"So do you think you could drop me off at my house?" Gwen asked. Kevin pulled away from Ben, except their hands were linked together.

"Sure, don't see why not." Kevin shrugged as he walked back over to the car, Ben right beside him. They all got in the car, once Kevin put the car in gear and sped off he grabbed Ben's hand again and held it until they reached Gwen's house. Gwen ran inside and Kevin took off, heading to Ben's house. Once there Kevin parked the car and looked over at Ben smiling. "Mind if I come in?" Ben shook his head as he went to the door, Kevin following him. Once inside Ben's German Shepard tackled Ben trying to lick his face, as Ben laughed.

"Down boy!" Ben laughed as his dog got down, wagging his tail. Ben knelt down to pet his head as Kevin made his way into the living room sitting on the couch. "Hey." Ben said as he walked over and sat down next to Kevin nervously. Kevin smiled and grabbed Ben, putting his arm around the smaller boy brining him close. Ben leaned on Kevin, placing a hand on his chest as he looked up blushing.

"What's up Ben?" Kevin asked worried as he looked down at Ben.

"W-what are we Kevin?" Ben asked, he needed reassurance, he didn't just want to assume that they were together because they kissed. And confessed. And kissed again. Kevin smiled at Ben.

"We are together Ben, now and forever. Call me what you want, Boyfriend or lover. As long as we are together I don't care what you all it." Kevin said, kissing Ben on the forehead, Ben blushed as he mumbled something then hid his face in Kevin's shirt. Kevin used his free hand to tip Ben's face up "What did you say Benji?" Kevin smiled. Ben averted his gaze to the side, then back at Kevin.

"I- uh. I said s-s-soul mate" Ben hid his face again. Kevin smiled widely, and pulled Ben in his lap so Ben would have to look at him. Ben was blushing and his toxic green eyes were wide.

"Yeah Ben, I am." Kevin nuzzled his neck causing Ben to put his arms around the ruffian's shoulders holding on. "I'm also your friend, your lover, your protector Ben, My Benji." Kevin said as he lifted his head smiling at Ben. He used one of his hands to grab Ben's head bringing it closer to his as he moved in, his other hand gripping the younger's hip. Ben closed his eyes as their lips met, moving in sync with one another. The tip of Kevin's tongue brushed against Ben's lip, which opened immediately. Kevin shoved his tongue in Ben's mouth sweeping it across the sweet cavern, Ben moaned quietly as Kevin's tongue brushed against his own, sending shocks of pleasure down his spine. Ben shyly pressed his tongue against his lovers, who responded by shoving his against Ben's. Soon their tongues began to dance around one another. The two pulled apart a thin string of saliva connecting their tongues together. Ben hugged Kevin, putting his face in the brute's shoulder; Kevin wrapped his arms around Ben smiling. "Ben?" the hero hummed in response. "I have to tell you something." Ben pulled away his worry stricken eyes searching Kevin's loving ones. Kevin caressed Ben's cheek reassuringly. "I've loved you since I was 11 Ben. Even though it never seemed like it, and we fought all the time. I loved you, and as sick and twisted as it sounds that's what fueled my anger. I loved you so much and I thought you abandoned me. In my power crazed lust I wanted you to come back to me, but I was the one who hurt you. I never saw it until I finally let my anger go. Then I saw you again, that day. I'd be lying if I didn't say I still felt the same, even then." Kevin paused and kissed Ben on his forehead. "Then when I had my latest mutation, I kept trying to get away to avoid you. I know it didn't seem that way but I always ran. I never wanted to hurt you. All I've ever done, all I've ever wanted to do was to protect you." Kevin caressed Ben's face again. "I'd do it over a thousand times just to save you Ben, to know you'd be ok." Kevin finished. Ben was crying, he hugged Kevin.

"I've always loved you to Kev. All I did was hurt you though so how? How can you love someone like me?" Ben whispered as Kevin stroked his hair with one hand, the other still holding his hip. Kevin leaned his face over to Ben, kissing his cheek.

"Because Ben, your you." Kevin smiled as Ben pulled away, even though tears stained his face Kevin knew he was happy as he leaned in for another kiss. Neither of them noticed that where their hearts lie was a glowing light, Ben's green and Kevin's blue. The lights began to extent out and merge then slowly they faded away. The boy's laid their foreheads against one another smiling at each other. Finally they were together.