OK, so now the real story starts! Hope you guys enjoy!

Ben ran around his house gathering ingredients here and there, placing them on the counter, he brought out a large bowl, a mixer, measuring cups and three cake tins. Kevin was turning 18 soon, and Ben had set up a surprise birthday party for him which was to start in three hours. Kevin's last birthday consisted of fighting aliens and saving the world, again. Ben wanted to make it up to his friend this year. Ben began to measure and pour in the ingredients into the large bowl. He began to hum as he stirred the vanilla batter; once sure everything was thoroughly mixed together he added chocolate ships, folding over the batter to evenly spread them out. Smiling Ben pour the gooey substance into the tins and placing them in the oven. Ben grabbed the timer and ran up to his room, so he could make Kevin's gift. Once in his room Ben turned into Diamond Head shooting out a tanzanite gem onto his desk. Once that was done he returned to his human form, grabbing the titanium block he had infused with a rare alien metal earlier. He placed both items on his desk; recently Ben had researched how much an osmosian needed of a material to absorb that could cover their whole body. Once he found that out he created the heavily dense metal in his hand now, it wasn't much bigger than his cell phone. Ben turned into Ener-gi to shape the metal into a gauntlet, one with a hallow center to place to place the tanzanite into. Once done he turned back into Diamond Head, shaping the crystal inside the gauntlet and leaving a quarter sized piece of the gem sticking out. Once human again Ben examined his work, he was almost done. Reaching inside his desk Ben found his green acrylic paint and brush, painting the gem the gem the color of his car. Ben smiled at the finished present; the gauntlet itself was a dark grey and in the center sat a toxic green gem. Ben placed the present in a box and wrapped it in black wrapping paper with a green bow. Just then the timer went off, signaling that the cake was done, Ben placed the present on his desk as he went to get the cake.

Meanwhile, Julie and Gwen were out annoying Kevin. The girls had somehow convinced the now 18 year old to go shopping with them, which meant that he would carry all the bags. They had gotten him up at 8 in the morning to shop; needless to say he was not happy. 'Its my 18th birthday and I'm at the mall with Gwen and Julie shopping, I'd rather fight DNaliens.' Kevin thought as he groaned inwardly, trudging behind the giggling girls. Unbeknownst to Kevin the girls were whispering about the upcoming party that was until they saw another store to go into. Squealing the girls ran inside, Kevin waiting, and leaning against the wall outside.

Gwen and Julie were in the clearance rack, checking out some shirts, Gwen held up an green cardigan, she checked the size and smiled.

"Julie, you think Ben will like this?" Gwen held up the article she picked out, Julie smiled and nodded vigorously as he held up some leather pants showing Gwen.

"It would go perfect with his and a black wife beater, don't you think?" Gwen smiled nodding.

"Why don't we get this for him so he can wear it at the party." Julie nodded in agreement. The girls looked on and both found outfits for the party, Gwen had found a nice pale blue dress shirt that had one sleeve, ending at her elbow, and some nice black dress pants. Julie had found a pale floral pink spaghetti strap dress and a knitted vest to go over it. The girls ripped off the tags to wear them out and paid for their clothes, Gwen teleporting Ben's new clothes to his room.

Kevin yawned, he was tired of waiting, when the girls came out they were wearing different outfits, Kevin didn't really care, he just took the bags and headed to his car to dump off all the stuff and head to Ben's house. Little did he know what awaited him?

Ben had just finished icing the cake when he went upstairs to change. He found a pile of clothes on his bed with a note. Once reading the note he smiled changing into the flattering, form fitting outfit. Ben blushed as he looked into the mirror and saw that his butt was proudly displayed. Not thinking much of it Ben headed down stairs to greet the plumber's kids, his grandpa and Kevin's mom. Once everyone was their he received a message from Gwen saying they were on their way. Smiling Ben turned off the lights, awaiting their arrival.

Once the three had pulled up to Ben's house Kevin walked in front, practically running to the door. He knocked three times, no answer, so he opened the door. As soon as he opened the door the lights switched on and everyone yelled 'Happy Birthday!' including the two girls right behind Kevin.

