It all started when she came back. Lisanna. I couldn't bring myself to hate her though. She was beautiful, loving, and kind. I could tell she didn't want to hurt me. She always apologized for taking Natsu away. I didn't care anymore though. Only Levy, Master, Wendy, the exceeds, Gajeel, and Juvia noticed me. I was a ghost to them. I started taking solo missions. One day, I took an S-class mission. Master had promoted me to S-class a while ago, yet no one noticed, or cared. Except Levy, Juvia, Wendy, Gajeel, and the exceeds. I collapsed in the entrance of the guild, bleeding. Only they cared. Wendy healed me. The next few days, I stayed home. And no one cared. Finally, I went to the guild.

"Hey, Luce!" shouted a voice. I looked up and saw Natsu coming towards me. Lisanna timidly followed behind wearing an expression stating I'm so sorry. Gray and Erza stood with him in front of me. "So, I was thinking. Could you leave the team for a while so Lisanna can join?" he asked, grinning.

"S-sure." I couldn't believe it. He was kicking me out. It didn't even matter though. I'd been going solo for so long already.

"Yeah, you could get stronger this way, Lucy," Erza suggested.

"And you won't have to worry about your rent!" Gray agreed.

I just mutely nodded. They smiled and went back to their table. Not my team anymore. I rose and slowly walked out of the guild.

"Open, Gate of the Lion, Leo!" I shouted, not even bothering to use my keys. Loke popped up and smiled at me. "Aries!" I shouted before he could begin flirting. "You and her are in love, Loke, now stop flirting!" Then, I told him to take me to a place to make me stronger. He took me to a beautiful waterfall. "Thanks!" I shouted as he went back to the Celestial Realm.

Then, a beautiful, blue dragon emerged from the waterfall. She was ten feet tall and smiled at me kindly.

"Hello, dear. I am Sophia, the water dragon. Why are you here?" she asked.

"I'm Lucy Heartfilia. I wish to get stronger," I stuttered.

"Then come, O Princess Lucy of the Dragon Realm. You shall be the strongest Dragon Slayer of all. Your mother, the Queen, will be proud of you."

Confused, I just climbed onto her back, and she flew through a whirlpool into the Dragon Realm.