Hi everyone! I'm glad if you're following "The Strongest One of All". This is my first ever fanfiction; it's been almost two or three years since I started this. Fairy Tail...has impacted my life a lot. I've tried my hand at other books or manga, but no reviews have been as supporting as those for Fairy Tail. So Arigatou, Minna!

I've finished this fanfiction, and I hope to write more in the future. I've been locked out of my account and email for a while, so I haven't exactly been able to do much. I've looked over my old ideas, and I will keep moving forward! This fanfiction is wholly and completely finished; I love it all the same. I considered a sequel, but I feel that I've finished with this story. If one of you would like to do a sequel, feel free! Hopefully, you can post the sequel on Fanfiction, or you can keep it for yourself.

Thank you for everything! Even if you didn't leave a review, your continued reading is my support!

Let's see each other again someday!