Jerry November 13, 2006

I was volunteering at the Cemetary at 10:00 p.m. Just at that time I heard a loud scream a few miles away. I just ignored it and kept on doing my work. Walking back to my car which was a few miles away. I didn't complain about the short cardio work out. While walking I went to a place that I wasn't in when going to volunteer. It was the forest. I thought I was lost. Got my phone and got my GPS app. It didn't say where I was. I tried to call the police but there was absolutely no signal. I started to panic, and another weird thing was that I didn't hear any birds passing by or trees rustling. There was no wind. Walking to find the way out, I saw something pass by the trees. It looked tall and dark. Not sure of the size. When I looked at it it just stared at me with a blank stare. I couldn't stop looking at it . I was just so scared. When I was looking at him, everytime I blinked it just got closer by inches. When he was close enough, he grabbed me. I couldn't remember anything after that. That's my story