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Wings of Destiny: Book One

Spirits of Atlantis

Chapter I

Ghosts of Yesterday


Blood flowed everywhere. In the waters. On the lands. Everywhere. No sounds were made except the running footsteps of a desperate girl, looking for her lover.

"Van!" Hitomi cried in fear. She raced down the burned and dead country of Fanelia. Everywhere was blood and smell of death. The buildings crumpled, and the skies rained of blood. The horrible stench was everywhere.

"Van! Van where are you?" she called to the dead country. She continued to race toward the castle. The blood like rain descended from the fire red sky. Her eyes searched for the signs of life. But found nothing.

The young girl dashed up the steps of the crumpling Fanelian castle. The building seemed dead and abandoned, just like the rest of the country. And the smell of death was getting stronger and more intense with each step up the lifeless castle.

Hitomi turned at she reached to top of the stairs. She ran down a deep corridor. And as she kept running, it got darker and darker, until everything was gone, and then there was only darkness.

Hitomi stopped as she saw a figure through the darkness. She slowly walked forth to the form in the darkness. "Van," she suddenly cried out.

Indeed it was Van Fanel. He was the same man Hitomi loved, but his ruby eyes portrayed nothing. Not even his soul.

"Van?" whispered Hitomi, "It's me Van. I've come back." The raven haired man said nothing. Slowly, a pair of wings burst from his back. They were stained with blood, and his chest was bruised and cut.

The emerald eyed girl gasped in surprise and fear. "Van, what happened?" she inquired, "Your wings, they're covered with blood."

The young man said nothing, but kept his soulless eyes on the love of his life. His eyes seemed sad and empty. "Oh Van," whispered Hitomi, tears slowly pouring from her eyes.

As she stepped forward to Van, flames of fire arose all around. Hitomi watched in fear and helplessness as her lover burned. "I'm sorry Hitomi," said the young man at last, "I could not stop the Darkness." And then he was gone.

"Van!" cried Hitomi, tears streaming down her cheeks. Then suddenly, the ground gave way, and Hitomi fell through an endless darkness. This time, she had no angel to save her and she was engulfed in darkness. Body. Mind. Soul.


Hitomi suddenly woke in cold sweat. She rubbed her temples and sat up from her bed. Her breath slowed down and she looked toward the clock. It read 2:46 AM. Letting out a groan of frustration, she got up and headed down stairs for a glass of water.

It had been nearly two years since this young girl was whisked away to that mysterious world that no one could see. Her time on Gaea had brought her many memories, and the most precious thing of all, her first true love.

It was on Gaea that Hitomi Kanzaki met Van Fanel. At first, the raven haired boy seemed rude and insensitive. But as time passed, Hitomi's feelings for Van changed. And this lanky, raven haired boy had become Hitomi's first love. He was her soul mate and one true love.

But that was quite some time ago. Two years to be exact. And alot of things had changed. Now at the age of 17, Hitomi Kanzaki was not that teenager who told fortunes anymore.

Hitomi enter her bedroom, careful not to wake her parents or brother. She sat down on her bed, took a gulp of water and stared at herself in the mirror across from her bed.

With her hand, she brushed through her sandy blonde hair, now chin length. She placed the glass cup on her bed side table and stood up once more. Hitomi studied herself in the mirror. Besides the length of her hair, Hitomi had become much more mature over the las two years. Her body had more curves, and she looked more like a woman.

Hitomi gave a loud sigh as she rubbed her temples. She squinted her eyes as she relived her nightmare. "Why do I keep having that same dream?" Hitomi asked herself.

For the last several nights, Hitomi had been having the same horrifying dream. It had always been the same dream. With the vision of Van and Fanelia, and it always ended with her falling into that same deep darkness.

Hitomi sighed heavily as she crashed down on her bed. "It has been two years. So why would I still have visions?" she asked herself, "In two years I haven't had any visions or premonitions, so why now? Why?" Though she did not want to admit it, inside her heart, a great fear started to build up.

Hitomi closed her eyes, trying not to think about the dream, and soon, she had fallen back to sleep. No matter how much she denied herself, Hitomi could feel that something terrible was coming. Something evil and horrible. And she was afraid, very afraid.


