The next morning was a normal affair, tomoe making brakfast and heading off to school with Nanami. he events that transpired last night had not been mentioned, it was as if nothing had ever happened . Mizuki had come in not long after Tomoe had brought them back to the house, he suspected nothing as both Tomoe and Nanami were home. Nanami wasn't very focused that morning, she was still in shock about the previous night. She was numb, all of her thoughts clouded by Tomoe: just Tomoe.



"Aren't you going to school today?"

"Of course!"

"Have you looked at the time lately?" Tomoe said with a smirk

"Oh no! Lets go Tomoe!" And then they headed off for school in a dash.

They ran to school and made it just in time before the bell rang. It was much to Nanami's relief, with everything around her happening so quickly, she wasn't sure if she could keep up. The home period went on without a hitch, Nanami was relieved to see Kei and Ami. It was good for her to spend sometime with her friends, she felt like she hand't spent any time with them lately. Although glad to see everyone, the lessons that followed were not so nice. Both subjects - History and Geography - she had done no prep for the night before, due to Tomoe. She couldn't focus, her mind kept replaying last night and Tomoe's actions. Why would he do something like that? He has to have some sort of a reason, I mean it isn't like he feels something for me... Or could it? Maybe he feels threatened by Tamaki, as he probably caught his scent all over me last night. I mean, i doubt he feels about me romantically, it was probably fuelled by a need to protect. Kurama did say demons had stronger emotions and urges. Or maybe he does like me...? Arrrgghhh I should stop this. Nanami, halt on these thoughts, she thought as she shook her head.

Whilst caught up in her own thoughts, she didn't notice Tomoe's continuous stare. Tomoe had been examining her the whole time. When Nanami finally caught realised what Tomoe had been doing, she didn't know what to do with herself. Unable to meet his gaze, she simply stared at the papers on her desk. Then the bell sounded for lunch. Nanami got up from her seat and made her way to the corridor, Tomoe began to follow her. Almost at once her phone begins to vibrate in her hand, indicating someone is calling her. She picks up to hear a male voice on the other side, it was Tamaki. She stopped in her tracks, silently acknowledging both Tomoe's and Tamaki's presence.

Tomoe in the meantime could hear all of the conversation, including Tamaki's words due to his demon hearing. He began to emit a light growl. The beginning of a similar feeling to jealousy he realised, was setting him off. Nanami chose that time to turn round to speak to him, but he was gone.

Tomoe had made a dash to the roof to try and get some air. Suddenly bumping in to Kurama, he decided to have one of their closet talks. Once alone with Kurama, Tomoe released a large sigh. Kurama looked at him suspiciously for a second and then grinned from ear to ear. Tomoe began to ponder the reason for Kurama's smirk, but was stopped short when Kurama spoke up.

"You're in heat aren't you?"


"You are in heat, I can feel it rolling off from you in waves", Kurama winked at Tomoe then began again, "But I do wonder what has got you so worked up...!"

"None of your business of course, damn tengu!"

"Oh come on now Tomoe, if something has rattled you up this much, something must have happened! I bet anything it has something to do with Nanami." The moment Kurama said her name Tome's heart began to race even more. Tomoe's silence was answer enough to do with Kurama's question. "So I take it it does have something to do with Nanami?" Kurama asked in a teasing tone.


"Perhaps isn't the answer, your silence is more than enough to clarify Nanami was involved! What did she say? Perhaps she confessed her feelings once again?"


"She made a move? Did she get bolder?"


"Well then what got you so worked up?"

"Nothing" Tomoe said through gritted teeth. Kurama smiled again, he knew he was almost there.

"Is it perhaps that there is someone else...?"

Tomoe didn't reply. Bingo, Kurama thought, I guess I hit it the nail on the head. Some sort of competition must have arrived with an interest in Nanami, maybe that interest was reciprocated? I wonder what the fox will do with this situation in front of him. Will he make a move or leave her?

"Guess I guessed correctly. So there is someone else on the scene with regards to Nanami and you are now in heat. This is making you very jealous and overprotective more than usual. It also means you will eventually have to make a move on Nanami, turn the tide and be rid of your heat."

"Make a move on Nanami? Why would I do that...? More to the point, why should that be the only option!"

"You should know all of this...! A demon in heat has to lay with a woman, whether it be demon or not. If not, they become insane and loose all notion of themselves until that desire has been fulfilled. It should ideally be with the one that you hold feelings for, so Nanami, but if the worst comes to the worst, it will be down to the nearest female. However, I do wonder why none of this was communicated to you..." Kurama pondered.

"I have limited knowledge of heat, and although familiar with the notion, I have never gone through it myself."

