# It's Murder #
Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Water fell from the celing, splashing Gohlolo's face. Groaning, he rolled over. Three days he had been in this cell, staring blankly at the celing, tormented by what he had done. Images from the gruesome scene played over and over in his mind. Her pleading face, the knife plunging through her chest, blood splattering everywhere. Then there were bright flames, engulfing all that he had ever loved.
His grip on the white hat tightened. It was the only thing that had survived the fire, the only thing he had been allowed to bring with him into the cell. It had belonged to her.
A coackroach scuttled across the floor as tears slipped from his eyes. His hand darted over and he picked it up. He pushed himself up and stepped towards the small window before setting the little bug onto the ledge, "Be free" he whispered longingly. As he withdrew his hand it brushed onto a rather sharp rock. An idea formed in his head and he quickly grabbed onto the rock.
A soft whistling was heard in the distance slowly getting closer. As the guard neared his cell, Gohlolo sprang towards the spot he was laying in previously. A look of innocence plastered across his face he gazed up at the door, waiting for the guard to come check on him. The slender keronain pushed open the door and grunted in greeting then pushed a plate of slop into Gohlolo's cell. The door clanged shut and Gohlolo was left in isolation once again.
He pulled the rock out from under him and crawled over to the wall where he slowly started to sharpen the rock even more than it was before.
Hours passed in silence. The only noise, Gohlolo's soft breathing and the scratching of rock on rock.
He pressed the rock onto the tip of his finger and the bead of blood that formed confirmed his theory.
It was time to escape.

(what no im not starting another fic even though my other isn't done. I haven't even started the next chapter yet OTL.)