This takes place a few weeks after Ben and Kevin's first date.

Giggles were heard from the living area as Sandra, Carl and Kevin sat on the kitchen. Ben and the hybrid-children were playing around; Rage and Renee were playing chess, Sky and Nio were playing Ben's old Sumo Slammers game, Winter was dancing around in the new hot pink dress Gwen had gotten her and Snow was getting her hair braided by Ben.

"Hey! No fair!" Sky yelled at his brother while hitting the buttons on his contoler fervently. Nio laughed before sticking his tongue out and focusing back on the game.

"Check mate!" Renee exclaimed her blue hair turning a firey red as she smirked smugly at Rage. Rage scowled at his sister before smiling sweetly. Renee's face dropped. "What are you—oof!" She was tackled by her brother before she burst out laughing as he tickled her sides.

"Isn't it pretty mommy? Aunty Gwen always picks out the best clothes." Winter twirled in front of Ben giggling, her shoulder length blue hair tied up in pigtails. Ben smiled at his daughter before finishing Snow's hair.

"All done now Snow." He looked at Winter who smiled brightly at him, he got up and put a hand on her head before leaning down and touching their foreheads. "I know she does Winter. Love you sweetheart." Ben kissed her forehead before giving the same treatment to Snow, who giggled and blushed slightly then begun twirling around with her sister. Ben walked over to Rage and Renee, Renee's hair flashing between blue and red as she laughed, Rage had a huge smile on his face. "Hey you two." Ben tapped Rage's shoulder, who turned around and tackled Ben, followed by Renee. Ben laughed as he gave them a hug. "What are you two doing?" he asked playfully, only to be attacked by small hands tickling his sides. Ben was laughing franticly, all the commotion in the room made it hard to hear what was being said in the kitchen.

Kevin was sitting across from Ben's parents, his palms were sweating profusely, he was so nervous. Sandra was smiling at the Osmosian teen as Carl watched him skeptically. Kevin cleared his throat.

"Mr. and Mrs. Tennyson, I have something-" Sandra cut him off.

"Carl and Sandra please Kevin" she said, the brute nodded.

"Carl and Sandra there is something I wish to ask you." Carl eyed the boy, who gulped and scratched the back of his head nervously. Sandra elbowed her husband and glared at him before smiling back at Kevin.

"Go on Sweety, don't mind him" Kevin took a deep breath.

"I was wondering, if-if you would entrust" He sighed. "Not entrust um-" he scratched his head again averting hid gaze. "well…" he trailed off. Closing his eyes and opening them again he stared at Ben's parents intensely. "I love your son very much, more than anything. And I want us to be together in every sense. I'm asking if you would let me marry him." Carl's eyes got big before he began to glare. "Not now of course but later, when he's out of school!" he quickly added, Carl's face softened slightly, Sandra was smiling ear to ear. Kevin looked directly at Carl. "I know you may not like me much sir, but I love Ben. I want to be with him, I want to protect and love him. I want to be the kids' father. I know you don't think the best of me and you have every right to." Carl's gaze lightened. "I'd do anything, will do everything to keep him happy and safe. I swear" Kevin ended, he looked at Ben's father who looked like he was thinking, Sandra too looked over to her husband.

"Would you die for him Kevin?" Carl asked. Kevin narrowed his eyes.

"No." he said glaring. "I would live for him sir; he's lost too much already. Even if it seems hopeless and I take his place for something dangerous I will not die. I will fight to be with him, I will never die for him because that isn't what he needs, I would live" Kevin added, Carl's face slowly broke out into a smile.

"Then you have our blessings." Sandra jumped up and hugged her husband. Kevin smiled widely before heading into the living room to play with Ben and the kids.

Kevin walked in to see Ben on the couch with Sky laying in his lap sleeping, Winter and Snow sitting at his feet laughing, Renee was sitting next to Sky watching the twins and Rage was running away laughing from a glaring Nio. Kevin smiled as he sat to Ben's other unoccupied side. Once he sat down he put his arm around Ben, who smiled and leaned into him. Kevin kissed his forehead and looked down at Ben and Sky Soon, I'll ask him to be mine, to marry me. Then after he's out of school we'll all be a family.