Chapter One:

Frost Princess

All I can that I was afraid.

The girl floated deep in her silent prison of the frozen pond. Her skin was pale as fresh snow while long spiky white hair tinged with silver fanned out around her like halo. Her clothing consisted of a long brown cloak, a yellow top covered with a boy's brown vest and a pair of brown pants. Her eyes were closed and her body was limp. She looked peaceful. She was beautiful. She looked as though she was sleeping instead of a body whos soul had been claimed by the clutches of death.

Then...the moon came out...and I wasn't afraid anymore.

Suddenly, the full moon's glow flooded through the ice and washed the watery grave in a bright, mysterious light. The girl's eyes slowly opened. They were as deep blue as the purist sapphire.

Next thing she knew, her whole body had broken through the ice's frozen surface. Lungs gulped in large amounts of frozen winter air and coughed as the air painfully but slowly restored them to their full potential.

It was at that moment when she felt only air beneath her bare feet. The girl was floating. Only about three feet off the ground but floating none the less.

As soon as her feet were back on the ice, she caught something at the corner of her eye. Turning around, she saw that it was a long staff made out of wood with a curved head. She bent down and picked it up running her fingers over the smooth bark. To her amazement, it started quickly glowing in a blue glow. Sparks exploded from the bottom and she shielded her face with her arm. Her eyes widened in surprise as new frost spread over the frozen ice. She looked to the staff then to the ice again. A smile came over her face. Walking onto the snow covered bank she tapped a tree trunk with the staff. Frost started covering it almost like magic.

The girl let out a happy laugh. She spent the next few minutes running and flying over the pond, dragging the staff behind her and turning the forest around it into a winter wonderland instantly. She stopped her joyful cavorting for the time being and looked around in wonder at the magical world she had created.

She looked up at the sky, noticing for the first time how bright the full winter moon was.

My name is Jaquelin Frost. I know because... the moon told me