Chapter Four, Remaining Characters: Pauline, Yoshi, Peach, Goombella, Wendy, Daisy, Luigi, Mario, Toadette, Toad, and Rosalina

Pauline stepped out of the shower. She looked around. Everyone was staring at her. "What?" she asked them. "Goombella told us that you threw the challenge!" Peach said. "I did not!" she said. "Wait...Goombella told you, but she's stupid!" "Yeah, well, she thought you were blind or something, but we knew what you were up to." Peach said. "Well, where is she now?" Pauline asked. "In her own room" Daisy replied. "She won the challenge, so she got to stay in her own room" Pauline was nervous. "W-Whatever" she said.

Early in the morning, Toadette went over to the boys' room. Mario, Toad, and Yoshi were already up. "Hey, guys" She said. They looked at her. Toad thought she was coming to say hi to him, but then she turned to Yoshi "Yoshi, I need to talk to you" she said. She led him outside. "Pauline has been throwing challenges." she said. "We need to vote her off" Yoshi nodded. He was about to say something, but then the bell for the challenge rang. It was time to go to the dining room.

"Good morning" D.K. said. Goombella walked in, and yawned. "I had the best sleep ever" she said. D.K. smiled. "Yes, last week we started the if you win, you get to stay in your own room, thing. Anyways, today's challenge is...Mario Kart! I'm sure this will be a close challenge considering everybody here has played Mario Kart, at one point or another" Pauline yelled, "Not me!" D.K. rolled his eyes "Whatever, anyways, we are playing for points, like in actual Mario Kart... and it's almost perfect because there are eleven of you! The courses will be...rainbow road and...Mushroom gorge. Okay outside are some vehicles. This is a race to get there first, and pick your vehicle. On your mark, get set, go!" They all rushed outside. When they got outside, they realized that there was only standard karts and standard bikes. Peach jumped on a bike. "Heh heh heh, suckers!" she yelled. Then she revved the engine. Rosalina got a kart, Pauline got a kart, Luigi got a bike, Mario got a bike, Yoshi got a kart, Toad got a kart, Toadette got a bike, Daisy got a kart, Goombella got a bike, and Wendy got a bike. D.K. walked outside. "Okay let's go to rainbow road" he said.

They all opened their eyes and they were in the galaxy, on a rainbow see through track with too many twists and turns. Pauline gasped, "What happens if we fall?" she asked. D.K. laughed. "We wouldn't let you die. We would want to kill you ourselves. Lakitu?" he said. Lakitu flew in on a cloud. "Lakitu will pick you up if you fall." he said. Then he told them where to start from. "ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, GO!" he yelled. They all started.

Peach was in the lead, and she looked in her rearview mirror and saw Luigi gaining on her. She revved her engine and drove through an item box. She looked above her. There was a star waiting to be used. "Activate" she said. She instantly glowed as many colors as the track. Luigi tried to pass her, but she hit him, and he went flying off the track. She laughed. She was so going to win.

Pauline was in eleventh place. She had fallen off three times, and she couldn't even see any of the other competitors. She huffed. She started her engine. She drove into an item box. A bullet bill appeared above her. "Um, go?" she said. She didn't know how to use the items. "Um, start?" she tried to think back to what the other people said when they got an item. "Ummm... activate?" she didn't think that would work. Suddenly she felt herself speeding up. She whipped around the course, and passed three people: Toad, Goombella, and Wendy. She ended up right behind Yoshi, in eighth. She was not doing well, but at least she wasn't purposely losing.

Daisy was in fourth. She was right behind Luigi. She needed to pass him. But, from here she could watch him racing. He was so cute. She couldn't bear to pass him. Just then, Toadette raced past here. "Pay attention!" she yelled. Then, she fell off the side, because she was paying attention to Daisy. Oh the irony! Rosalina speeded past her. "Hey" Rosalina said. Then, she passed Daisy. Daisy was now in fifth. Oh well, at least she and Rosalina were on the same team. She revved her engine and tried to pass Rosalina.

They had all finished their three laps and these were the rankings:












"Oh hey, Pauline's last!" Peach said. "That's surprising". The rest of the team laughed and walked off. Pauline was left there feeling horrible. It wasn't her fault that she lost...this time. She had no idea how to play Mario Kart. But, she had tried her best. For, like, two minutes, she was even eighth. So she felt okay about herself. But, she needed her team to win. Otherwise, she would be going home.

D.K. entered the dining room. "Well, little change of plans" he said. "It seems as if we locked Mushroom Gorge outside of the wall, and even though Rosalina was able to transport us to Rainbow Road, she can only transport us places that are in the galaxy, and we are not trusting you to be outside of the wall... so it looks like this challenge is over"

D.K. and Bowser were sitting in a room together. Bowser was bored because he hadn't done anything all day. "I wish I could've gone to rainbow road with you but... no, Bowser doesn't get to do anything." he said. D.K. sneezed. "You're lucky" he said with a stuffed up nose. "Lakitu coughed on me, and I think I'm sick." Bowser smiled. "Oh, well, that's what you get for not inviting me" he said. D.K. rolled his eyes, and then coughed again. "Okay let's tally up the scores" D.K. said. In the end these were the scores:












Team Toad: 42

Team Mushroom Power: 28

The teams gathered in the dining room. D.K. turned to Team Toad "Congratulations, you have won this challenge" he said. Then he turned to Team Mushroom Power, "You guys have lost, and you know what that means, one of you is going to die..." He turned and walked out of the kitchen.

In the dining room, Team Mushroom power was waiting to see who would go home. D.K. entered, "Okay *cough* the people that are safe are *cough* Rosalina, Peach, Daisy, Toadette, and... Yoshi. Pauline sorry, but to the dungeon with you" he said. Pauline stood up. "What?! I actually tried this challenge, I swear!" she yelled. Peach rolled her eyes. "Sure" she said. Then D.K. escorted Pauline to the Dungeon. She was gone for good... or was she?


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