"Hey Hitomi. Yoo hoo? Anyone home?" A hand waved across Hitomi's face as she looked across the track field.

Hitomi looked up. A girl with deep brown hair and amethyst eyes staired back at her. "Oh sorry Eriko, I was just daydreaming," answered Hitomi.

Eriko Ayasaki looked suspiciously at Hitomi. The brunnette grunted and sat down next to Hitomi. The track team was having their practice run for the competition tommorow, and Hitomi was not in the mood for running. That dream just kept coming back into her mind.

"You really shouldn't be daydreaming you know," said Eriko as the mens' team prepared for the 300m, "You should focus on your running, and Yukari is really going to be pissed when she gets here. Forget Yukari, Aki-san is going to be really angry."

Eriko gave a heavy sigh as she noticed her blonde friend was not paying attention to anything she just said. "Hitomi, did you hear what I said?" questioned Eriko. Hitomi looked up at Eriko and gave her a small smile. "Sorry Eriko, I just keep having this weird dream and it's kinda driving me nuts," answered Hitomi.

"Well, tell me about it then," said Eriko enthusiastically, "I love those mystical and paranormal kinda stuff! I think it's so cool." Hitomi suddenly looked skeptical. Eriko is really going to make a big deal if I tell her about my dream, thought Hitomi, I almost forgot how superstitious she is.

"It's really nothing Eriko," answered Hitomi serenely, "Just some fantasy, that's all." Eriko looked a little disappointed, but said nothing. She knew Hitomi was lying, but Eriko Ayasaki was never one to pry.

"Well, too bad," said Eriko, "Anyways, did you choose a topic for your Literature assignment yet? I have." Hitomi shook her head as she mens' team sped off. "What did you choose?" asked Hitomi.

A big grin suddenly plastered over Eriko's face. It seemed as if she had been waiting for someone to ask her that all day. She gave a loud sigh as she continued, "Well, I've decided to base my literature report on a myth," Hitomi rolled her eyes with a smile, "It's based on this old Greek mythology dating back to the year 666 B.C. I did a lot of research over the weekend and everything, and thanks to my grandfather's old books and the net, I found out some pretty cool things."

Eriko gave a proud smile at her knowledge. "Continue," answered Hitomi. She knew Eriko was waiting for her to say that.

"My project is base on the island of Atlantis," said Eriko. Hitomi's eyes narrowed as she heard the mention of Atlantis. "From what I've heard, it said that in around 666 B.C, Atlantis was a prospering country and had invented several new technologies. Some of today's inventions are even base on some of those.

It was said that when the year 666 B.C arrived, Atlantis just disappeared. No one ever found out what really happend, but from the myths told, it said that the people of Atlantis created a machine that brought them their destruction."

How--how come this seems so much like the story about Atlantis on Gaea? wondered Hitomi.

Eriko continued, "They say that the people of Atlantis tried to create a machine that would equal them with the Gods and the Angels. But I've also heard that it wasn't the people that persuaded the creation of that machine, but a dark force.

Well, they say that in the land of the Gods, a war raged between the Angels and the Gods for domination of the Earth. They say that, the people of Atlantis was some how brought into this war, and with the help of the Gods they created a power greater than that of the Angels, the humans and the Gods.

This power was so strong it had to be separated just to be controlled. They say the Atlantians separated that power into seven parts. But they say that the Goddess of Vengeance, wanted that power to herself, and she became evil and that power drove her to the depth of her darkness. She promised that if she could not have the world, then it will be cover with darkness so no one could have it. And she summoned the seven powers all together.

No one, no God or human or even Angel could defeat the Darkness. It slowly caused wars all over the Earth. Thousands and hundreds of people died at their own hands. Covered with the Darkness.

The Angels and the Gods decided that in order to save everything and everyone, God, human or Angel, they must find a way to over come the Darkness. Since the Darkness was created from seven different powers and the Goddess of Vengeance, so the only way to defeate them was to separate them.

But you know, they had to find a way first. So, with all their powers, they created something, I'm not sure what, but it was something. I think they called it the light, or something.