Kevin stood there, his eyes wide and his mouth agape, he was shocked. When he came to his senses he smiled, slightly. The first thing he noticed was Ben, his skin tight leather jeans made Kevin drool slightly and caused him to have a dreamy look to his face. He walked up to Ben and ruffled his hair laughing. Ben just blushed and giggled, happy Kevin liked it. In the back ground Julie was laughing as Gwen's eyebrow twitched in annoyance. But because it was Kevin's birthday, he was obliged to some physical contact with Ben. Ben looked up at Kevin, who still had his hand on the Omnitrix holder's head.

"So you like it?" Ben asked quietly. Kevin just smiled and put his arm around his friend.

"Love it Tennyson" Kevin replied as he walked away with Ben into the kitchen to see if they had any snacks. Gwen went to sit down on the couch to talk to her Aunt and Uncle. Julie began talking to the plumber kids. Kevin's mom and Grandpa Max headed into the kitchen as well.

In the kitchen snacks were displayed on the table and counter, the counter had a vegetable tray, fruit salad in a watermelon, sandwiches, and pizza. The table was littered with cookies of all kinds, chocolate, candies and in the center sat a three tier cake, the icing was green all around, the bottom of each tier trimmed with black and a chocolate plumbers badge on the top, the middle tier had 'Happy 18th Birthday Kevin' in black cursive. Kevin had a plate full of candy and cookies, and he was currently eating a slice of pepperoni pizza.

"Hi dear" Kevin's mom waved as she walked in. Kevin mumbled through his stuffed mouth causing Ben to laugh and his mom to glare at her son. Grandpa Max filled his plate with various things piled high and left t kitchen. Kevin swallowed his mouth full.

"Hey mom" Kevin smiled as his mom came to hug him then Ben.

"Thank you for setting this up for my son Ben" She said still hugging the teen hero. Ben returned the hug.

"You're welcome Mrs. Levin" Kevin's mom smiled as she pulled away and went back into the living area. Ben grabbed Kevin and pulled him in too. For the next few hours everyone was talking peacefully having a good time until the adults left to go into the kitchen to talk to themselves and drink some wine. So the kids decided to play a video game, all the boys were playing, getting really competitive, yelling at each other, and blaming Copper of cheating. The girls had gotten together in a little circle and giggled as they talked about clothes and boys. It was getting close to three when Ben jumped up yelling 'Cake Time!' all the teens ran into the kitchen seeing the adults sitting at the table.

"Took you long enough. Huh Ben?" Grandpa Max commented as Ben giggled placing the candles on the cake. Everyone broke out into song wishing Kevin a happy birthday. Soon he blew out the candles. 'I wish Ben would be mine' he wished. Ben began cutting the cake and handing out pieces. Everyone began to talk again, Ben headed into the living area and came back in carrying all the presents and gestured for Kevin to sit down so he could open them. Once everyone had finished eating Kevin began to open his presents. He first opened the one from all the plumbers' kids, they had gotten him a brand new portable teleportation pod. When Kevin saw it he jumped up yelling 'Finally!' Ben's face fell, I can't match that he thought sadly, but put on a happy face before anyone saw. Julie had gotten him some car wax, Gwen gave him an iPod, his mom got him leather pants and a dress shirt, Ben's parents got him movie tickets and Grandpa Max gave him gear to add to his car. There was only one present left. Kevin picked it up and slowly opened it. Once the wrapping paper had been taken off, he opened the box. Eyes wide, Kevin picked up the gauntlet, admireing the craftsmenship, trying to identify the materials. Ben blushed, unclasping it and putting it on Kevin's left wrist.

"You can absorb it, it should cover your whole body" Ben stated, Kevin looked at it curiosly absorbing the metal. Kevin felt the metal, knowing what it was made of, but how did Ben get his hands on it, and how the hell did he get enough to cover his whole body. Kevin expelled the armor. "The gem to, try it" Kevin cocked an eyebrow but did as he was told, soon he was covered in tanzanite. Kevin was stunned, how did he get both the strongest materials know in the galaxy, let alone get someone to craft it into the gauntlet. Ben blushed even more as he turned his head. "I hope you like it, I made it myself" That blew Kevin over the edge how on earth could he do that, why? It must of cost a fortune to get the metal itself. Kevin jumped up, pulling Ben into a hug. Gwen quietly seethed as Ben blushed returning the hug.

"Thank you so much Benji! It's the best gift I have ever gotten!" Kevin whispered into Ben's ear who smiled at his friend.