him a deal that I would work on the formula after the baby was born if he helped get you cleared of all charges."

"That bastard totally played me." Bo could only chuckle in admonishment. Of course that was why he helped her. His reaction when she presented him with the dagger made even more sense now. He had seemed so pro-Lauren out of the blue. No wonder he was nice to them without warning. She turned her attention on Lauren, trying her best to keep her anger in check. "We'll be talking about this later."

"I'm sure you will be." Mrs. Lewis seemed extremely amused now, as she volleyed her attention back and forth between them. Bo kept her eye contact strong on her wife, sending vibes to let her know she was hurt. Lauren seemed to respond with a sense of guilt, so at least she did feel bad about not telling her. "There are some boxes that I laid out in your old room. You should take them with you. We have no use for them anymore."

"You mean I still have a room here?" Lauren seemed honestly surprised. There was not any sarcasm to her tone, though Bo sensed there was in her wife's mind.

"I have some business to attend to in my study. Your father should be calling shortly, and I will send him my regards." Angela was scary, as she looked at Vex. "Your manny can wait in the kitchen with the rest of the help. I don't want a Dark fae roaming around the house and soiling the place." Bo was surprised that he didn't retort. Instead, he stood from the table and walked away with one of the servants. To his credit, though, he didn't seem to mind that last part. Her succubus nature had been picking up on the sexual vibes those two had been sending throughout brunch. It was kind of disturbing to watch Vex try to subtly flirt. Subtle was apparently not a word that Vex applied well. He did get points for trying, though.

It was still not as weird as when she had to watch him flirt with Kenzi and vice versa, though. She was the succubus, but Kenzi was the one with all the suitors. Hale was number one, and Kenzi seemed to let him be. She seemed to trust him with Alexie more than the others. While she did spark with Hale quite a bit, Kenzi's spark with him was more love and friendship based. She sparked with Dyson and Vex, but it was completely different and based on pure lust. Bo was glad her best friend was getting so much attention; it was much deserved. That didn't mean it wasn't weird to watch, even if the young woman never did anything beyond the seemingly harmless flirtation and innuendo.

"Feel free to take your family on a tour. You know the rules in this house. Nothing has changed since you were here last." Mrs. Lewis stood from the table and walked over towards Briann. Lauren stood and picked their daughter up from the high chair and presented her to her mother. Bo immediately stood in defense, ready to hop across this massive table if she needed. Mrs. Lewis held the baby, squeezing in an uncharacteristically loving hug. Bo noted that she even closed her eyes and inhaled the fresh baby lotion scent. It was something she did herself often enough that she recognized the action for what it was. Angela Lewis was lovingly welcoming her granddaughter into the family. "Briann Lewis, welcome to the family."

"Thank you, Mother." Lauren was hiding her emotions from the outside world, but Bo could tell how angry, jealous, and relieved her wife was from this one simple hug. Mrs. Lewis handed Briann back to Lauren, but not without placing a warm hand on her daughter's shoulder. Lauren instantly relaxed and felt loved and part of the family; Bo recognized it as the Hestian's touch.

Lauren stared after her mother, keeping her emotions in check until the woman had left the room. When her mother was gone, Lauren moved around the table to stand next to Bo. Briann was slapping her mother's cheeks, but Lauren stayed emotionless. Lauren quietly guided them through the house, and Bo could tell there was a dam about to burst once her wife did let her emotions show.

At least this meeting had gone better than the first.