They say that this Light, this something, sealed the Darkness, separated the power into seven parts and kept our world safe. But when it was all over, a Seer predicted that the Darkness would rise again, in three millenniums.

So, in order to make sure the Darkness is defeated, the Gods changed that Light into a human and made sure they would be reborn every time they died. They gave the Seer the position as the Keeper of the Histories, and granted this Light a protector.

So up until this century, nothing yet has happend. But from the Star calendars I've been reading, I think this year is the year that this Darkness would rise again."

As Eriko finish, she blushed at the sight of Hitomi's shocked and surprised face. "And you found all that out over two days?" asked Hitomi. Eriko nodded, a blush still on her face. "You sure read fast you know that Eriko," said Hitomi.

But that wasn't really what surprised Hitomi. From the information Eriko just told her, it seem that this story was very much similar to the Atlantis she heard about. But it this myth was true, then she had a feeling it won't be on Earth this time.


The sun had began to set over the horizon. The track meet had ended, and Hitomi was dead tiered. Though the day has come to an end, the fear inside Hitomi was still there.

Hitomi stood, in blue over-alls and a white T-shirt, looking across the water. The shining light from the sun danced across the water in ripples. It sparkled and it moved, changing with each minute of the setting sun.

Hitomi tugged on her duffle bag, looking across the water. The dream seem to frighten her more and more with each passing minute. It couldn't be a vision could it? thought Hitomi, It has been two years. I shouldn't be having visions now.

As she continued to watch the rippling water, the image began to fade. Hitomi was suddenly surrounded by darkness. "What is happening?" she cried.

You have a gift my child. A gift so very special that not many has it. You are destined for greatness Hitomi.

"What?" questioned Hitomi, "Who's there? Please tell me. What is going on?"

Patience young one. You seek for an answer. But the answer you already know.

"What answer? I don't understand," said Hitomi anxiously, "W--who are you?"

Who am I is not important right now. You will meet me in due time. You seek the answer to your question. A question you asked not knowing it. A question in which you want to deny. A question you can answer. So tell me Hitomi, what is the question?

"The question?" said Hitomi dully, "Is evil coming?"

And the answer Hitomi? Tell me, what is the answer. You know it. I know you do. What is the answer?

"The answer," stated Hitomi, "The evil is coming. To Gaea. To Van."

Your destiny waits for you Hitomi. To the place it all started, will bring you to where it finishes.


As quickly as her vision came, it disappeared, and Hitomi was left staring at the setting sun and the colours of the water.

"It was a vision," muttered Hitomi, "I'm sure of it." Hitomi thought about the last sentence the mysterious voice had said. "To the place it all started, will bring you to where it finishes."

"What did that mean?" wonder Hitomi, "To the place it all started? Will bring you to where it finishes? What could that possibly mean?"

And suddenly, a thought came into here mind. Where everything started. Gaea and all. That's the school track! Where I first met Van. To where it finishes. Does it mean Gaea?

With no time to think clearly, and feeling sure of her idea, Hitomi started running toward her school. As she got closer, the light from the sun was getting lighter and lighter. By the time Hitomi had reached the track, the sun had set and it was night.

She estimated the spot where she had first crashed into Van, Hitomi stood at that spot and looked up at the starry sky. The stars danced, and Hitomi waited. For something. Anything.

"I'm here!" Hitomi cried to the sky, "I'm here at where it all started. Where I first met Van! So take me back to where it will finish. Gaea!"

Hitomi continued to stare at the sky, though no voice or anything at that, gave her an answer. Nothing changed. But Hitomi continued to stare at the dark sky. Wishing, hoping for someone, something, anything to take her back to Gaea. So she could protect Van from whatever that was coming.

Finally, it seemed to Hitomi that nothing would happen. Her head dropped as she looked toward the ground. "Maybe it was just a dream," muttered Hitomi. But in her heart, Hitomi knew that her vision was real, and true.

Suddenly and slowly, a small light started to form across Hitomi's chest. It grew and grew. With one mighty shine of a bright blue light, a pillar of light descended from the sky and slowly lifted Hitomi toward the sky. Toward Gaea.

"I'm coming Van," whispered Hitomi, "I'm coming."


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