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Let's hope I didn't.

Anyway, Thanks a lot to TheBlackSeaReaper who made sure this story don't have a mistake each word I wrote and who was so fast to answer and correct this story.

I can only hope you will like It.

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After living a long time, Luffy, the Pirate King, dies and is reborn as Harry Potter. You should have the rest of the crew reborn as well and around the same time as Luffy. Boa Hancock should be reborn as well. They will be reborn with all of the powers intact. Luffy and Boa should be paired up, but anything goes with the others. They are all accept to Hogwarts. Boa's familiar should be Salome. The Dursleys have to dump him at some orphanage where the others are at. One Rule: If you do accept this challenge, try not to abandon it.

So until now it's an LuffyXHancock with Luffy'sHarry story and slight romance and violence (mangeurs de mort, BIG bad snake, robber-of-death...).

«Then Captain, what will you do ?»

Two men were sitting in a bar, a few drinks in front of them. Both seemed old but even time wasn't able to dull their charisma. The one who spoke was simply frightening, his piercing look, his always sharp observations and the way he would smirk before fighting really scared everybody around him.

Or at last the ones who didn't knew him.

He only had one eye, the other scared close. his hairs were white but once upon a time they had been green, he also had a lot of scars all around his body : his face, hand, legs...

Only his back seemed to have been more or less free of injuries. And he was proud of it : 'A wound on one's back is a shame of a swordsman' was what he said. He only had one sword now, younger he always carried three.

They where precious to him, more so the 'Wado Ichimonji' he had when they met.

When the swordsman came one day without his sword some of his friends worried asked him what happened : 'I found someone who will surpass me' he answered with a predatory smirk. And he was right. A few years latter a young man full of life claiming he would be the new Pirate king appeared with a woman as young as him holding a katana with a white saya.

It was the day the best swordsman in the world and first mate of the Pirate king Roronoa Zoro lost his title and left arm. Nobody in the crew where upset, all of them knew that Zoro already had reached his goal when he had defeated Dracule "Hawk-Eyes" Mihawk and took the title of 'Greatest Swordsman in the World' for twelve years.

Since this day he only fought with one sword in his right hand but was feared anyway, his strength even weakened was still frightful. In front of him was a smiling old man, his hair where still greyish, he also had his lot of scars but not as many as Zoro. Monkey D Luffy and second Pirate king in history didn't change that much since his youth.

He was the one who fought openly the World Government, he was the one who stood against the Nobles again and again, he was the one who made the famous man-hating woman Pirate Empress Boa Hancock fell in love, he was the one who found the One Piece Gold D Roger left behind him. Yes, the now laughing old man was known by the whole world. And even with that he still was the same idiot who get lost, find trouble and is lead by his stomach... Or his heart.

«You already know that Zoro, don't you ?»

His smile became more nostalgic, it would have surprised a lot of people to see him like that, not fully smiling but not completely serious either. He had done a lot of things during his life and never regretted anything. He helped all his nakamas to reach their goals :

Jinbei as promised had joined once his 'unfinished business' had been taken care of. With Luffy's and the other's help of course. He fought for understanding between fishmen and humans until his last breath on the Fishman Island, or so is said. Nobody found out what really happened.

Brook met Laboon again and was known as the best musician in the world. He had done a tour each time a crew member died until his own death, in his sleep near Laboon himself.

Franky took care of the Thousand Sunny until the both of them fell in pieces. At this point he transformed the old boat in a big museum in Water 7 but he always said that if he needed it both of them could take the sea anytime. Sadly one day, even his cola wasn't able to fully restart him. Since he was a cyborg and loved his boat dearly he made himself a part of the Thousand Sunny and fell in a deep, deep sleep.

Nico Robin found and deciphered the Rio Poneglyph, She then rebuilt Ohara with the help from a few friends such as Nefeltari Vivi, the queen of the Alabasta Kingdom or the infamous Monkey D. Dragon... She was the first to die, surrounded by her nakama and children. She fell ill and it was too late even for Chopper to do anything. She ended feeling the love of her friends and family with a smile on her lips.

Tony Tony "Cotton Candy Lover" Chopper came back at Drum Island to be with Kureha after traveling around the world with his crew and stayed there after her death. He taught everything he knew to whomever asked him to learn and passed his beliefs : 'No Disease is Incurable'. Of course, sometimes you can't save a life, but it doesn't mean that you won't be able to save the next one. He was still alive but didn't travel around the world anymore, he was nearly as old as 'Doctorine' and even with his amazing research on illness he was still mortal, his end was near and he knew it.

Sanji finally found the All Blue, she couldn't be placed on the map because she moved. All of them where really surprised to find out. Sanji decided to take care of the Baratie after Zeff but regularly went to find All Blue again. When people asked him what he was doing, he simply said he was searching for All Blue again, some of them decided he was a fool, others believed him, but since he never cared about what people said or thought of him it didn't matter. He took also a few apprentice like Zeff did to him. He was happy with his life and has grown old. That is until he lost his life saving his newest 'shitty good for nothing brat' during a hurricane. Both of them where always getting on each other's nerves and their clash always reminded him his and Zeff's. Maybe it was why he saved the child. And the fact that th boy's dream was to 'find All Blue' too.

