After shooting an episode with the Epic Meal Time guys, Anthony and I went to our shared home with some leftovers of Twinkies, Oreo cakesters and other assorted sweets. We were too lazy to get something for dinner and still craving some sugar, we started with the cakesters as our dinner.

He dipped his' in Hershey's syrup, and had a little smear on his lip corner.

i had feelings for Anthony for a while now, i just had vague suspects if he liked me or not, but now I couldn't resist the temptation, and i kiss his chocolate flavored lips.

He kissed me back, rough.

I ate half a Twinkie and placed the other on his mouth, and we make out with warm cream.

Between kisses, caresses, and moans we removed our clothing and left nothing except our boxers.

Anthony removed my boxers and filled my crotch area with whipped cream; he licked my thighs and lower abdomen. It felt so good to be teased so close, but I could not take it any longer and screamed: "Just do it!"

I was in heaven while he licked every inch of my length, and then proceed to suck me, slowly and then faster, it was too overwhelming, I felt myself come near, and as I was close to see the stars, he stopped.

''So... wanna fuck?'' Anthony suggested as he bent down

''Sure who's gonna be on top?''

''You?'' Anthony asked

''Great'' I said with a mischievous smile

Anthony got the lube while I was getting prepared. Anthony wanted to put on the lube on my dick so I let him and I told him to get in position. I started stretching his entrance; he looked a bit hurt but never mind

''Ready?'' I asked him

I was enjoying it and I think Anthony too but he's looking kinda hurt. A few moments later Anthony starts liking it so I moved even faster. He was moaning like crazy.

''OH FUCK IAN'' he said in between moans

I laughed and kept thrusting until I finally came.

''That was amazing'' Anthony said, I leaned in and kissed him gently.

''I feel sticky, wanna to take a shower?'' I suggested

"Ok'' Anthony replied

We both went to the shower and the only thing we did was make out but that was enough for me and Anthony. Then we did washed ourselves and put on our pjs.

Anthony asked if he could sleep in my bed and I told him that what kind of question was that. He chuckled. Then we started snuggling on my bed.

''That was amazing'' Anthony said, I leaned in and kissed him gently.

''Good night Ian'' he said and kissed my lips once again ''good night Anthony'' we both fell asleep our noses touching.

That was the best nigh of my life and it all started with candy for dinner