"Perhaps then Tomoe, when as Mikages familiar, the hear was suppressed because of your contract to him. But with Mikage gone, things have somewhat changed and a different contract has been signed. Nanami also doest not inhabit the powers that Mikage did, nor are the feelings or thoughts that you have for Nanami the same as you had for Mikage. For Nanami, the feelings are somewhat deep I expect. Perhaps she is someone you feel you need to look after, someone your innerself is telling you to act upon? Additionally, she holds feelings for you too, perhaps that was the trigger, having a fertile female around you twenty-four hours a day..." Kurama pondered further out-loud.


"What are you waiting for Tomoe? Go and claim her already, before you loose her like I forewarned you about!" Kurama said with a smirk. With that Tomoe turned on his heals and headed the opposite way. Meanwhile, in the other side of the building Nanami during the lunch break had been chatting to Kei and Ami. She had told them everything that had happened up until then, Tamaki making a move and the Hanai festival. However she left out the Tomoe kiss, unsure if it would be correct to tell them of Tomoe as it could cause more problems than it was worth. Kei was surprised at Tamaki's forwardness as was Ami, but they were both happy with the progress. Although Ami had made a point that started Nanami's brain working with regards to how far the whole 'competition gag' was going to last. She couldn't keep Tamaki strung along, she would need to tell him soon before it got too serious.

The walk home was as normal. Nanami had began to tell Tomoe of yesterday with Tamaki. Upon hearing her tell him of Tamaki's forwardness with kissing her, he seemed to be a bit off. Changing the subject slightly, he enquired about the phone conversation she was having before he left her to speak to Kurama. She told him it was Tamaki who was calling to see if she was free. Tomoe began to loose it. Suddenly summoning the demon carriage they both use frequently, he pushed her in and jumped in afterwards.

Tomoe began to walk towards her growling. Nanami wasn't scared by him, she had supposed this might happen after last night if anything regarding Tamaki was mentioned. "Tomoe...?" Nanami said with a confused tone.

"Who is he?" Tomoe growled out as he approached her. Oh great, is this what I think is happening? He is jealous about Tamaki, about the phone call of all things... I knew I shouldn't of mentioned it. I wonder how he is going to take it? I had better feign ignorance for the time being, probably better that being accused outright. I will tell him in my own time, Nanami told herself as she inwardly smiled.

"Who?" Nanami enquired with a fake-confused look. Tomoe got a little more closer.

"The male you have all over you, you had it all over you last night." His fists shook slightly he paused and gave a breathy sigh. His gaze locked with hers as he took another step towards her. She didn't reply. "Who is he, Nanami?" He was almost by her now. "Nanami?" he whispered as he extended his hand to feel her cheek. She lent into his extended hand, never leaving his gaze. This is very odd for him to display affection such as this, but it is nice. Perhaps he is finally waking up to his feelings...?

"No one important" she replied in a matter-of-fact tone.

"He must be, if he has his scent all over you" Tomoe growled out louder. His hand moved just underneath her chin just so it was cradling it, as his gaze bore in to her own.

"He is a good friend"

"Just a friend...?"

"For the most part..." Tomoe was beginning to loose it, his hand was still under her chin but his other fist was clenched hard. Her scent was surrounding him, almost suffocating him to the blink of insanity. Sure it was pleasant, but the thought of her with another was like a stake to the heart. The pain was to such a magnitude he couldn't imagine it, it made him sick to his core. What bugged Tomoe the most, was the time it had taken him to realise the deepness of his feelings. What was to happen if she wasn't interested, if she had moved on with this human boy named 'Tamaki' - what was he to do then? She would in those circumstances leave and quit being the Land God, with that in mind, Tomoe had come to the conclusion that he could not bear to loose another Master. Especially after coming to feel for Nanami. He dared not say it out loud, what he felt for Nanami. His mind came crashing back to the present after the focus flickering over Nanami's features.

"What does that mean?" He croaked out.

"Don't play stupid" Nanami said in a small tone.

"Well then don't play stupid mind games!?" Tomoe thundered, visibly shaking from their conversation.

"Fine. He is a friend, whom kissed me last night..." Tomoe's fist clenched again, "A friend whom I only got in contact with him to get closer to you..." Realisation hit Tomoe like a wave with what she said. "I wanted you to finally give me some closure to this whole issue of you and I. If you felt nothing, then I was willing to let it all go and perhaps try and love Tamaki, if however you felt something for me, then..." But was immediately cut off by a forced kiss from Tomoe. She was made to eat her words, unable to speak from the force and emotion he put into the kiss. His hand fell to her waist bringing her closer to him, until she was flush up against him. She began to ease herself into his embrace and let herself be surrounded by his presence. She sighed. Perhaps, just perhaps it worked and he has made a decision about his feelings.

To be continued.