In all honesty I don't like Gwevin, why? They don't have the chemistry, to me that is. I like Bevin, the history and tension is just so sweet, so easy to exploit. I mean seriously, you can't say there isn't a connection between the two. My sister on the other hand likes Bwen, so part of this Fic will have a bit of competition for Ben's attention (for her sake). Plus it'll add to the whole drama portion of this story.

Rated M for future chapters.

I own NOTHING but the plot. (To bad so sad )

This takes place after Ultimate Alien.


"Kevin, I can't believe you!" Gwen shouted towards the osmosian, her hands placed on her hips, her lips curved in a scowl. Kevin's eye twitched.

"You did the same thing! So don't go yellin' at me!" Kevin threw his hands in the air. Ben watched from a distance, sitting at a bench at Mr. Smoothie with Julie as the two teens yelled at one another at Kevin's car. Julie was talking about some terminate or something related to tennis, Ben didn't quite care. He liked Julie, sure, but he didn't like her. Julie and Ben were just friends, despite what the public thought. Ben was confused, as he watched his cousin and best friend fight over something or another. Recently the two had broken up (Ben had yet to figure it out, they still acted the same around one another, just no kissing), apparently it was mutual. Yet Ben still couldn't figure out why the two were fighting, hell he couldn't hear what they were even yelling about he just sighed, looking out at the street watching everyone move about.

Gwen crossed her arms over her chest, growling slightly as she glared at her ex-boyfriend. Kevin glared back, obviously not backing down. Gwen got an idea, she smirked evilly at the osmosian.

"You know what Kevin? Let's make a deal." Kevin stopped glaring and raised an eyebrow, interested. "Well since we both used each other to hide our feelings from Ben, why don't we let him choose who he likes" Kevin's eyes narrowed.

"What do you mean Gwen?" Kevin crossed his arms over his chest leaning on the hood of his car. Gwen just smiled, opening her arms, ready to explain.

"We both like him, let's let him choose. But there have to be ground rules." Kevin's expression darkened. "Neither of us can touch him unnecessarily, as in no hugs, no brushing of hands, no running into him purposely. Nor can we use any outside forces, such as my powers or any alien tech to sway his heart. And we can't force it out if him, he has to tell us, not the other way around. Got it?" Gwen held out her hand to shake Kevin's.

"I don't know Gwen, what if Ben finds out? He might think we are playing around here, he might not like that" Kevin thought as he scratched his chin. Gwen frowned, still holding her hand out.

"It's not a game Levin, it's to protect Ben. So, deal?" Kevin looked at the anodite hybrid. Nodding his head, Kevin shook Gwen's hand. Once they let go the headed over to Julie and Ben.