Mario: Locked In

Chapter One: Remaining people: Daisy, Birdo, Peach, Mario, Waluigi, Wario, Rosalina, Pauline, Yoshi, Toad, Toadette, Luigi, Goombella, and Wendy.

Bowser and D.K. surveyed the Mushroom Kingdom from atop a hill. They smiled as all the toads fled the town, and a huge wall closed in on the fourteen that they would torture. Bowser turned to D.K., "So do you wanna tell them?" he asked. "Sure, you can work 'behind the scenes'" D.K. replied. He slowly walked towards the door into the now locked Mushroom Kingdom. He punched in the code, and entered.

Peach was upset that Mario was with Pauline, somewhere in the mushroom kingdom. If only she had offered to run over to the grocery store with him. She wouldn't be locked in the kingdom without him. He and Pauline were probably making out right now. And she was alone. And panicking because there was no way out of her kingdom now.

Pauline had stormed off after Mario had yelled at her. She was only trying to tell him that Peach was a no good, ugly, fat, evil Princess, and she didn't deserve Mario. Mario had called her rude and then run off, can you believe that? She couldn't. Worst of all, now she was all alone and locked in Peach's kingdom.

The fourteen unlucky ones gathered in the town square. D.K. walked up to them, "Hey guys, I bet that you are all wondering why you have been trapped here inside the mushroom kingdom?" he asked. They all nodded. "Well, I thought that it would be fun if we brought quality T.V. back! We have relocated all of the toads that live within this area, and we are producing a new reality show: The real residents of the kingdom." he smiled. Toadette stepped forward. "What is it?" she asked. D.K. huffed. "I was getting to that." he said. "Anyways, we will put you into groups of seven, and each week we will have a challenge. The losing team will have one of their members go home. You will cast your votes, and so will the toad viewers. They will be tallied by the end of the show. Oh, and the grand prize is... living!" All of them gasped. "Yes, at the end of the show, all the losers will be executed." They all ran off. D.K. blew a whistle. "How many rooms are in your castle?" he asked Peach. "Two hundred bedrooms, at least" she replied. "Cool!" D.K. said. "We're gonna use two. seven in each. Winner each week gets to stay in the best room in the whole castle, all by themselves" They all yelled in outrage, but D.K. just shrugged. "Lunch in ten" he said. "In the dining room. And then, your first challenge." He walked off. The contestants made they're way to the castle and settled down in each of their two rooms.

Peach barged in first. "I'm the winner!" she yelled. Then she jumped on the bed. The others raced into the room and groaned. "Why does she get the bed?" Wendy whined. Daisy, being Peach's best friend said. "She got here first" Then Peach stood up and said, "Lets take turns on the bed. First night:Me" They all nodded in agreement.

In the other room, Mario was sitting on a chair with his head in his hands. Luigi walked in. "Whats wrong?" he asked. Mario shrugged. "Me and Peach were almost gonna go out. But, then Pauline made me go to the store with her. Then,she started saying bad things about Peach... so I left. Now, nobody likes me." Luigi wanted to roll his eyes. Why couldn't Mario find his true love, like he did with Daisy? He had no idea, but he wanted the best for his brother. "I'm sure Peach still likes you" he said. Mario just put his head back down.

They all met in the dining room. There was D.K. and Bowser. "Bowser is going to be our cook" D.K. said. "Show him respect or you'll be on the menu." The contestants all shivered. D.K. walked over to Pauline. "Long time no see, sweetheart." he whispered in her ear. She backed away. Then he made his way back to the front of the room. "Well, lets find out the teams. On one team, or team: Mushroom Power, there is Pauline, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, Toadette, Waluigi, and Rosalina. On the other team, or team: Toad, there is Wario, Mario, Luigi, Toad, Birdo, Wendy, and Goombella." The teams all grouped together. Toad immediately cried out, "Not fair! The other team has all the princesses" Then Peach shot back, "But you have both of the Mario Bros." D.K. nodded. "True" he said, "Now, on to your first challenge. There are thirteen mushrooms in this castle, whichever team finds the most mushrooms wins. One person will not get a mushroom. At least. I would try really hard, or you might be the one going home." The contestants all knew what "Going Home" really meant. Death.

D.K. started the race, and they all ran around the castle searching frantically. Peach raced into her bedroom and pulled open a closet. "Ha ha" she cried. Under her riding suit there was a lump. She pulled up her riding suit and there it was! The first Mushroom. She raced down the stairs, on sheer adrenaline thinking, I could win this thing.

Rosalina was a nervous wreck. She normally was very calm, and peaceful. But, she did not want to go home. So she ran around the castle. It was way bigger than where she lived. She ran for a solid twenty five minutes until she realized that she had just run in a big circle. She was about to give up, and except her fate, but then she sensed something paranormal in the hall next to her, so she walked down it. There, she saw a mushroom. "I must be the first one to find a mushroom" she thought happily. Then she walked around again, trying to find another.

Mario was sprinting around the castle, and going through every secret passageway Peach had told him about, when he came across a chair, out in the open. Birdo was right there. They were both on the same team, so Mario thought they could work it out, but Birdo kicked him right in the stomach. He kicked her back, grabbed the mushroom, and ran off.

The bell dinged for the end of the first challenge. Only 12 mushrooms had been found. Only Peach, Rosalina, Daisy, Mario, Pauline, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad, Toadette, Birdo, and Wario had found one. Which meant that Waluigi, Wendy, and Goombella didn't find one. "Looks like the Mushroom Power wins!" D.K. said. Then he turned to the Camera. "Don't forget to call in and cast your votes on who you think should be voted off. Wendy and Goombella gulped. They knew that one of them was going to be voted off.

Team Toad was gathered around the kitchen table. They had all voted by text message who they wanted to be voted off. D.K. walked in. "Okay, Mario, Luigi, Toad, Birdo, you are safe" The remaining three gulped. Wendy waited for D.K. to call Wario's name. "Goombella, you are also safe" Wendy now knew that she was going home. "The next name I call, will be the name of the last person staying...Wendy" Wario jumped up, with an outraged look on his face. "Oh, you've got to be kidding me" Then a look of realization came over him, as he realized that he had just been sentenced to death. "No, Noooooo" he screamed, as Bowser threw him into the special dungeon just for people who were going to die.


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