Usopp came back to Syrup Village where he boasted about his traveling. Of course the only ones who believed him were Ninjin, Tamanegi, Piiman, Kaya and Merry. Surprisingly the mayor Mornin believed him too. He explained that Yasopp was exactly the same, nobody seriously thought the man could be a known pirate and nobody in their island knew. Except them of course. Usopp stayed seven years before traveling with Luffy for a few more years. He was now a proud Pirate and grandpa. Sometimes his wife Kaya came with him during his trips, It was their 'honeymoon'. They both died from old age near each other.

Nami finally made her World Map and proudly began to sell it around the world. She was now incredibly rich but kept traveling. She was always searching for new islands or changes to update her map. Nojiko and her ended up adopting children after Nami found them during one of her trip. They had nowhere to go, their village was destroyed during a civil war and the girl couldn't let them all alone. After that she stayed at Syrup Village and took care of them. Once they where old enough to make their own choices she traveled again. She sadly died during an eruption as she tried to help the civilians to escape. She was the third of their Nakama to die.

Zoro followed Luffy even after the loss of his arm, Him and Luffy were always together. Even when Luffy had his first kid. But he too finally decided to settle somewhere. He made his own Dojo where he began to teach to the ones who had enough resolve to met him and was up to his standards. He was a little awkward with children but surprisingly the ones he taught being mostly orphan saw him as a fatherly figure.

Luffy finally understood why Hancock always seemed to be ill when she was with him and also took some time to understand why HE was feeling 'ill' when he was with her. That was something quite fun to watch. Luffy, the first man to be allowed to live in Amazon Lily and the husband of the Snake Princess was a strange man. Even for the ones who knew him... More so for the ones who knew him. To say the truth none of his friends believed that he could understand what 'falling in love' means, let alone having kids. They even had doubt someone ever gave him 'the talk' and seriously thought one of them should do it. But it happened, he took care of them the best he could and let them be whatever they wanted. Marine, Pirate, Queen... It was their own choice.

He had been really happy all his life. But now he was old. Really, really old. He was great-grandpa and his Hancock died a few days ago. He had been sad, and for the first time in his life he had nearly wished he died... Nearly. He knew he didn't have a lot of time before his own death anyway. Zoro was the same.

«I do.»

Luffy looked in Zoro's eye and said :

«I'll go tomorrow, I want to end where it began.

-I'll go.

-Thanks Zoro»

Nothing else was said, there was no need. Tomorrow, they will end it.


«Hey Luffy.

-Hey Coby !»

Luffy smiled to his long time friend as if he wasn't surrounded by Marines ready to fire the new bullets made specially for him. Unlike the ones which only bounced on him those could easily pierce his skin. Zoro was already in a bad shape, sitting behind Luffy he seemed part-asleep or barely conscious.

Ever since both of them set a foot in Dawn Island they had been attacked by Marines again and again. Their destination was Foosha Village and everybody knew it. Little by little, scratch after scratch they kept going until they reached the now famous Partys Bar where Makino had worked. In there they got even more severe injuries, until Zoro sat down, not able to keep going. Now, Coby was standing proudly, in front of them, looking at the same time sad and happy.

«You kept your promise Luffy.

-And you yours, but I heard you had retired to take care of your Grandson, why are you here ?

-I always said I would be the one to get you, I couldn't be away now, could I ?

-Shishishi. That's right, thanks.

-Where is Helmeppo ?

-Oh, Zoro, you're still awake ?

-Of course I couldn't let you alone Captain, you're too much of an hassle.

-Hey !

-He said he had work but I think he simply couldn't stand the sight of what will happen. He is much more sensitive then he would like to be and show.

-Ooooh ! Then, say hi to him OK ?

-Yes... Hey, Luffy, could we spare one last time ?

-Of course Coby, show me that you didn't lost your strength !»

As the two friend/foe where about to fight each other Zoro seemed to slowly fall unconscious. And then Luffy and Coby began to fight.

« GomuGomu No-"

« Soru-"

Monkey D Luffy's final battle began this day.


Luffy's breath was short, his wounds were deadly but even like this, unable to move on the ground he kept smiling. Zoro wasn't moving anymore, he seemed to have his last nap. A long, long one.

«Well, seems like I'm dead, ne Coby ?

-Luffy... Thank you for being my friend. Do...Do you think we will see each others one day ? And be friends again ?

-What are you speaking about ?

-Of course, you're right it was stupid to think something like that, I'm sorry I...

-Whatever happen you'll always be my friend !


Coby was left speechless by his ever smiling friend. He took a look in his eyes finding the always absolute faith in them and smiled too. Luffy let a laugh ring out with his last breath.

Coby then knelt next him and closed the eyes of the Ex-Pirate king.

«See you later Luffy.»


Far, far away from there.

Where Pirate no longer sail on the sea.

Where there is no such a thing as Devil Fruit.

Where human aren't used to train themselves until they can lift an elephant.

But where you could find werewolf, dragons, goblins and most of all wizards.

A baby was taken into his father's arms as his mother smiled gently even if both of them where a little startled.

Their little boy didn't cry at his first breath. Harry James Potter Shishishi-ed to welcome his new life...