Princess Lily's Visit to Kinkow


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Chapter four: To Mt. Spew

Mikayla POV:

"Daddy! Dad! Da-oomph!" I fell down, having run into someone again. I looked up, hoping it would be my dad. No such luck.

"Mikayla! Watch where you're going! Have you seen Brady?" Boomer seemed irritated.

"Actually my king, I was just going to tell you…"

Boomer interrupted. "He cheated at pool, and then ran off with Lanny and Lily. "Lily? That was what I was going to tell you my king! Lily has Brady in custody."

"A janitor?" He looked confused.

"What? No, not a custodian! She captured him! I have to go save that bumbling buffoon!" I began to run towards the throne room.

"Wait, Mikayla! I want to find Brady, too!" He started to follow me. "We can go together and I can pummel him for cheating!"

I shook my head. "I'm afraid not, your majesty. It's far too dangerous. Go to your room, and STAY THERE."

He scowled and mumbled something about thinking the kings were the ones in charge. He walked up toward his room still muttering to himself.

I watched him, to make sure he was listening to me. Once he had made it all the way to his room, I sighed before turning around and heading to the dark side.

Boomer POV:

I spotted Mikayla, and saw that she was leaving the castle. I couldn't help but think that I could be of assistance. I let my mind wander and I remembered what had happened when Lily and Lanny came and took Brady. It was weird.


"King Brady!" Lanny smiled innocently. "Lily would be thrilled if she could take a picture with you. She even has the perfect spot!"

"What about me? Do you want a picture of me?" I asked, desperate for attention.

"Maybe later, your highness." Lily curtsied sweetly then left.

"See ya, Boom! I'm famous now. I'm a KING." Brady smirked self-importantly. "Wha? So am I! I'm your co-king!" I reminded him angrily.

"Yeah, but you're not King Brady, the adorable!" He gloated.

I raised my eyebrows. "Neither are you."

He frowned, and just left. It was bizarre.

Flashback over

I glanced out the window and saw Mikayla's small figure disappear into the dark side forest.

"That's it." I thought aloud. "I'm going after her."

Brady POV:

"Hey guys? Does the picture have to be here?" I glanced around the volcano nervously.

"Wow. Lanny, your letters did not lie. He really is stupid. Is the other one like this?" Lily was starting to sound much less sweet.

"Yes." He answered automatically.

"Hey! I'm not stupid! So, the picture? It has to be in this volcano?" I was having trouble thinking clearly.

Lily sighed and rolled her eyes. "Yes, Brady. It really does. Now stand here."

"Do you want me to pose or… Hey, what are you doing?"

Lily had began to wrap a rope around me.

"Is this part of the picture?" I was extremely disoriented. I thought about running, but I had completely forgotten how to leave. I was very lost.

"Sure." She said in a bored tone. She finished tying me up. Then she began securing me to the ceiling, so that I was hanging upside down above the lava.

"Um, I don't feel so good." I started to get and uneasy feeling. I figured it had something to do with all the blood in my body rushing to my head. "Can you guys let me down?"

"NO." Lanny and Lily said together.

"Let him go." A beautiful, angelic, sweet, sincere… Wait, what was I talking about? Oh, yeah. A gorgeous voice said to let me go! I looked over my shoulder the best I could, and I saw… Mikayla!

"Did you come to save me? Yeah, you did! You're even hotter than the volcano!" I shouted helpfully.

"Shut up, Brady." Mikayla inserted.

"Right!" I agreed.

Lily smirked evilly. "Hey, Mikayla? Come to save your boyfriend?"

Her eyes widened. "N-no! I came to save my k-king!" She stuttered.

"Her king who is also her boyfriend!" I yelled.

"In her king's mind…" I heard her mutter.

Lily laughed. "You want your king? Then come and get him." She lashed out at Mikayla with her machete.

"Stop it Lily. I'm not going to play your little game. Now let King Br-"

She was interrupted by my obnoxious twin. "Don't worry, Mikayla! Your king is here to save you!"

"Uh, you mean co-king Boom!" I glared at him.

"Brady! What are you doing? Get down from there!" He shook his head at me.

"Really, bro? Don't you think I would if I could without DYING?" I screamed in a panic.

"Guys, shut up!" Mikayla snapped.

"So Mikayla? You going to fight back?" Lily taunted.

"What if I don't?"

Lanny beamed. "Then King Boomer and King Brady take a lava bath!"

Mikayla bit her lip. "Fine, Lily. Just let them go."

"Okay." She cut me loose, nearly preventing me from falling. "Lanny, make sure they don't run off!"

"What about falling off?" He questioned hopefully.

"No." She declared calmly.

"What? Wait… You're not the boss of me! I'm older!" He looked frustrated.

"LANNY." She threatened.

Lanny scowled. "Fine… But if she dies… So do they."

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