Ben June 14, 2009

So I had a friend and we used to live in the same house. It was pretty fun, parties, and other stuff,but he got married and move. So I now live alone in my house. It wasn't that scary till 3 months ago. I have a feeling someone is watching me. I sometimes have trouble sleeping. I sometimes sleep out of my house with other friends. Now last week I went back to my house. At night, I see these 2 white eyes out side of my windows. Opening my window, but to see nothing was there. I go back to sleep. A few hours pass and I wake up hearing a loud scratching noise in my window. Checking my window I see nothing. Turning back I see a man, and I just fall start coughing,hallucinating, seeing just small white eyes in my vision. Just can't explain how weird it felt. The "man" took me but I can't remember. It looked dark. I don't remember what happened after that. I woke up and it felt like I was having a hangover, but worse. I'm now afraid of many thing. Barely get sleep now,but my friend lets me sleep at his house now. It helps a bit, but I'm still terrified of the "man" not knowing if he would ever come back. No one knows why I'm scared, and I probably don't want to remind myself of what happened on that day or on those days.