"One without love, no more revisited"

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Chapter 1: "Relishing"




January 5th had such a ring to it. Why? Neither Soubi nor Ritsuka ever wondered. That was the day everything changed. Life always changes, but that day all was for the better.

"I love you Soubi." Ritsuka admitted voice barely above a whisper. Suddenly, he leaned forward and pressed their lips together...

How long ago was that day? It was long ago, but it didn't seem so far away when the thought came to mind.

How old was I back then? 12 wow…

Ritsuka placed his black pen onto the desk and closed his eyes. "Aoyagi-kun pay attention", his teacher snapped.

"Yes sensei"

All the students wondered whose idea it was to make a drill sergeant their math teacher. He never informed them about this, but it was obvious. Always clad in a clean cut, firm pressed dark shirt and pants, shined black boots, hair combed and matted, and huge muscles which made his shirt look tight. Also the way he commanded their attention. He did have a knack for the subject though.

Ritsuka's grades improved and he was able to move on to High School. It was good, though academics were not the most important thing in his life.

The school day complete, Ritsuka walked down the concrete steps. He wore blue jeans and a smart looking black shirt with sleeves. At age seventeen, his face wasn't so child-like anymore.

Soubi caught his eye, and he waved.

Soubi was ageless in appearance- good looking, cool and calm as ever. He wore black pants and a white shirt, and his butterfly earring reflected sunlight.

He still carried that façade in public, both did, but nothing was less-than-true between them anymore.

So much had changed over the years.

Soubi now taught martial arts classes in a nearby college. Kio never did understand how he managed to graduate and achieve a teacher's position, what with missing class so often. The choice did make sense though, since his life was filled with fighting until a few years ago. Ritsuka suggested he teach the skill of protecting oneself and others. It was an odd notion to start with, but after a year or so, it wasn't so strange after all. He especially enjoyed when Ritsuka sat in on his classes.

Meeting his boyfriend at the last step, Soubi took his hand.

People talked less now. Ritsuka was older and they could express their relationship in public. Most folks who were from his old school didn't realize him enough to see this was the "older man" who visited him in the past. If they did realize, no one cared enough to mention it unless during gabbing with their friends.

People would talk if they knew the whole story, or even that Soubi had custody of Ritsuka, and they had been sleeping in the same bed since he was twelve. Yes, that might throw some people off.

Ritsuka no longer cared much about the opinions of others though. Besides, their relationship, their love was no one else's business.

Soubi led him to the parking lot. Sometimes they walked home because Soubi left his small four-seated silver car at the house after coming home from work, but many times he didn't want to waste time he could be spending with his love, so he drove to pick him up.

If people knew about their relationship, they'd be jealous, as their bond was strong, even stronger than many married couples.

Along with that fact, Soubi knew the idea some people had, that saying "I love you" often caused the words to lose their meaning was mistaken. He knew Ritsuka didn't see it that way either.

No, when either said it they meant it.

"I love you Ritsuka" he said, touching his arm.

The dark haired teen smiled "I love you".

Soubi felt deep affection for Ritsuka whenever he thought of a moment they shared, whenever he looked into violet eyes, when he held him, when they laid together in silence, and every instance between.




End of chapter 1



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