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Hinata's POV

I dusted my skirt off and look in the mirror and sighed. Dad got the wrong shirt for me; it was kind of tight on me exposing how big my breast really was. My mom doesn't have big breast nor does her mom, so where on earth did I get this from? But to be honest I like to touch them for comfort. I giggled. I have to remember to write that down in my diary.

I walked out of the apartment after kissing my dad on the cheek, and sniff Tokyo's air…so different. As I was walking, I just thought. "Maybe I can be different here… it's not like anyone knows me" I quickly shook my head. I can't do that even if I tried too. I wouldn't feel comfortable.

I looked up ahead and saw the school emerging. I sighed. I stopped as I saw some teens went inside. I whispered a soft prayer. "Please, I'm begging you… please make this day be different."

Hinata's POV

I entered the school and went to sit outside where the benches were at. I had already gotten a tour of the school, so I knew where I had to go. Dear Lord, you know I wouldn't forget, because I would never have the courage to ask these people where my classes were. It would be such a burden.

I rested my messenger, domo, bag beside me and watched as the kids walked by. The school was wide and big. It had a gate on the side of the school, which you could've go through in the morning, so the principal told me, but when lunch came it was to remain lock; the outside area where the kids ate lunch or associate was a big circle, which had benches around it. A wide area was in the middle, with a cherry blossom tree on the right side, but I sat opposite it, on the far left where the gate was, but not to close.

There were lunch tables outside in front of me where I sat, which was occupied with teens talking and laughing. I sighed inwardly. This was certainly not fair. I didn't choose to be like this. But yet again, I can change, but it's so hard.

I looked down at my small hands that were on my lap. I wanted to cry. Maybe because this was a new thing for me, but STILL, I didn't ask for this.

My ears soon twitched as I heard the sound of the bell. The kids started to scatter out. I was always the observer, since my dad always said, "Always observe people"

I always thought it was foolish, wouldn't that make a stalker? But it was true. Sometimes it's best to observe people and what they do.

I waited for the arena, as I would call it, to get empty. That's when I made my way to Building A to go to my first class. ~English.

I walked into the class and noticed that the class was nearly full. 'So many people' I thought as I made my way to the back of the class. I noticed some teens looking at me. I hated being the center of attention. I sat down on the brown chair. I just wanted to disappear.

A teacher, brown, came in. He had a long scar across his nose and his hair was put in one, but it did look like a pineapple. I wanted to laugh. I've seen a few people who wore they hair like that. Was that the latest fashion?

He cleared his throat, to signal is presents.

"Well class, I'm glad to see your faces" he said smiling. "But I'm looking for a new student, Hyuga Hinata.

I froze as I heard my name.

"Can you raise your hand" he said, that smile never leaving his face.

I hesitated at first, but raised my hand shakingly. All eyes fell on me. My face went red. Sensei walked up to me and handed me some notes.

"It's nice for you to join us at Konoha High" he said bowing down.

I didn't want to get up my seat, but it would be really disrespectful if I didn't return the gesture. So I got up off my seat and bow.

"Thank you Sensei"

Naruto POV

Math class had just begun when I was finishing the last problem. Thank God for Sasuke, he was a life saver. I took a seat next to him and thanked him once again. He nodded.

I sighed. I hated Math. This was my worst subject. I wanted to slam my head on the desk. This was such a snore fest. I raised my hand and Kurenai- Sensei nodded her head.

I got up and walked out of the door. Yeah, that's how it was. The only time you raised your hand is when you had to use the bathroom. It's really hard to explain. You weren't allowed to talk to her in her class or raise your hands to ask her a question. It was raise your hand as a sign, if you can use the bathroom.

I walked through the empty halls slowly and turned the right corner where the bathroom was. I was secretly open there would be no one in there, and there was no one. "Yes"

I looked in the mirror and smiled, but it quickly dropped. Sometimes I really didn't want to smile, because I can never be happy, even though I act like it, I truly I'm not. I always wondered what was missing from my life.

I entered the bathroom stall and sat on the toilet. Surprise or not, the bathroom was quite clean and pristine. I laughed. Hell no, it can be clean it was still a bathroom. But I felt more comfortable sitting on the toilet. And no I'm not taking a shit.

I pulled up my sleeves and traced the X on the upper part of my right arm. I haven't done this in 2 weeks. (Maybe that's what my life was missing a little X.)

I took out a razor that was very sharp. I didn't hesitate; I quickly trace the X deeply, which start to bleed. I closed my eyes tightly. This sensation was utterly good. I soon felt warm liquid running down my arm. It wasn't as deep, because I was wearing a white shirt. And this would not look good.